Last week the show ended with a cliffhanger of Arsenio’s tape of Magic Johnson being messed up (not recorded correctly) and Clay Aiken fighting with Debbie Gibson over a mural to be painted on the wall by her cousin.  Based on last week’s episode, I thought Arsenio would be the clear winner, but with Arsenio’s video not being correct for the PSA, I’m not so sure now.  So we will find out soon who will be the winner of Celebrity Apprentice!

So the clip of Magic Johnson continues and he’s actually facing the camera.  It might turn out okay that they can edit the tape enough to make it work for the PSA.  Pan to Clay’s team and Debbie’s on the phone with her cousin and really upset by the way Clay has been treating her.

Morning of the event and Clay’s team is heading over to the venue.  Debbie shows Clay pictures of work her cousin has done in the past and Clay is happy with what he sees.  On Arsenio’s team, Adam is writing lines for Paul Sr and Teresa because so far neither of them have anything to do in the variety show. Adam suggests doing a roast and kind of roasting Arsenio a bit.  Arsenio does not want a roast leaving Adam confused as to what exactly Arsenio wants.

Clay’s team arrives and he sees a sketch of the mural work and likes it and everyone’s setting up for the Carnival theme of the event.  Clay is micromanaging a little too much, I think.  He’s now upsetting Aubrey by not letting her run with her part of the task and trying to micromanage that.  Arenio’s room is look very sleek and upscale yet simple.

On stage at the live finale, Trump brings back the fired celebrities.  Lou announces that he has had surgery to improve his hearing and for the first time in his life he can hear without the use of a hearing aid.  Dayana is asked what she thinks about Lisa and she says that Lisa has no respect for herself and Dayana says she has nothing positive to say about her.  Ohhhh!  Good stuff! 🙂  Victoria Gotti says with the exception of a couple women, the women were horrible, she would have liked to play on the men’s team.  She said Aubrey is like a cartoon character and Lisa is tasteless and classless.   Patricia says it is still not sitting well with her that all the money she raised during her task went to the other team except 10% of it.  She had big plans on what she wanted to do with the money and she is really disappointed.  This is the most bitter I have ever seen the fired contestants on Celebrity Apprentice!  Wow!

The events are about to start and people are lining up in one line for Clay and another line for Arsenio.  Clay’s line is full of “claymates” and Arsenio’s line is short with hardly anyone in it.  However, my prediction, is that Arsenio will be able to raise more money per ticket than Clay.  Arsenio says “All my people are on CP time – Colored People Time.  They’re going to be a little late.”  haha… love it!  Suddenly the checks are coming in both for Arsenio and Clay.  Lisa donated $10,000 to Clay’s team even though she is on Arsenio’s team.  I don’t think that was a very smart move, but I guess she doesn’t have much to lose anyway.

Time to go inside the event… Clay’s carnival and kid themed is very cool and looks like a lot of fun.  Arsenio’s is very different, but very classy and they have magicians entertaining the guests while they wait for the show to begin.  In walks Trump to Clay’s event first.  He walks in to find Debbie Gibson hulu hooping and balancing spinning plates.  It was pretty impressive!  Trump gets to Arsenio’s and Whoopi Goldberg arrives moments later.  Arsenio says she is his date.

Now it’s time for Arsenio to pull the cord that will make the curtain drop and Clay’s event and Arsenio’s event will then become one big room.  Clay and Arsenio greet each other and hug.  Arsenio’s up first to do his part of the entertainment…

Flash to the live stage with the rest of the fired celebrities coming out.  I think Lisa had a face lift since the last taping.  She looks different.  They show Lisa clips of her being mean to everyone.  She finds it hysterical and says she’s a mental case.  Teresa says she’s not naive, she’s just trusting and sees the good in everyone.  Penn said he thinks Clay should win, even though their personalities don’t mesh that well.  He said he worked really hard.

Okay… the entertainment event begins.  The two of them explain their charities and show the PSA’s, Clay’s being first.  Clay’s turned out really nicely and I really liked it.  Arsenio’s video turned out surprisingly well!  Now Adam comes out for Arsenio’s entertainment variety show.  And then Lisa comes out and focuses on Clay being gay.  She says the “only thing aiken’ is Clay’s ass”.  Luckily Clay found it funny.  Arsenio gets out and makes a few jokes.  Overall, their comedy routine was just okay.  It wasn’t hilarious, but it wasn’t bad.

Now Clay’s variety show… Debbie Gibson and Dee Snider sing “Baby Love”… Aubrey sings “I will Survive” and Penn came out and danced with her.  It was really funny!  Penn and Teller did their “cups and balls” routine.  I like how this is flowing from act to act.  Clay ends it with “Time of My Life” duet with Aubrey.  I really liked Clay’s entertainment a lot better.  I thought it had more flow to it and just overall more entertaining.  If I were there in person it’s the show I would have enjoyed more.

Boardroom time!  Trump puts it out there that Lisa donated to Clay’s team and Arsenio’s team seems pretty shocked.  Everyone says they think it was good though.  Trump says Arsenio did a great job on his PSA and raising awareness for the Magic Johnson foundation.  Trump really liked the show that Clay put on.  Arsenio’s team raised $167,100 and Clay’s team raised $301,500!!  Wow!!!  I am so surprised he raised twice as much as Arsenio!  Clay should win hands down.

Back to the live finale on stage and Arsenio, who is now sporting hair, and Clay, who has his hair slicked back and I can’t decide if it looks better or worse.  Dee says without a doubt Clay Aiken should win.  Lisa says Clay should win but Arsenio should have his own show on late night.  Debbie says Clay should win.  Dayana says she would pick Arsenio.  Teresa picks Arsenio.

Clay performs “Lean on Me”.  I still can’t look at him when he sings.  If I close my eyes, I like it, but he just looks so goofy when he sings.  Arsenio now comes out and joins him.  He actually has a great voice!  It’s kind of cute to see this camaraderie between the two contestants.  Who knew this experience would make those contestants BFF’s?  Cute!

Clay and Arsenio both tell why they should be the Celebrity Apprentice.  Blah blah blah… we’ve heard it all before.  Just stretching this finale out as long as possible.  Here we go….  here is the announcement… the winner is…. WHAT?!  Arsenio Hall??  I did not see that coming.  Really?  I mean, REALLY!!!  Poor Clay being runner up AGAIN.  I don’t get it.  Wish I knew the reason.  That just doesn’t make sense to me.  Clay was clearly better.   Did the right person win?


What are your thoughts?

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