Through me off that the finale started tonight!  Lucky for me my DVR taped but I wonder who may have missed it because it was on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.  However, I am happy it’s only an hour long.

Ryan Seacrest’s hair is even taller than usual. It’s almost like a cartoon character tonight.

Phillip and Jessica come down the steps on the stage at the Nokia theater in front of the largest live audience they have ever performed in front of and Jessica seems excited and Phillip looks completely terrified.

Jessica is up first and sings “If I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston.  She looks stunning and sounds amazing.  Her dress is beautiful.  This is one of my favorite Whitney Houston songs and she is definitely doing it justice.  Cute as a button and a great way to start out the show!

Phillip is singing “Stand by Me”.  Not sure why Simon Fuller would pick that song.  I feel like it’s so overdone.  But Phillip’s smiling and that makes it better already right there.  I LOVE Phillip, but I don’t love this performance.  😦  However as  I’ve read on various sites , Phillip is in desperate need of surgery on his kidneys.  He has been missing rehearsals and the Ford music video shoots in order to rest up because the pain has been so bad.  During his hometown visit last week, his doctor urged him to have immediate surgery, but Phillips refused until the finale is over.  Sources say he is expected to have immediate surgery following the finale.  I’ve noticed during several of his recent performances that he’s sitting down for them, and I would bet it’s because he’s in so much pain.  This first performance was just okay, but I can’t help but still root for the guy.

Jason Derulo premieres his “Undefeated” song in which American Idol fans helped write the lyrics for which is about him recovering from his neck injury he suffered while rehearsing for his tour.  Jordin Sparks was seen in the audience singing along.  Considering his neck was just in a brace not too long ago, he is dancing really well.  He’s got it back!  It’s a pretty cool song… a little cheesy… but it’s good.  Everybody likes a comeback kid story.  He took a cute bow at the end of the song.

Round two is the finalists singing their favorite songs of the season.  Jessica chose “The Prayer”. I’m kind of surprised she chose this one.  It’s pretty, but it doesn’t do anything for me.  It’s even a little boring, even though her voice sounds amazing.

Sidenote… So You Think You Can Dance premiers this Thursday!

Phillip chose to sing “Movin’ Out.”  I’m glad he chose this one.  I do think it’s one of his better ones.  Love that he’s smiling during his performance!  That makes all the difference in the showmanship and overall performance of it.  Love the way he ended it!  It’s great!

Next up is the single they would release if they win it all….

“Change Nothing” is the name of the song Jessica would release.  I feel the subject matter is a little too old and mature for her for her to release as her own song.  Plus the song’s verses really fit in her lower register and that’s not where she sings the best.  The fact that she was sitting on the piano throughout the whole song I don’t think was a good idea either.  It wasn’t compelling enough and I think it made her hard to sing.  Randy Jackson admits he doesn’t love the song.  It didn’t have enough R&B in it for him for what he thought she should sing.  Jennifer Lopez agrees the song wasn’t really the best for her voice.  It was just a typical pop ballad, and she needs something more soulful.  Steven Tyler agrees as well.  Poor Jessica just says “thank you” but looks like she’s fighting back tears.  She tells Ryan that she wanted to do something more urban as well, but picked that song because it’s the finale and she wanted to showcase her voice.  I think she didn’t choose wisely at all.

“Home” is the name of Phillip’s song.  It’s a very folky sounding song, almost like a Simon & Garfunkel song.  It’s a pretty neat song though with a drum corps on stage and heavy on background vocals, but it was a great moment on stage.  Judges gave a standing ovation!  Randy says everything about it was perfect!  Randy said it was like “Mumford & Sons” and I couldn’t agree more… but I love Mumford & Sons, so I’m okay with that.  It was great! He’s got my vote!!  Can’t wait for tomorrow night!  Who do you think will win?

Scotty McCreery ended the show with clips of the season playing in the background.  Still can’t watch him while he sings.  lol


What are your thoughts?

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