It is down to Sean, Jef, and Arie tonight.  I really like all three guys.  I think I like Arie the least, but I can see why she likes him.  My prediction for tonight though is that Sean will go home.  She has said multiple times that she likes the bad boys or boys with an edge and I think Sean lacks that.  However, until last week I thought he was leading the pack.  So it’s really hard to know!  I would not want to make this decision.  I think I’d want to grow old with all three.  🙂

Recap again about all of the things she loves about each guy.  Okay, we just went through this at last week’s episode.  Fast forward.  Recap recap recap.  Sheesh…. now at the 14 minute mark and it’s finally new stuff.  First date is with Sean.  And they’re off in a helicopter to go sightseeing.   They’re going to their own private island.  These poor people are squinting so badly!  Let these kids wear some sunglasses!  Sean can’t even look at her because the sun is so bright.  Anyway… they’re discussing Sean’s past girlfriends and how he treated them all like buddies.  She really wants Sean to say “I love you” and he’s just not.  I would be more skeptical of a guy that can say it so easily than a guy that has a hard time saying it for the first time.  But I guess in order for her to make her decision she needs to know that he’s into her… especially when the other two have already said it.  At dinner… very romantic, deep conversation, and Sean pulls out a letter that he wrote to Emily’s daughter, Ricky.  It is the most thoughtful, loving letter ever.  So sweet.  So Sean’s able to tell Ricky how he feels, but he needs to tell Emily how he feels.   Sean reads the infamous “fantasy suite” date card and he says that he would love nothing more than to stay up all night talking and spending time with her.  So sweet.  He really is the most perfect guy ever.   The most attractive of the three too, I might add!  So maybe my original prediction isn’t right.  But he didn’t spend the night.  She says she’s setting a good example for her daughter and she doesn’t need a few more hours with him to know how she feels.

Date with Jef…. they’re out on a sailboat discussing the future.  Having serious conversation about his parents and parenting and everything.  They seem very comfortable with each other.  She feels like Jef just gets her.  He really feels like their life together is just starting.  He is so smitten by her and is able to show it in more ways than I think Sean was able to show it.  Jef is the only one that has really taken the time to ask HER questions.  Emily has said numerous times that where she went wrong with Brad was that she didn’t ask enough questions.  Basically she was just wanting to get accepted by Brad that she didn’t think about accepting Brad and getting to know him.  So I think it’s great that he’s asking questions.  Jef read the fantasy suite card and told him that it’s about more than just them and that their families will be watching and so he respectfully turned it down stating that they will spend every night after this together in their own fantasy suite.  Okay, how cute is he?!!!!  SERIOUSLY!  So they spent some more time together and Emily tells him that she feels so strongly for him that a couple more hours together won’t change anything. She sends him on his way and he is on cloud nine.  He could not be any happier!  Love this man!

Arie date time….  Arie reminds me of JD on Scrubs.  He’s a bit goofy and immature.  They got to go swimming with the dolphins in the middle of the ocean.  They keep kissing a lot, but not a lot of talking (at least that they aired).  At dinner now and they’re talking about their daily routine and what it means to step into the father role.  Arie thinks the best thing would be to be Ricky’s buddy first to gain the trust… he goes into more detail and he shows that he’s really thought it through on how he would handle it.  Emily opts not to give Arie the fantasy suite card at all.  She doesn’t trust herself because she’s so physically attracted to him.  Hopefully this also means that she’s letting Arie go home.  I see they have a lot of physical attraction, but I just don’t see anything on a deeper level than that.

Decision time… I feel so bad for her.  They’re all such nice guys.  She says she sees herself with each of them and she and Ricky would fit well into each of their lives.  I feel so bad for the guy going home.  I feel whoever it is will be completely blindsided.  None of the three seem to have any doubts that they’re spending their lives with her.  I think she knows this and that’s why she is feeling terrible right now.  She is very emotional.  She doesn’t want to let one of them go and she doesn’t want to break his heart.  She looks like she’s attending a funeral as she watches each of the guys’ videos.   She’s even a pretty crier.  Ugh, this is just heartbreaking for everyone!!  Emily is really falling apart.  😦

Rose ceremony… Jef!!!  Yay!!  I sure hope Sean is the next name she says.  I think Arie should go.  Long pause………..  Arie.  Sean is going home.  I know he was my prediction but for some reason I’m still surprised and heartbroken for him.  Poor guy.  I hope Sean is the next bachelor.  Sean is really broken hearted but says he wants what’s best for her because he cares about her.  He says he feels stupid.   They were both pretty quiet though.  That has to be the quietest goodbye ever.  He says it the limo that he knew he was going to marry her.  Says he had this beautiful picture of what it was going to look like and now that’s gone.  He’s really embarassed.  Meanwhile Emily sits a bench outside just crying her eyes out.

Next week it’s the Men Tell All episode.  Kalon will see Emily for the first time since she kicked him out.  And then Finale is Sunday, July 22nd.  Seems like forever away!!  Oh I want her to pick Jef but I can’t be upset if she picks Arie, honestly.  They’re both great guys.  I just like Jef more.  🙂  So let me know…… who should she pick…… Jef or Arie???


What are your thoughts?

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