Emily is visiting Chris, Jef, Sean, and Arie’s hometowns this week and meeting their families.   A teaser on twitter said that Sean drops a bombshell on Emily during his hometown visit and I can’t even imagine what it could be!  I didn’t want to read the spoilers ahead of time… I like to be surprised and watch it as America watches it.

First Emily is back in Charlotte and reunited with her daughter, Ricky.  Again I’m left wondering how she has such a gorgeous house and how she makes money (aside from being on the Bachelor/Bachelorette).  Does she have a job?  There’s never a mention of it.

She’s recapping each of the men and what she likes about them.  How sweet, caring, thoughtful Chris is and how he can admit when he’s been wrong.  She likes the little bit of an edge that Jef has, she feels comfortable with him, and it’s unique and special.  She has so much fun with Arie, she’s very attracted to him, and has a youthful spirit.  Sean makes Emily feel safe and taken care of… he’s a gentleman and has a great heart.

Chris – Chicago:  Chris’ dad is straight from Poland, his mom is Polish…Chris is first generation Polish-American.  Emily’s drinking a beer with Chris at a local Polish Pub.  There seems to be just a bit of awkwardness between Emily and Chris.  It doesn’t feel 100% natural to me.  They discuss the last two on one date where she gave the rose to Sean instead and how awkward that was.  Emily said she felt horrible and just didn’t know any other way to phrase it.  He was accepting of that.  He preps her for meeting his family, and then they left the bar.   Emily’s very nervous meeting Chris’ family.  She is meeting his parents and two sisters.  His dad is very sweet, but very protective of Chris.  She asks his dad privately if Chris is ready to take on the responsibility of having a kid.  His dad says that it’s more about the love and support that they have for each other.  His dad is really taken with Emily and says “God Bless them and I am 100% behind them.”  Awwww.  I really like Chris’ family.  They seems so grounded, intelligent, and really care for each other.  Chris sister, Renee, had more skepticism about it all and told her that if Chris isn’t the one then she needs to end it sooner than later.  Don’t let it drag on.  Good advice, and you can see that those words really had an impact on Emily.  Her whole facial expression changed and almost looked as if she was getting teared up.  Chris is saying goodbye to Emily and saying sweet things to her.  What I’ve noticed is that when he gets romantic, there’s this feminine side to him that comes out.  He kind of wiggles his head back and forth and can’t look her in the eye.  I don’t know… something about it just isn’t attractive to me.

Jef – St George, Utah – Visiting Jef’s family’s ranch.  Beautiful, HUGE ranch.  Emily is completely stunned by how “country” Jef is.  She thought he was a complete city boy.  He drove her around in an ATV, shot at clay pigeons (which Emily was awesome at), and had a talk on a stack of hay.  Emily is meeting a lot of his siblings, but not his parents because they’re in South Carolina doing charity work.   Emily admits she’s very intimidated by how many family members she’s meeting.  She’s so worried they’re not going to like her because he dumped a girl once because his family didn’t like her.   Jef’s older brother pulls her aside to ask her a few questions.  He’s really grilling and it’s obvious she is so nervous.  But she does a good job answering his questions.  Now Emily is sitting down with his sisters.  They are also asking tough questions, but they seem very receptive to her answers.  I mean, seriously, how can you not LOVE Emily??  She is just perfect!  Who wouldn’t want her to end up with their brother?  Jef ends the date by reading a letter he wrote while he was on the plane from Prague.  He tells her all the things he loves about her, but honestly it was the part where he talked about all the things he would love to do with Ricky that brought tears to my eyes.  She is downright giddy and says she had the best day… it was perfect.

Arie – Scottsdale, AZ – starting out on the Indycar race track.  He takes her for a spin around the track in his race car.  They sit down to talk and Arie’s telling her how European (they’re dutch) and different his parents are.  He’s very nervous about it and that’s making Emily nervous.  He warns that his mom is going to be skeptical.  So her goal is to win over his mom.  She’s meeting his parents, twin brothers, and sister.  The first time his mom was ever in the United States she was in Charlotte, NC.  They took part of their honeymoon there.  That’s pretty cool!  Then she starts speaking to Arie in Dutch, and Arie responds in Dutch.  Emily is just sitting there… that’s really awkward and rude, really.  It’s this whole conversation right in front of her.  So finally Arie ends it.  His mom then pulls her aside.  She starts questioning what happened after Brad proposed and why it didn’t work out.  She explains that she didn’t ask Brad enough questions and they didn’t have the same foundations.  Emily asks about how much Arie travels and if it can work out with his line of work.  His mom says she knows it can work since Arie’s dad is a race car driver too and it’s the only life she’s known, and she loves it.  His dad explains to Arie that Emily has a lot of great qualities and he approves.  Arie says he’s definitely going to marry Emily and he doesn’t think of it any other way.

Sean – Dallas, TX – here we go…. can’t wait to find out what the secret is!  I hope it doesn’t turn out to be something lame, but I also don’t want it to be so huge that I don’t like him anymore.  The go to a park with the dogs and just relax.  The dogs are very well behaved.  She says that she just doesn’t think there are any skeletons in his closet so she doesn’t feel the need to dig around.  She feels like Sean is just so perfect and she’s worried she won’t be perfect enough for his family.  Sean’s parents’ house is gorgeous.  It’s not a “simple life” as he kept trying to portray.  She’s meeting his parents, his sister and her family.  Here comes the bomb …. Sean drops the bomb that he still lives at home. Sean tells her in front of his whole family so of course she reacts like it’s so cool.  But it definitely sets up some red flags.  He brings her up to his room and it’s a complete PIG STY with stuffed animals everywhere, clothes everything, football, etc.  This man is acting like he’s in high school!!  He says “I wish my mom would have cleaned up a little bit”.  WHAT????  Sean!!!!  You were so perfect!!!  I am so disappointed!!!  He even has names for all the stuffed animals!!  OMG!!! It was all a joke!!!  THANK goodness!!!!   hahaha… I totally fell for it.  So they talk with his family more and of course they love Emily too!  Again, who wouldn’t??!

Now comes Emily’s tough decision…  Chris is obviously my least favorite, but I still think he’s a good person and I feel so bad for Emily having to make this decision.  It would be really hard to let someone go after meeting their family.  She says she has super strong feelings for the other three, so it’s pretty obvious it’s going to be Chris.

Oh!  Bachelor Pad preview!  Looks good!!!

Rose Ceremony…  Arie, Jef, last rose goes to….. Sean.   Chris is going home.  😦  While I feel the other three are better suited for Emily, I still feel bad for Chris.  He just had his heartbroken.  Chris is pissed.  He’s very blindsided.  I kind of feel like she led him on a lot.  I think she shouldn’t have been so cozy with him and she have given some sort of sign.  Ohh Chris is angry.  Poor guy 😦   But I have no clue out of the 3 left who she will send home next week!!  It’s going to be tough!

What are your thoughts?

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