The new season of Bachelor Pad starts July 23, 2012 and I can’t wait!  The only thing not exciting about the premier is the cast.  The cast primarily made up from Ben, Jillian, and Emily’s seasons doesn’t have any of my “favorites” although it does have some people that we all love to hate.  i.e. Blakeley from Ben’s season and Kalon from Emily’s season who called her daughter “baggage”.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that I had to google who some of these people are because most of them were fairly insignificant in the seasons they were on.  So to make it easier for you I have included their pictures. Here’s the list of 2012 Bachelor Pad contestants:

Ryan Hoag – DeAnna’s Season

Nick Peterson – Ashley’s Season

Tony Pieper – Emily’s Season

Kalon McMahon – Emily’s Season

Ed Swiderski – Jillian’s Season

Reid Rosenthal – Jillian’s Season

Michael Stagliano – Jillian’s Season & Bachelor Pad 2 Winner


Mystery Man – From Emily’s Season… not yet announced until after Emily’s season has ended.

The Ladies:

Lindzi Cox – Ben’s Season

Blakeley Shea Jones – Ben’s Season

Sarah Newlon = Brad’s Season (Season 11)

Jamie Otis – Ben’s Season

Erica Rose – Lorenzo’s Season

Jaclyn Swartz – Ben’s Season

Rachel Trueheart – Ben’s Season

In addition, as a twist this year, there will be six “Super Fans” that will join the cast.  Think the producers were looking for some new blood as the old blood is getting a bit stale.   Either way the usual antics and competitions and romances that spark during the show will keep it interesting enough that I will want to tune in!

UPDATE!!!!  The mystery man who is the final contestant from Emily’s season is Chris Bukowski who was just kicked off Emily’s season this week!  I am kind of hoping he finds true love in the Pad.  🙂

What are your thoughts?

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