I have never enjoyed a Bachelor/Bachelorette season more than this one.  Each Monday I am just dying to watch and this one is no exception.  Now that it’s getting down to mostly guys that I like (minus Doug and John) it is just sooo good to me!

Tonight’s episode takes place in the beautiful city of Prague.  4 guys get roses and get to then get to take Emily back to their hometown next week.  There are 3 one-on-one dates and 1 group date.  No roses on the one-on-ones and one rose on the group date.  Arie gets the first one on one date card.  Emily is so smitten with Arie and vice versa.  They just look so relaxed together.  However, Emily just revealed that she knows something about Arie that he doesn’t know that she knows.  She’s talking about loyalty and it’s weighing heavily on her mind that Arie has been keeping something from her.  He had a short relationship with one of the producers, Cassie Lambert, on the show and he’s been hiding that from her.  Apparently it was several years ago, and Emily didn’t know about this when filming began, but Cassie took it upon herself to tell Emily once things started to get serious between Emily and Arie.  Ohhhh this is good! So they show an interview that Cassie did with Emily.  And Emily says she just wishes she knew from the beginning and the fact that he’s never said anything makes her skeptical of anything else that he might be hiding.  Arie admits that he used to have a tattoo of a girl’s name on him, but he had it covered up.  Even after Emily saying over and over how much trust and honesty is important to her he still doesn’t tell her about Cassie.  So Chris Harrison says that Arie, Emily, and Cassie had a discussion off camera about the relationship and Arie felt it was so long ago and so brief that it didn’t matter.  Cut to Emily and Arie being so lovey dovey but they have smirks on their face the whole time… there’s this weird awkwardness to it.  Almost like Cassie is sitting there watching them and now Emily feels weird about Cassie watching them fall in love.   AWKWARD!!!

Date card number 2 arrives to the boys… John….  Gets the next one on one date.  Yawn!

Back to the awkward smirky date with Arie.  He then tells her that when they were in Croatia was when he realized he loved her.  This whole scene looks like it was filmed after the whole season was over.  It seems scripted and contrived.  Not that it doesn’t seem sincere, but there’s just something about it that’s off.  Anybody else notice this?

So John and Emily start their date off on a boat tour of Prague.  Her whole body language just doesn’t seem like she’s into him at all.  She’s sitting very far away from him and leaning away, not looking him in the eyes.  They get to paint on the John Lennon wall and then they try to put a pad lock on this gate that signifies eternal love and it doesn’t go on.  John tries to force it which Emily says is just like their relationship.  Yeah, John’s going home this week.

Back at the men’s place, Chris is really on edge.  He really wants to spend time with Emily and he’s going crazy.  It’s bothering him a lot.

Emily and John have dinner in a dungeon.  This romantic setting and John tells this sob story about his ex cheating on him.  He opens up, but it almost seems like he has too much bitterness towards his ex.  She says she feels so much closer to him and I can tell she’s a little more open to him, but I’m still not seeing any spark there.

Date card #3 moment of truth…. Sean, Doug, and Chris…. so Jef gets the final one-on-one date.  John comes back home and tells the guys that it went really well.  Sean says he has to see Emily and he takes to the streets looking for her.  Starts calling out her name in the streets… running through the streets… searching everywhere for her.  She’s walking down this corridor way and he finds her and runs after her.  Sean is just GLOWING and tells her he just had to see her.  She was so surprised and so happy to see him.  She says her face hurts for smiling so much.  They go out for a drink and they both just seem so doggone happy!!  I love Emily and Sean together!!

Group date time!  Sean, Chris, and Doug… Horse-drawn carriage pulls up.  Chris is continuing his sulking.  Be a man, dude.  Lighten up!  They go up to a huge castle.  Doug is just stoked.  Doug gives this speech about how gracious Emily is and what a great hostess she is.  She takes him aside first to give him some one on one time.  Their body language is completely awkward and he still doesn’t want to get close to her.  I can tell he does really like her, but he’s too much of a young boy.  He’s too shy to even put his arm around her or anything.  She needs to feel wanted and she’s not getting that from him.  She says “I know what I have to do”…. here it comes… she’s going to send him home… ugh… she’s telling him that he’s been moving too slowly and it’s the longest “see ya” speech ever and he kisses her at the most awkward time!!  She tells him “thank you for that”.  And then continues with her goodbye speech.  He then tells her that he feels stupid for giving her that kiss, and she says “oh no, don’t be.”  He’s like, “okay, no problem.  Take care of yourself.  See ya.”   hahah…. the strangest goodbye at this stage in the show ever!!  Hopefully this will be a learning experience for him.  I knew he wasn’t right for her from the beginning, but I do kind of feel bad for the guy.

Back to the date and now it’s two-on-one and it’s even more AWKWARD!  Sean gets one on one time with her first before Chris.  They are both still beaming from the previous night.  Meanwhile Chris is further getting jealous and going crazy. Chris says he wants an explanation why he didn’t get a one-on-one date.  They go off to talk and he basically turns to mush.  He plays it off like it’s driving him crazy in a jokingly kind of way.  She comforts him and tells him that he just makes the best of everything and that’s what she loves about him.  And they kiss.  Then they go back and meet up with Sean and she gives Sean the rose.  She said it’s just a symbol of who’s family she’s ready to meet.  Chris is really upset, but doesn’t show it too much to her.  He says in his interview how pissed off he is and how offended he is that she said she’s ready to meet Sean’s family and not his.  He says “how f*cked up is that?!”   If Chris doesn’t cool it he’s going to end up going home instead of John.  John really should be the one to go home, but this is seriously an ugly side of Chris.

Next morning Chris is back to sulking.  Emily comes and picks up Jef.  They have a cute date around town.  They go to a puppet (marionette) store.  They buy marionettes that remind them of themselves and Jef runs back in the store and buys a small one for Ricky.  They go to a library and reenact their relationship with the puppets and it is so adorable!!  He makes her laugh a lot.  Jef then uses the puppet to tell Emily how he feels.  He ends it with “Can we get a dog together?”  Cute!  Can’t decide if I like Jef or Sean more at this point!  I love them both and Arie is a close 3rd!  Jef talks about his family and how he can’t wait for them to meet her.  He then told her that he once dumped a girl because his family didn’t like her.  That kind of freaks her out.  But then they lay on the floor together and have a really cool conversation about what they’d like to see in the future.  It seems like one of the deepest conversations she has had with any of the guys and yet also lighthearted at the same time because they really see eye to eye on everything.  I love her with Jef!!

Rose ceremony time and Chris is freaking out.  He’s got tears in his eyes…. noooooooo…. KISS OF DEATH!!!  Emily tells Chris Harrison that her mind is made up and there will be no cocktail party.   Chris (contestant Chris) freaks out.  John says to the camera that he knocked it out of the park and he’s not nervous.  Such an ugly side to both of them.  Cocky John and insecure Chris.  Chris just feels doomed, but I really don’t think it’s going to be him.  She seemed pretty assured when she was talking with him and a little more unsure when she was talking to John.

Roses go to…. Sean (already had one), Jef, Arie…. Chris is just shaking….   final rose time….  Chris interrupts and says he really needs to talk to her.  Now John is stressing.  Chris apologizes to Emily for how he acted in regards to Sean getting the rose over him.  He says he’s ready to be the man that Emily deserves.  He doesn’t want it to end.  Chris now joins back up with the rest of the guys and Emily’s about to hand out the rose….  and calls Chris’ name.  Poor John.  According to Sean’s twitter tonight he says, “Everybody should know that @jwolfner encouraged Chris to talk to Emily. Wolf handled himself like a man and the guys respected him for it!” Class act both by Sean and John.  Good way to go out John, but you need to open up more, dude.  Seem like a nice guy, but Emily needs someone with more personality.

Next week hometown dates.  I LOVE the hometown date episode!!! You find out so much more about a person by their family and their lifestyle.  Ugh… scenes from next week look rough.  I knew Emily would have a hard time with these last four guys!!  I seriously don’t know how she will pick because it’s written all over her face that she truly likes each of them.  Well…. tell next week!



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  1. Andrea says:

    I am honestly disappointed that she gave out the final rose at all! I really didn’t like that side of Chris and I think she’s just delaying the inevitable. I’m also really not loving Arie at the moment. I agree that the final scene of their one on one date was completely off. The chemistry that had been so undeniable between the two if them seemed to have disappeared all together. I didn’t like the entire sequence, it was horribly awkward! I really hope Sean and Jef end up being the final two! I adore them both and think they bring out the best in Emily. Can’t wait for next week!

    • I can see myself shedding some major tears when she has to get rid of either Jef or Sean! What great men and I really feel they are both very good for her and either one she picks she will be happy with and have beautiful babies. She’s becoming quite the heartbreaker! Chris is definitely #4 for me, but a very deserving #4 out of 25 guys… at least until this episode. He just needs to keep his jealousy in check and I think that’s when his lack of majority shows (when he’s not keeping it in check, that is). That scene with Arie makes me feel like they just had this huge laughing fit beforehand and they were trying not to get the giggles all the way through it. But you’re right… it was more like brother-sister chemistry suddenly. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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