I took a couple weeks off of blogging, way behind on all of my “Real Housewives” shows and although I’ve been keeping up with the Bachelorette, I took a couple episodes off from that as well.  Even today, I swore I was just going to sit back and relax and watch the show without blogging, but I am twenty minutes into it and felt the need to discuss what’s going on in the show with someone.  So here I am…

The point that made me want to have someone to discuss the episode with was Emily’s one-on-one date with Travis.  I have not been a huge fan of him… I see him as too much of a jokester for Emily… however he’s been growing on me a bit.  I was happy to see him get the one-on-one date this week, but had a feeling he would be going home.  That gut feeling turned out to be correct.  She just didn’t have that spark with him, no romantic feelings, and I felt bad really bad for him being so heartbroken.  I dated a couple guys like that (albeit in high school, but nonetheless dated) who were so sweet and funny and any girl would be lucky to have them, but there just wasn’t that spark.  Those are the hardest guys to let go because there’s truly nothing they could have done differently, it just wasn’t there.  And although I feel bad for Travis and think he’s sweet… I really hope he’s not the next Bachelor.  I don’t feel that spark for him either.  😉

Group date time…  She has all the front runners on this date: Sean, Arie, Chris, Jef, Doug ….   First they go see the new movie Brave.  She then informs them that they will compete in the Highland Games and also wearing the kilt Scottish getup.  The guys arrive on donkeys in the middle of nowhere that is set up like Scotland.  First task is archery.  Chris completely misses completely.  He then steps up to the plate first to try the next test which is throwing a log.  It doesn’t roll all the way over and gets completely disqualified.  Sean broke the log.  lol  The next task has the men sitting down facing each other (one on one) and they are holding a pole in between them.  The object is to flip the other guy past them.  Emily draws Chris’ name and he can pick his competitor… he picks Doug… the biggest guy there.  Doug won pretty quickly.  Chris just sucked at all the tasks.  Emily is about to give out the “Bravery Cup”… she offered it to Chris because he chose Doug to go up against and tried his hardest even though he didn’t do great at any of them.  They go off for some one-on-one time and snuggle under a blanket and exchange a few kisses.

Night time part of the date.   Sean and Emily go off together and meanwhile Arie is freaking out.  He’s suddenly very insecure.  He goes for a walk with Emily next.  He apologizes for London and not telling her about Kalen.  She tells him that she loves being around him and he shouldn’t worry and he says he loves being around her.  They begin to walk slower and then have a sweet makeout session on the street.  She has her time with Jef and it was cute.  Then she has her one on one time with Chris and he says he’s falling in love with her.  He put it all out on the line and she rewarded him by giving him the rose.  Completely crushing the other guys.  Okay… the guy going home tonight is the guy who didn’t get any air time on this date and they didn’t show any one on one time with…. I can’t even remember his name.  It’s something normal like Scott?  Mike?  No idea.  lol.  He’s just blah.  He’s going home.  He has to!  She was kissing on all the other guys!

Now it’s time for her one on one date with Ryan.  This should be interesting.  The bad boy we all love to hate.  The guys all laugh at what an idiot Ryan is and how horrible his lines are.  They go on a road trip and then they go oystering.  Emily tries an oyster but she just can’t swallow it.  She ends up spitting it overboard.  Ryan says that she would make a great trophy wife.  At dinner Ryan goes over his list of 12 things he wants in a wife.  They were all self centered, selfish, and superficial.  Emily tells him she just does not think they are wanting the same thing out of a relationship.  She tells him that she cannot give him the rose and Ryan says he is shocked.  He did not see that coming.  Ryan fights tooth and nail.   She says she’s not positive she’s making the right decision and he begins to use that to manipulate her.  Whew!  For a minute I thought maybe she was going to let him stick around.  But alas, he’s gone!  Yay!!

Arie knows this has been a tough week on Emily, so he sneaks out to go see her.  He tells her that he’s happy she has a good judge of character.  She gives him Ryan’s rose but tells him he has to hide it so no one knows he was there.  They are so cute together!!  How is she ever going to pick between Arie, Sean, and Jef?!!!  He says “I could ask that girl to marry me tomorrow.  It feels good.”  Awwwww

John!!  He’s the guy I couldn’t think of the name of earlier.  Emily admits that Doug and John are on the bubble and at this point she feels like John is going home.  But she wants more one on one time with both of them.  John shows Emily his grandparents’ funeral cards that he carries around with him in his wallet all the time.  He believes that his grandpa is his guardian angel “moving the chess pieces” in his life, he explains.

Now she’s having the most awkward conversation with Doug.  She’s telling him basically that he needs to make a move, she needs to be pursued.  And tries to get him to be more confident.  OHHHH!! Doug is now crying. KISS OF DEATH!  He will be going home.  She has kicked off every guy to cry in the episode.

Rose ceremony:  Chris already has a rose, then they go to Sean, Jef, Arie…..   she just quietly walks out with one rose left…  she tells Chris Harrison she doesn’t know what to do… She walks back in the room… and tells John and Doug that she can’t hand out the final rose…. in walks Chris with an extra rose…. so both of them get the rose.  That was pretty staged… that was all very planned.  However, I can’t imagine that it will be anybody other than John or Doug to go home next.  Just delaying the inevitable.

So scenes from the next episode are shown and it says the truth comes out about Arie’s former relationship with a producer.  Hmm…  I haven’t been reading online spoilers about Arie, because I heard they’re out there, but I want to see how everything unfolds naturally.  So this is all news to me!  Can’t wait for next week!

What are your thoughts?

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