One on one, group date, and two-on-one date in which 1 guy stays and the other guy goes.  Then Chris announces that the men will be leaving the mansion forever and they are headed first to Bermuda.  Ricky has traveled to Bermuda with Emily.  Still not sure how I feel about Ricky being so involved in the show.  Even though she hasn’t met the guys yet, she has spent an awful lot of time on camera.

The guys arrive in Bermuda and are all riding down the street on scooters.  The place they’re staying at looks amazing. First date card arrives: Doug “Let our senses lead the way” it says.  Alejandro is bummed it’s not him because he hasn’t had a one on one date yet.  Doug is nervous he won’t be coming back from the date.  He’s really starting to doubt himself.  The guys start razzing him and pushing his buttons, so the guys are relentlessly teasing him now.  It’s hysterical to everyone except for Doug.  Arie especially takes joy in poking fun at him.  It really gets Doug fired up before his date.  The guys immediately turn serious when Emily walks in.  Doug is compared to the Hulk because of the way he was about to flip out.

Doug and Emily go shopping on their date to little gift shops and walking around the town.  Emily says Doug is the perfect guy for this date, they have such a connection, they have so much in common, etc.  He tells her about a charity he started to show his son that one person really can change the world.  She says he never seems grumpy, and he confessed that he was just grumpy with the guys right before she walked in.  She thought it was great that he felt comfortable enough to tell her about it.  I don’t know…. I am just not liking Doug very much.  I’m finding him very dull and boring.

Date card #2: “Let’s set sail on the sea of Love”  Charlie, Ryan, Chris, Jef, Sean, Arie, Travis, and Kalen.

Doug and Emily are now on the dinner part of their date.  Emily really wants Doug to open up more.  Doug keeps giving her the perfect answer to everything.  He puts her on the spot trying to come up with flaws and she finds it equally hard to come up with stuff.  So she said maybe he really is just that perfect. She gives him the rose and he tells in his interview that he’s very slow to make a move.  He wanted to kiss her, but he doesn’t.  He says he never ever makes the first move.  That’s going to kill it with her right there.  Emily wants somebody that’s going to be a man.  She’s a southern belle, there’s no way she’s making the move on him first.  I think he just really messed things up and I am perfectly okay with that.

Group date!  The boys are going sailing.  They’re all inexperienced at sailing.  They’re going to have a race and the losers have to go back to the hotel and the winners get to spend more time with Emily.

Meanwhile back at the hotel the final date card arrives.  Which two are going on the two-on-one date?  John and Nate “let’s explore this Bermuda Triangle”  John “Wolf” is the darker skinned (tan?  Italian?) fellow and Nate is the quieter blonde.  Leaving Alejandro and some long-haired guy… where did this dude come from… without a date this week.  John and Nate are stressing because one of them will be going home.

And the boys are off racing!  Charlie is on the red team and Jef is on the yellow team with both of them as having the most important role on the sailboat.   The guys are really working hard.   The red team had a great lead but then yellow (Jef’s team) passed them.  It’s really neck and neck, but the yellow team wins!  Jef, Arie, Kalen, and jerkface Ryan.  Going back to the hotel is hot Chris, hot Sean, nice Charlie, and party boy Travis.  They are really bummed.  But I’m interested in seeing how Emily and Kalen get along.  He needs to go, in my book.  Ride back to the hotel and Charlie is crying.  Hmm.

So Ryan toasts to Emily as his “trophy maybe wife”.  Ugh.  He’s so annoying.  Arie and Emily cuddle under a blanket and he tells her he missed her and they kiss a bit.  He’s very confident and she seems very happy.  The Jef and Emily go by the fire and he’s more open with her and tells her that he likes who she is.  She really wanted him to kiss her, but he didn’t.  These men are surprisingly moving very slowly with her!  Maybe these guys are more respectful of women?  Hard telling.  Now Emily and Ryan are talking.  Emily is grilling him about the gym and weight comments and he says “God made you a beautiful woman so be a beautiful woman.”  Grrr.  He’s such a jerk.  She tells in her interview that she feels like Ryan is judging her.  So she gives the rose to Jef – completely shocking him.  He says he feels like he’s falling for her.  I’m rooting for Jef!

Two on one date! They’re out on a yacht.  The vibe at the house thinks that John is getting the rose.  They think Nate being 25 is going to hurt him and they think John has more swagger.  Chris and Doug get in an argument over whether age matters or not.  Doug thinks because he’s 33 he’s more wise than Chris who is 25.  So the three of them go jumping off a cliff into the water.  Crazy!!  Both of them just don’t seem to have much personality yet.  They go into a cave for dinner.  Such an awkward dinner!  Nate starts talking about the food.  Then the boys don’t want to eat.  It’s got to be the most awkward date in Bachelor history.  So she pulls Nate aside to have some one-on-one date.  Emily asks him what he wants her to know about him.  So he starts talking about his family and he gets choked up.  She says “awww that’s so sweet.”  But that seems to be the kiss of death with her (i.e. dude that went home last week for missing his son).  Now John’s turn.  He explains that he’s not the type to want to be the center of attention.  He is who he is.  That was a quick one-on-one time.  She’s about to make her decision.  She decides to give the rose to John.  She does feel terrible… but did I call it??  KISS OF DEATH.  She thinks he’s a bit young and hasn’t had enough life experiences yet.

Cocktail party!  Ryan is confident… duh!  When is he not?  I love how Sean just beams from ear to ear when Emily walks in.  Ryan gets some alone time with Emily so Arie wants to interupt them as quickly as possible.  Ryan tells Emily that just because she is in the center does not mean it makes her worthy.  So he asks her “why are you worthy?”  Wow… he has got balls.  And she actually answered him.  What is wrong with her??  Thank goodness Arie finally interupts!  Ryan keeps talking about using his position of being on the show.  He’s an opportunist.  He’s just in this to be famous, not for Emily, not for love.

Emily tells Sean that he looked super hot on the sailboat and he turned so beat red.  I LOVE how smitten Sean is with her.  He gave her a kiss and it was so sweet.  Chris confronts Doug about the age thing again.  Chris wants to know why he thinks he’s better for Emily just based on his age.  Of course this escalates into an argument.  Doug stays completely calm, and Chris is getting pretty upset.  Chris feels that Doug is over the top humble and doesn’t believe have the stuff he says.  Which is kind of what Emily was getting at.

Cocktail party is over and they still didn’t show her talking to the long-haired guy.  He must be going home.  Who is he???  lol I’m too lazy to look on the Bachelorette website to find out.  I think Travis will be the other one to go.  He doesn’t have enough class for her.

Sean gets the first rose.  Yay!  Arie – no surprise there.  Travis – well I was wrong about that one!!  Chris.  Ryan – WHAT?!!!  and not even the last rose.  ugh!!!!!  Kalen – okay, fine, I can deal with him for another week.  One rose left….. Charlie, Alejandro, or long-haired dude…  and it goes to Alejandro.  Charlie and long-haired dude go home.  Wow, crying really IS the kiss of death!!!  Now Charlie’s going.  MICHAEL!!  Michael is the long-haired guy’s name!  He’s crying!  Dude, if you even knew how little you were even on camera.  lol.  Poor Charlie… he’s crying again too.

Next week looks great!!

What are your thoughts?

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