I love the Men/ Women Tell All episodes of the Bachelorette / Bachelor seasons.  Usually not a whole lot of new ground is covered and nothing new revealed, but let’s face it, we love the drama.  We love to see these guys back again pouring their hearts out and attacking each other even though they’re all losers at this point.  None of them “got the girl” so they should all just be friends, right?  Nah… that wouldn’t be entertaining enough. Ryan, Kalen, Chris… they’re all back.  It’s going to be good!

First up is a taped interview with Emily.  They discuss the road she and Ryan went down and the dumb things Ryan said…. like she better not gain weight.  Then Kalon’s dumb comment about Ricky being baggage.  And Doug giving Emily a kiss while she is trying to break up with her.  He waited that long to make a move on her.  Great moments to relive!

Commercial for Bachelor Pad – Premiers next Monday!  So excited!!

Moments that didn’t make the show (didn’t air):  Date with Joe in Virginia at the fancy hotel resort place and she spills wine on her beautiful dress.  She drops the f-bomb and then is embarassed she just swore in front of her date.  How sweet.  🙂  Next scene is she and Travis singing Twinkle Twinkle to the egg and WOW Emily cannot sing!  It was hilarious!  Arie’s hometown date, they were slightly making out outside and his two younger brothers were hiding in the bushes watching!  That’s really creepy!  Last scene is Chris dancing terribly during their first date together.  Emily promises to do the “running man” during the After The Final Rose show.

Sneak peak of the third season of The Bachelor Pad.  Lindzi and Kalon hook up!  Looks like Chris ends up with three different girls, Ed and Reid are still fighting about Jillian, and Michael and Rachel fall in love… or don’t they??  It all looks so great!  Lots of tears, lots of drama, lots of hookups.  Can’t get much better!

Finally getting to the MEN tell all!  They relive the moment when they first get out of the limo.  Then the clips of the drama with Kalon, Chris, Doug, and Ryan.

Hot seat time!  Kalon is first up!  The rehash Kalon’s whole sequence over again from his entrance to his exit.  Kalon seems visibly disturbed watching the clips.  However, when Chris grills him about his inappropriate/rude remarks, he stands by what he says and doesn’t back down.  He said that he knew before he arrived at the mansion that Emily had a daughter, but he didn’t find that out until he was already committed to the show.  He made it clear he didn’t want a stepchild.

Ryan’s Hot Seat moment.  I loved watching the clips of all of Ryan’s cocky moments.  He defends his comments and his arrogance.  Contestant Chris calls him out on Ryan not being there for Emily.  Ryan states that he was there looking for his wife the same as Emily was looking for her husband.  Chris Harrison says “…but Emily is our Bachelorette.”  Ryan is the most smug man I have ever seen on this show.  He’s worse than Kalon in that he honestly thinks he’s a gift from God.

Chris is now in the hot seat.  It’s still heartbreaking to me to see Chris being sent home.  I think she made the right decision, but it’s still painful to watch.  Chris is very intense, very serious, and a bit hotheaded which comes across a bit immature.  He admits he’s still a bit hurt by it all.  He knows he loved her 110% and he says that was the reason for him being over emotional.  He’s just a very passionate person.  He says Emily made him a believer of falling in love and he wants to do it… he wants to find a wife.

Oh Sean….. poor Sean.  In the hot seat now.  Definitely the best suited for Emily (though a tad too perfect) and definitely DEFINITELY should be the next bachelor.  Sean needs to be the next Bachelor and if he’s not then the producers don’t know what they’re doing.  America loves Sean… how could you not?  So hard to watch him get kicked off the show again.  He tells Chris Harrison that he still have strong feelings for her, he was completely in love with her, and never thought he was going home that night.  The way Sean keeps talking about how he still wants to find love and “hopefully it comes sooner than later…”  he’s GOT to be the next bachelor.

Emily comes out looking more stunning than ever… even thinner than ever!  Emily addresses Sean, Chris, and Doug.  Sean and Chris both thank her for showing her that they can love and that they’re ready to fall in love.  With Doug, they talked about the awkward breakup kiss.  But she does say that her regret with Doug is that she didn’t give him the rose in London on the group date when he told her about Kalon.  She says “Without Doug, I could be engaged to Kalon right now…. and thank GOD that didn’t happen!”  Kalon does not look like he sees the humor in that at all.  Apparently Kalon posted on twitter a picture of a baggage claim at the airport and he tweeted “Surprised not to see Emily Maynard here.”  She calls him out on this and says he’s not giving her enough credit that she can see right through him trying to be sincere on the show when he just kind of sort of apologized to her.  She then says, “Yeah and when everyone ripped you a new one you said, ‘I guess I’m sorry I’m not sorry.'”  He follows that up  with, “well I’m flattered that you follow me on Twitter.”  Ugh!

Blooper time!  Lots of good ones too hard to describe in a blog, but one was that Emily revealed she goes for the “tattooed almost homeless looking” men.  Ha!  This Sunday is the finale!!!!!!!!!!!!  Please be Jef with one f!!


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