Tonight’s episode is being followed up by a Live “After The Final Rose” show, so before the finale starts Chris Harrison is in front of the live studio audience giving an introduction to tonight’s show.  He says the “ATFR” show will reveal shocking secrets and give the latest updates on Emily, Arie, and Jef.   In the background I can see Ashley and JP sitting together.  Nice to see they’re still together!   Chris Harrison gives a sincere heartfelt message to the victims of the Aurora, Colorado shootings.  But now, we’re taken back to the final episode of the Bachelorette and Emily’s struggle to figure out which guy will be “the one.”

Emily’s parents arrive on Curacao and Jef is the first to meet them.  He brings them a beautiful bouquet of flowers for her mom and her future sister-in-law.  Suzy, Emily’s mom, is of course skeptical after what happened with Brad.  Jef tells Suzy he’s going to marry Emily.  He’s so confident with her mom.  I’m impressed with the answers he’s giving her mom.  Suzy seems to really take to him too.  Emily’s brother is very overprotective.  He’s very serious.  Jef really opens up to him though and tells him how smitten he is with Emily.  I’m impressed that Jef is able to be so open with people he’s just met and to talk about love the way he does.  Now Jef is sitting down with Emily’s dad.  He explains that his (Emily’s dad’s) approval is definitely important to him.  His dad almost immediately gives his approval and says that based on Emily’s smile on her face, he can tell how happy she is.

Emily is a little concerned that now that her family likes Jef so much that they might not be open to accepting him.  Arie arrives at the house, and Emily seemed to light up just a little bit more with him.  I might be looking too into things, but it seemed like she was just slightly happier to see him.  Immediately Emily’s dad and brother do not seem as accepting of Arie.  Her dad admits that he doesn’t know why they have to go through the motions of meeting another guy when Jef was really great and makes Emily happy.  Arie’s just babbling, and Emily’s family is being completely quiet.  Arie gives them a box that has every rose Emily ever gave him in it.  That really seemed to touch her mom because she knows how precious that must be to him.  He has a talk with Suzy and completely wins her over.  Suzy says she’s having a hard time now deciding who she likes more.  Her brother then says to Arie that he sounds very rehearsed and knows exactly what to say and that concerns him that Arie’s just there to win a competition.   His answers do win Ernie, her brother, over though and he’s at a total loss now too.  Emily’s dad gives his blessing and says that he knows she will be happy with him.  Jef and Arie both left their days with her feeling confident and like the next time they’ll see her will be when they’re proposing.  Oh I feel bad for these men!!  One of them is going to be blindsided and shattered.

The family discusses that they cannot choose between the two.  Emily almost wants them to make the decision for her or shed some light on it and help her make the decision.  She’s even more confused now.

Emily goes on her final date with Jef.  Emily tells Jef that she’s been stressed and she doesn’t want to hurt anybody.  You can tell that the weight of the world is on her shoulders right now.  Jef says that he wants to meet Ricky to see the final puzzle piece basically and get to know that part of her.  Emily explains her hesitation and why she doesn’t want to introduce Ricky yet.  The whole mood between them seems a bit awkward right now and heavy.   Jef tells her to put herself in his shoes and how that would be.  She said that would be weird, if the guy didn’t introduce her to his daughter.  So she changes her mind and tells Jef that they can go see Ricky.  So they go back to her house that they’re staying at.  And Ricky is swimming in the pool.  Jef greets her with a High Five.  Jef gets how big of a deal this is and how cool this is.  He plays with Ricky so sweetly and she’s really taken with him.  Things seemed to go really well.  At dinner Jef hands Emily a gift.  It’s a book of Curocao and he drew little stick figures of the two of them in the different places they went to in the book.   Emily’s giggling and laughing a lot… she seems very happy.

Chris Harrison shows up at Emily’s house.  She invited him there to talk.  She explains to Chris that her mind is made up that it’s Jef that she wants to be with forever.  But she says she just can’t even be happy because she feels so sad.  She needs to tell Arie that she has fallen in love with someone else more than him.  She says she doesn’t even know how to start the conversation.  She is heartbroken having to break Arie’s heart.  I have a lot of respect for her doing it this way and taking so much care with his heart.

Ugh, but now it goes to Arie and he’s on cloud nine.  He’s so excited to propose to her and excited to meet Ricky and start their lives together.  Oh this is painful to watch!  Even though I am Team Jef with one F all the way… this still makes me sad watching Arie get crushed.  He just seems so confident.   Rolling up comes Emily in a black SUV.  She looks sad and nervous from the start.  She’s already crying before she even reaches Arie.  He shows her the love potion that he just made for her and put it on her arms.  She invites him to sit down to talk and she immediately starts crying and he’s concerned about her.  She tells him that she just doesn’t know anymore about it being him.   She says all along she always thought it was just going to be her and him till the end.  He didn’t do anything wrong, she says, and he’s just gazing off into the wooded area.  He says he’s shocked.  He completely thought they had something.  She says she has more confidence in Jef.  Arie said, “you’re not going to get the goodbye that you want.  Thank you for sparing me the embarrassment tomorrow.”  He’s obviously hurt, but he’s kind of being a jerk to her.  I don’t think that was a very classy way to go out, but I do understand how he must feel like a fool.  He says in the car that he just misjudged her, he can’t believe it’s over, and it’s painful because he still believes she is the love of his life.

Back in the studio with Chris Harrison.  He’s interviewing Ashley H, JP, Deanna,  Michael Stagliano, and Ashley Spivey and they all commend her for doing the right thing and excited to see her so happy.

Jef goes to pick out the ring and reflects on his love for Emily.  Emily is saying she doesn’t know if she will be able to go through with it if Jef proposes.  Not that she doesn’t want to be with him, but that she just doesn’t want to get engaged again and then have it not work out.  Jef walks up to her and they both seem to be beaming.  She tells him that she loves him and that she feels like he is her soul mate.  She tells him he’s the only one that met Ricky, and she didn’t even go on her date with Arie, and that he’s not there today.  He tells her that he feels like the luckiest man, and they just get each other, and they’re just meant to be.   After more words are said, he gets down on one knee and asks if she will marry him.  After a long deep breath in and a pause, she says YES!!!  I am so ecstatic right now!  I love Emily and Jef together!!!  This is how I wanted it to end up from the start.    Finally a Bachelor/Bachelorette show that I am happy with the ending with!  I hope they get married and have lots of babies.

What are your thoughts?

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