So we just found out who Emily picked and now it’s time for the second most anticipated part of the show – After The Final Rose.  We are told there will be secrets revealed and updates from Arie, Jef, and Emily.

Chris Harrison sits down with Emily first and asks what is it about Jef and she explains it’s about how she feels about himself when she’s with him.  Chris asks her if she still has feelings for Arie, and she says she really did love him and a piece of her will always be with him.  Chris welcomes Arie on to the stage.  Emily admitted she was very nervous to see him.  Arie says that watching it really gave him more closure and was able to understand more why it happened and how she could really see her life with Jef and have the family together.  Arie says that what Emily said to Chris before she broke up with Arie, it would have helped if she would have said that to him as well and he would have been able to understand better.  Arie reveals that he flew to Charlotte afterwards, to talk off camera, and have some closure.  Once he got there, he said it didn’t feel right.  So he called her, he left his journal on her doorstep, and he flew back home.  Wow, that is really romantic!  Even though I am THRILLED she is with Jef, I’m glad that this shows that he really did have feelings for Emily and he was taking the whole thing seriously.  Emily says she didn’t read the journal out of respect to Arie and Jef.  She says it wouldn’t have helped anything if she had read it.  She handed it back to Arie, and he says he appreciates that.  He says at the time he dropped it off he would have really liked her to read it and have picked him instead.  But now he realizes how happy she and Jef are and he doesn’t want to come in between them.  Jef and Arie are still friends to this day.

Now Jef comes out and the two are so stinkin’ cute together!!  They both talk about how great of people each other is.  Jef is just going on and on about how wonderful she is.  He says being a stepfather is everything he expected it to be like and more.  They get to look back at the proposal and watch it for the first time.  They haven’t seen it before.  Even though I just watched it a half hour ago it’s still so sweet to watch again!

They announced they’re going to go to African and do some great humanitarian work over there.  Jef says after they get back he’s going to move to Charlotte.  And get a place separate from her and plan their wedding in Charleston maybe in the spring.

I was hoping they would announce who the next Bachelor would be and that it would be Sean.  Sean to be Bachelor!  I want to start a campaign (although I’m sure there’s already one out there somewhere!)

What are your thoughts?

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