This season of Bachelor Pad features fifteen castoff from “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” and five “super fans” who move into the Malibu mansion and compete for $250,000 at the end.  Judging from the previews, it looks like this season will have even more drama, tears, and hookups than ever before.  I enjoy Bachelor Pad maybe even more than the Bachelor/Bachelorette series because the competitions and strategic part of the game adds a whole other level of excitement and suspense for me.

The first couple minutes are all teasers of what’s to come in this season.  I always fast forward this part because I don’t want anything to get spoiled.  I want to see it all happen as it gets played out in the show.

Chris B, Emily’s season, newly kicked off the Bachelorette.  He’s looking forward to maybe finding love with someone else on the Bachelor Pad.  He’s hoping Lindzi from Ben’s season will be there because she’s really stood out to him in the past.

Lucky for him, Lindzi from Ben’s season is on the show after getting her heart crushed by Ben.  I’ve always liked Lindzi.  I thought she seemed like such a sweet girl.  She’s going in with her guard up because she feels now that she knows she can’t just trust anyone.

Reid, Jillian’s season.  Got his heart crushed by Jillian and says that Ed better not get in his way of cozying up to another girl.  “Payback’s a bitch” he says.

Ed, Jillian’s season… they were together for about a year, he says there is some truth to what was in the tabloids about him cheating and he definitely wasn’t ready to be in a serious relationship.  Grrr.  I liked Ed too and never wanted to believe the tabloids.  Sad to find out he really did cheat on her.  He says he’s out to win the money.

Blakeley from Ben’s season.  She has since become a waxing technician (or whatever it’s called).  All she does is wax people all day, she says.  But she also says she’s grown a lot since being on the Bachelor.  I would have to believe that being shown in the light she was is not easy to take.  She’s hoping Jaclyn will be on the show because they’re “buddies.”

Jaclyn, Ben’s season, reveals that Blakeley thinks that they’re friends, but really they’re frenemies.  She says she has a college education so she’s clearly going farther than Blakeley is.  I wonder what the story is there… why Blakeley thinks they’re friends if the girl hates her.

Kalon, Emily’s season, feels he’s only a villain because he spoke his mind to Emily.  Kalon says he’s going to ruin everyone’s f’ing summer.  Yeah, this guy has no class.

Paige, 24, super fan.  Super smiley and “like omg!” type girl.  She wants Chris to be her partner.  She’s a little overboard bubbly.

Chris B “SWAT”, 28, SWAT officer, super fan.  Kind of a badass dude, except that he LOVES watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette.  He’s a hopeless romantic and wants to go on the Bachelor Pad to find true love.

Donna, 22, superfan, hot girl, but knows she’s hot.  She says she wants to be in a bikini  24/7.  She reveals that Michael Stagliano is her crush and could ruin her game.  Of all the guys, she could have the hottest one, and she chooses Michael??  That’s a little strange to me, though I do think he’s sweet.  She says they’re definitely going to hook up.

David, 28, super fan, like Lindzi and Blakeley, but overall in it to win the money.  He is an MMA fighter.

Brittany and Erica T, twins, 22, count as one vote, super fans.  Erica is a virgin and Brittany is “definitely not a virgin.”

Just realized this episode is 2 hours long.  Wow, 5 hours of the “Bachelor” series spinoffs in two days.  That’s a bit much, even for me!

Limo arrivals are starting… Chris is the first one to get there.  He still can’t wait to meet Lindzi… who happens to be the next one out of the limo so it’s just the two of them in the mansion.  Then Ed showing up in white pans and pinkish maroon blazer.  Wow, that boy still can’t dress.  Nick from Ashley’s season now shows up.  I barely remember him from her season.  Rachel from Ben’s season shows up and Lindzi’s face just drops.  There must have been bad blood between them on Ben’s season, but I don’t even remember that.  It’s all a blur now!  Sarah from Brad’s first season… sent home on the third episode.  I didn’t catch the beginning of Brad’s first season so I’ve never seen her before.

In walks Ryan from DeAnna’s season… also known as the 28 year old virgin at the time, and now he says he’s the 32 year old virgin.  Hmmm…not sure this is the right show for him.  haha

Then Reid walks in and Ed is like, “Heyyyy, what’s up, bro?” and gives Reid a big hug.  Hilarious! Ed then mocks Reid for swooping in and proposing to Jillian right before Ed could.  Reid laughs, but I bet inside he really wishes he could just punch him.

Jaclyn comes in  and the girls from Ben season are just awaiting the arrival of Blakeley.  Tony from Emily’s season comes in, Chris shouts “Tony!” and that’s all we see of Tony’s arrival.  haha.  Blakeley’s arrival totally overshadows Tony’s.  Jaclyn and Rachel are already badmouthing Blakeley.  And of course the girls act like they’re all buddy buddy when she walks in.  Sooooo fake!  Okay, back to Tony now…. he’s hoping to win the money AND fall in love.

Jamie, from Ben’s season, arrives.  She’s the one that had the painfully awkward date with Ben where she told him how to kiss.  Even Chris says “I remember her as the crazy kisser.”  Michael Stagliano, Jillian’s season also Bachelor Pad 2 winner.  This time he’s back just to have fun and find love now that he and Hollie are officially over.  Erica Rose, Lorenzo’s season and Bachelor Pads 1 and 2 back again and reveals that she went to the tabloids about Kalon because they know each other from the Houston social scene.  That’s awesome!  Kalon pulls up in a sports car.  Erica starts freaking out.  She immediately confronts Kalon and says she wants to him to stop attacking her appearance because she’s worked really hard on it.  He says he was just brutally honest.

Now the super fans all begin to arrive.  Donna starts freaking out and is in awe of Chris Harrison.  She squeals every time Chris says her name.  The girls immediately hate on her for her nice body and tight, short dress.  Chris “SWAT” arrives, then bubbly Paige, followed by David, and then the twins.

So now everyone’s settling in, drinking, and Ed gets naked in the pool.  Yeah, Ed is seriusly not ready for a serious relationship.  Chris Harrison walks in, and Ed gets out of the pool, goes to the living room, still naked.  Even Chris doesn’t know what to say about that.  Ed is completely lit.
He walks off as Chris is still explaining the rules and goes back in the pool.  Chris explains they have to partner up immediately.

Reid picks Paige because she’s super sweet.  Erica Rose picks Nick.  Blakeley and Chris partner up.  Blakeley is already in his face and telling her do not go talk to the other girls.  Kalon and Donna partner up.  Jaclyn settles for Ed because everyone else is already matched up.  She’s so screwed.  haha.  Ed is just completely drunk and making an ass of himself.

Next morning… Ed is completely hungover.

Competition time… each couple will get inside a heart and it will tilt over time.  The couple to stay the longest win the rose, and a one on one date with each other away from the house.  The couple that loses gets an extra point against them in the elimination.  Everyone’s in the hearts and they’re going up in the air.  They begin to tilt and this looks super hard.  Tilting again,… Erica Rose and Nick fall out first.  Eric is devastated.  Then they all start dropping.  Down to Brittany and David (fans) and Reid and Paige.  Everyone wants Brittany and David to lose, but Reid and Paige go out first.  David, Brittany, and Erica win.  Everyone’s mad at the twins and want them out but now they have immunity.

David is of course stoked to go out on the date with the twins.   Of course they decide to go skinny dipping.  Why not?

Blakeley is already trying to control Chris and being completely psychotic about it.  Jamie pulls Chris aside to talk.  Chris makes a move to kiss her.  First kiss in the house!  Go Chris!!  Jamie’s not my favorite, but happy for Chris being a man and making a move.  Of course Jaclyn, loving to stir the pot, goes and tells Blakeley right away that Jamie pulled Chris into the bedroom.  Blakeley obviously wigs out about it.  Blakeley BUSTS in the door and “makes the whole situation negative” Chris says.  Chris is saying he didn’t do anything wrong, what was the point of her busting in on him.  Blakeley is of course hurt and she feels disrespected.  Really though, they were partners for a DAY.  She’s being a little over dramatic about it.

Next morning the strategizing begins.  The superfans trying to vote Erica Rose and Nick off because they already have votes against them.  Dave went to Erica Rose and flat out told her he was voting for her off.  Michael Stagliano reassures Erica that he won’t let the super fan call the shots.  Erica tells him she’s going to make his life a living hell.

With Dave drawing the line in the sand between the fans and the veterans, it puts a target on Chris “SWAT”‘s back because he’s the only male fan left.  Basically fan Chris doesn’t have a chance.  Poor guy.

Bubbly Paige is being reassured by Reid that she’s not going home, but Michael informs Reid that the guys are voting for Paige.  Michael tells Reid who’s voting for Paige and who’s voting for Erica.  But it looks like if Reid votes for Erica, then Paige might be safe.  Reid thinks he can convince Kalon to vote for Erica instead of Paige as well.  Kalon voted for Erica.  Now it comes down to Chris SWAT’s vote.

Rose ceremony….. Roses go to Lindzi, Chris, Sarah, Ed, Rachel, Reid, Jaclyn, Michael, Jamie, Kalon, Blakeley, Ryan, Donna, Tony… two roses left…. Nick… so that means Chris “SWAT” is going home and Erica Rose.  So Paige is going home.  “SWAT” smiles and you can tell he didn’t vote for Erica.  He wanted to stick it to David.  SWAT tells Erica he didn’t vote for her.  Poor Paige… she was a sweet girl and would have been cute with Reid.  The rest of this season looks great! Kind of surprised there wasn’t slightly more drama the first episode, but that’s okay because I know it gets better!


What are your thoughts?

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