When I look at my blog stats at what search terms people have used to find my blog, it leads me to do some Google searching of my own.  For instance, any time I mention Eric Trump, I get visitors who are searching “Eric Trump gay” for some reason.  Just mentioning his name usually gets me a few extra hits on my blog that day.  So I once Googled to find out, is Eric Trump in fact gay?  Why not, right?  Although there appears to be some speculation, everything points to a negative on that one.  Though I commend Don Jr for being open about supporting gay marriage.

So today, I looked over the search keywords and two people had searched “colton and skylar dating” and found my blog.  I must have mentioned during American Idol that it appeared they were dating.  How quickly we forget about people once shows are over though, because I never gave this another thought.  Well, sitting home bored tonight, that prompted another Google search.  What I found is that Skylar and Colton are no longer dating, however just last week, DeAndre Brackensick confirmed that he and Jessica Sanchez are in fact dating!  Didn’t see that one coming!  I never really thought about it much, but I guess I kind of figured that DeAndre didn’t go for girls.  Good thing for Jessica he does!  Now that their 15 minutes of fame are over (for now) at least they have found each other through this.  Here’s to the young, happy couple!


What are your thoughts?

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