At the end of tonight’s Big Brother 14 episode, Julie Chen (who has AMAZING hair this season, I have to say) announced that America will have the choice in deciding if the coaches should have the chance to play in the game for the prize of $500,000 instead of staying coaches for a chance to win $100,000.  You can go to to vote.

From the standpoint of both a coach and a regular contestant on the show, I wouldn’t want the coaches to come into the game.  As an at home viewer, I don’t feel as strongly, but I still wouldn’t want them to enter the game.  These are my reasons:  I have enjoyed the new element of the “coaches.”  It adds a whole different dimension to the game that we have never seen before.  Do the contestants stay true to their coach and team mates or do they go out on their own and not worry about that?  If I were a coach, do I think I could enter the game and honestly win the $500,000 against the remaining players or wouldn’t it make more sense and have better odds of winning the $100,000 and only competing with 3 other coaches.  I would like my odds better for the $100k.  If I were a contestant and the coaches entered the game I would also be unhappy because they were able to coast the first 3 weeks and were never in jeopardy of getting kicked out.  Not only that, but they have a better idea of everyone’s game plan because they were assuming the role of “coach.”

I think Dan and Britney are at a huge disadvantage right now having only one player left each.  They’re kind of screwed either way if they stay as coaches or if they enter the game.  Mike “Boogie” is probably the smartest player even though he is cocky and smug as all get-out.  He still has his remaining three players so if he stays as a coach, his odds are good of getting to the end, and if he goes in as a player his odds are good that his players will stay loyal to him and turn on him.  Janelle has the same numbers involved, but I don’t think she’s as strategic of a player and I’m not sure her team would stay loyal to her.

This isn’t Big Brother All-Stars, so I would really like the coaches to remain coaches.  As Britney pointed out, there are not enough contestants to last the whole season though, therefore it seems there has got to be some sort of twist involved.

Let your voice be heard!  Go to to vote.

What are your thoughts?

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