ABC decided to pull the improv show “Trust Us With Your Life” before the season was over because of Fred Willard’s arrest, according to Yahoo News. Willard was arrested two weeks ago for “lewd conduct” inside an adult movie theater.  Willard was ordered to a diversion program in order to avoid being formally charged.  The last two original episodes of “Trust Us With You Life” will be replaced by reruns of Wipeout.

I personally think this is a bit extreme.  We have celebrities arrested on DUI and drug charges all of the time and unless it interferes with production, they’re usually not fired from their jobs.  To have a whole show taken down just because he took his member out of his pants at the adult movie theater, I think is too much.  He is 72 years old… he didn’t hurt anybody.  What an embarrassing ordeal.  Comment your thoughts on this.


What are your thoughts?

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