TMZ just reported that Randy Jackson is officially out as a judge on American Idol. Producers plan to keep him around in mentor type setting for contestants though.  Sources say that the deal with Nicki Minaj is just about a done deal.  As reported previously, Mariah Carey who is replacing Jennifer Lopez is not a fan of Minaj’s.  Of course this should make for good tv… If anybody actually tunes in.  Anyone else feel that American Idol should just put a fork in it and call it done already?

Other news that has now come to light is that there will yet again be a fourth judge at the table.  Apparently someone in the country business.  Although the third judge hasn’t been filled yet, producers are still going ahead with this plan.  Sigh… I feel like they are just grasping at straws here and by having four judges they’re just hoping that someone likes at least one of them enough to tune in.  Thoughts? Leave me your comments below.

What are your thoughts?

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