This is going to be a quick recap.  I actually watched the show hours ago and decided not to recap as I went along.  However the more I thought about the show the more it inspired me to at least write SOMETHING.

So here goes…. the first challenge had one member of each couple dangling above a pool on a platform held up by 3 ropes.  The other member of the group had to answer trivia questions about Bachelor Pad episodes or people.  If that person got a question wrong, a rope was cut that was holding the platform up.  Get three questions wrong, the contestant then had to hold on just by a bar with their body dangling.  They fall, the couple is out.  First couple out of the competition is Blakeley and Tony.  Next couple to drop is Rachel and Nic.  It’s down to Ed and Chris and so far Sarah has gotten every question right.  Then Sarah got a question wrong but Ed is now just dangling using his own strength to keep him up.  He falls after not too long and Chris and Sarah win the competition.  By winning they get to choose which couple leaves the show for good.  No big surprise that they chose Blakeley and Tony to leave.  I feel bad for Tony because he was only leaving because Blakeley was his partner.  Feel bad for the guy… he’s hopeless in love with her for some reason, and she looks like she’s going to ditch him the first chance she gets.

Next the remaining contestants find out that they have to perform “Sister Christian” on stage in front of the band Night Ranger and 600 people.  If any of the six of them could sing even a little bit, they would have won by a mile.  Rachel did the best out of the six, but that’s really not saying much.  Jaclyn forgot all of the words and she and Ed just looked like a train wreck up there.  I really thought they would have been the best.  Sarah and Chris performed exactly how I predicted.  Very stiff and awkward.  God love Sarah, she tries so hard to be cool, but really she’s a big nerd.  I dig it, but she doesn’t belong on stage.  So Rachel and Chris were the clear winners that no one saw coming before the performance.  They had to make the difficult decision about who to send home.  Jaclyn and Rachel are best friends, but Nic just keeps talking about the money and how they have to keep their eye on the prize, etc.  He keeps reassuring her that her friendship will be okay.  Yeah, I can see Jaclyn saying sometime over coffee, “Hey, remember that time you screwed me out of $250,000?  Good times.”  In the end money won out over friendship and Rachel and Nic chose to discard Jaclyn and Ed because they would have clearly won in the finale.  Jaclyn says, “She’s dead to me.”

So the finale is down to Chris/Sarah and Rachel/Nic.  I think Chris and Sarah are the clear winners.  I do like Rachel a lot, but she and Nic didn’t really do much to play the game.  Chris slept with three women and still made it to the finale.  That has to be a reality tv first.  Who does that and gets away with it?  And it’s not like the other women didn’t know it… they all knew it… and he still got away with it.  They both have had huge targets on their back and still managed to make it to the end.

My prediction would be that it’s going to be a boring finale because we can predict the winner, however the teasers for the final episode are GOOD.  Looks like Michael Stagliano broke Rachel’s heart and says some really horrible things on the finale.  Then there’s something SHOCKING that happens that has everyone’s jaws dropped and freaking out.  Maybe Kalon proposes to Lindzi?  Whatever it is… MINDS ARE BLOWN and I can’t be more excited for next Monday to get here!

What are your thoughts?

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