Can’t believe this is the last episode of Bachelor Pad Season 3!  The season went by so fast… all eight episodes of it.  This show, along with Big Brother, was definitely the highlight of my summer TV viewing.  I have been waiting a whole week for this finale!  Looks like we’re in for some shocking surprises (or at least that’s what Chris Harrison promises).

As always, I fast forward through the opening teaser as to hold the surprise until the actual moment when everything is revealed on the show.  No spoilers for me, please!

Okay, audience clapping, Chris Harrison walking out.  “Tonight is going to be insane,” Chris says.  Then he welcomes back those who were cast off during the run of the show.  Hahaha…. Jamie is introduced and it’s dead silent.  No one applauds for her.  Then the typical video montage of the recap of the season.  The hookups, the love matches, the drama.  Lindzi and Kalon then confirm that they’re still together.  Erika Rose then says she has seen Kalon around town at different events with different girls, including his ex girlfriend.  Lindzi’s face immediately gets very serious looking and she looks hurt.  Erika just offered a warning to Lindzi to be careful.  Kalon says the girls were just friends.  Suuuuuuuuure.

Michael Stagliano’s up first in the hot seat.  They recap his part on the show including his romance with Rachel.  Erika says she was really betrayed by Michael because they were friends.  Jaclyn says Rachel is still upset and hurt by Michael dumping her after the show.  He says Rachel was falling in love, he just wasn’t.  Jaclyn says she feels it was bullshit all along.  Michael never intended to have any kind of relationship with her despite the fact he called her his girlfriend.  Oh Michael… how you have let me down!!  Not the nice guy I thought he was.  At this point I feel bad for Rachel.

Jaclyn’s turn in the hotseat!  She looks really cute tonight in a hot pink dress and her hair done really well.  Recap of her up and down relationship with Ed and the backstabbing by Rachel.  Jaclyn is still very hurt by Rachel ditching her at the last minute.  She says it’s unforgivable.  Jaclyn says the relationship hasn’t been the same since and she’s still really angry by it.  She says she really thought she was going to win.

Blakeley in the hot seat now. Watching her get burned by Chris in the recap and her blossoming relationship with Tony.  Chris asks Blakeley about animosity between she and Jamie.  Jaclyn tells Jamie she is fake and socially awkward and doesn’t know how to talk to girls.  All so very true!!  Blakeley says that Tony lifted a weight off her shoulders and she just loves him and sometimes she feels like it’s just too good to be true.  And he just lets her be herself.  I feel a proposal coming…. I’ll be shocked if this episode ends and Tony doesn’t propose to Blakeley.   ** Commerical break **  Back with Blakeley and Tony.  Chris is just going on and on questioning Blakeley for why she likes Tony.  She seems to be getting more and more nervous.  Like she knows something is up too.  They make this big announcement to the group that they’re moving in together.  She’s moving to Portland, OR.  Here it comes….. Tony says he can’t picture her not in his life.  He wants to show her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.  Then he gets down on one knee and proposes.  “Are you f***ing kidding me?”  she says.   She says yes!!  What an odd pair!!  hahaha  I cannot even believe this.  Jaclyn’s in tears and one of the first to hug her.  So funny.  Congrats Blakeley and Tony!

Nick and Rachel, Chris and Sarah come walking out now.  Rachel looks hot.  She seriously looks amazing!  Love her black dress.  Sarah just looks ordinary, but that’s kind of what I like about her.  Rachel addresses Michael and says that she’s confused because she really saw that he was into her.  Michael says he didn’t want a long term or long distance relationship.  Rachel says she has since found out that he’s in a long distance relationship with a girl in Chicago.  Nick says it was his game play to stay under the radar and stay out of the drama.

Onto Chris and Sarah…. Chris says it’s been hard to watch on TV the situation with Blakeley and Jamie.  His family was disappointed in him.  He knows he’s going to hear from the girls, but he’s already heard it from his father, his sister…. everyone.  He seems very emotional and sincere and he’s sorry who he hurt along the way.  Jamie says that she doesn’t think he would have been a good father for Emily’s daughter Ricky.

Now it’s time for the former housemates to ask the finalists questions.  Jaclyn says she just wants to know why Rachel didn’t put up a bigger fight for her and why did Nick have the last say.   Rachel says it wasn’t easy, she just knew she couldn’t win against them.  Lots of tears by both Rachel and Jaclyn.

Jamie and Blakeley immediately begin to start attacking Chris.  Chris says don’t vote for him then… vote for Sarah.  She played the game well, she deserves it.

Sorry but Rachel and Nick do NOT deserve to win.

Voting has begun…. going to reveal the votes one by one.  16 votes total.

Michael votes for…..Rachel and Nick

Jamie votes for…. Rachel and NIck

Kalon votes for…. Chris and Sarah

Ed votes for… Rachel and Nick

Blakeley votes for… Rachel and Nick

Dave votes for…. Chris and Sarah

Erika votes for… Chris and Sarah

Reid votes for… Rachel and Nick

Lindzi votes for… Rachel and Nick

Donna votes for… Rachel and Nick

Tony votes for… Rachel and Nick

Jaclyn votes for… Rachel and Nick…. the deciding vote to make them the winners of the money.  Jaclyn says she’s played a loyal game and she’s going to stay loyal.  Booooo!

But what will happen now…. Will they split the money?  Find out after the break………………. half hour left in the show… there must be more drama coming.

Nick and Rachel have to go off into a seclusion room separately and there are two cards that read “KEEP” or “SHARE”.  If they both choose the KEEP card, no one wins the money (actually it’s split up among the castoff contestants), if one choses KEEP and the other chooses SHARE the one who chose keep keeps the money.  If they both choose SHARE then they will split the money.

Results… Rachel decided SHARE… Nick decided KEEP.  WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Shocks EVERYONE!  He gave a speech about how she never wanted him as a partner.  He did it all on his own.  Whatever!  If she wasn’t in that partnership they would have never received the final votes to even get him to that decision.  I am shocked.  Nick couldn’t be less apologetic about it.  Rachel is crushed and Nick is laughing.  What a schmuck.


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  3. Cindy Kendall says:

    He said it was a game and he played it best. I really don’t like the premise of the show….it’s like a modern orgy! Ewwww

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