I watched, with millions of others,  Monday night when two bombs were dropped on Bachelor Pad Season 3 Finale .  The first being that it was revealed that Michael Stagliano was a total douche bag and played Rachel like a fiddle to get further in the game.  As it was said many times in the finale, Rachel Truheart was falling in love and Michael Stagliano was not, however it seemed that Michael did not let Rachel in on that important fact until after the show.   The second bomb came when Rachel’s partner, Nick Peterson, decided to keep the money ($250,000) and not share any of it with her.  I don’t care if it is a show and a competition, that was still not the right thing to do.  And I guess you could say that the proposal between Tony and Blakeley was a shocking bomb as well, but eh… I just can’t get excited over it.

So that was my overall feeling of the finale until a few moments ago when I read Michael Stagliano’s blog on Parade.com that details what really happened, how sorry he feels to Rachel, and his thoughts on Nick taking the $250,000.  When he states that the time that Rachel and he first kissed and him being kicked off the show was only the span of 8 days, that totally redeemed him in my eyes.  EIGHT days.  EIGHT days and she’s falling in love and somehow within those EIGHT days, he was supposed to tell her that he wasn’t feeling as strongly for her back.  Also, he points out that although she said it to the cameras in interviews, she never told him she was feeling that strongly.  How was he to know he was going to hurt her so bad by not reciprocating the feelings back?  Don’t get me wrong, I still feel bad for Rachel that her heart was broken, but she acts like she had intentions of marrying him when really they are just getting to know each other.  EIGHT days.

While I had already been in agreement with Michael’s assessment of Nick taking the money, I am a bit surprised, but pleased, that he feels this strongly about it and that he’s willing to come forward with his opinion on it.   Michael states, “I am simply pointing out that at the human-to-human level… just caring for another person on this planet, having the ability to change their life in a positive way with $125,000. I think that denying that to them when you have the chance…That is NOT the kind of person I respect, or that I want to be, or who I want my kids to be.” Amen, Brother!

So I am happy to report that I was wrong about Michael, once again, and in my eyes he has redeemed himself.  I am thankful he wrote the blog he did because I really did want to like him.  I wish he and his new girlfriend all the best!

What are your thoughts?

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