The new season of The Bachelor starts Monday and I am just dying to watch it!  Monday nights will once again become my favorite night of TV.  Sean Lowe is the third place contestant from Emily’s season.  I dare say he is the most attractive, warm, kind bachelor I think ABC has ever casted.  That being said, he lacks just a little bit in personality and spunk but I am sure the ladies will make up for that.  Either way, I get to look at him and his gorgeous smile for an entire season so I couldn’t be happier.  Sean Lowe

I thought I would go on to get a glimpse of the bachelorettes that will be vying for Sean’s heart and share with you all my predictions (solely based on looks and their online bios – I have no insider information).

Amanda, 26, Model, Bakersfield, CAAmanda

Can’t help but love her because she has my name!  She’s also wearing a very down to earth, girl next door shirt similar to the one Sean is wearing so already I think they will be a good match.  She looks sweet and in her bio she says she was offered a Prada bag or the money donated to the charity she volunteers at and she went with the latter.  I like this girl!

AshLee F., AshLee F32, Personal Organizer, Houston, TX

My prediction is that this girl is trouble.  She has an intimidating look about her.  When asked how long it takes for her to get ready for a night on the town she says as long as she’s allowed.  It could easily take her 3 hours to get ready.  Can we say high maintenance?  She might make it past the first couple cuts, but she won’t make it to the finals.

Ashley PAshley P, 28, Hair Stylist, Macomb, MI

Well she’s from my home state, so I think that means I have to root for her.  However, she looks like a party girl and not sure if she is serious enough for my man, Sean.  She also apparently responds to interview questions in text speak.  When asked if she considers herself a romantic, this is her answer: Yes! extremely I wear my ❤ on my sleeve and tend to let my emotions rule over my head and romantic attention (I am a Leo).  Oh Ashley P!  smh

Ashley HAshley H, 25, Fashion Model, Garner, NC

Cute little thing!  I like her answer to this question: Would you consider yourself adventurous or conservative?  She says both.  There is a time for work and a time for play.  She says she prefers organic food but will eat anything.  How is he going to keep all these Ashley’s straight?  My guess is he will eliminate one the first night just to make it easier on himself!

Brooke, 25, Community Organizer, Pittsburgh, PA Brooke

This one is hard to judge by her picture.  On one hand she looks like she could be super sweet, but her stance has a bit of attitude to it.  I like that she’s a community organizer.  Not entirely sure what that entails, but I would assume it’s taking care of the community she lives in and organizing events.  She says her favorite holiday is birthdays because she likes celebrating life.  I can appreciate that.

CatherineCatherine, 26, Graphic Designer, Seattle, WA

Completely making assumptions here, but she appears to be smart and worldly.  Top three things on her bucket list are: To eat traditional pasta in Italy, to go skiing in the Alps, and to ride an elephant in Thailand.  And when asked who she admires most in the world she responded: “Anyone who can look beyond themselves and unselfishly help others. Giving more than they may have. They are an example for us all.” She definitely seems like someone I’d want to be friends with, now will she be interesting enough for TV?  We’ll find out!

DaniellaDaniella, 24, Commercial Casting Associate, Belmont, CA

Oh yeah, she’s trouble.  She says she’s driven and you can see it in her eyes.  She looks like, “that is MY man, I am going to get him, and you better step out of my way.”  I think she’s going to have a lot of spunk and also being one of the younger ones could hurt her.  Daniella says her ideal mate’s personality is funny, sweet, driven, smart and charming.

DesireeDesiree, 26, Bridal Stylist, Northglenn, CO

She’s cute – I’m partial to brunettes.  She has well, thought out answers to her interview questions.  I especially like her answer to the question of if you could be someone else just for a day, who would it be?  Her answer:   An Olympic champion to know what it feels like to physically work so hard to be the best in the world at something and have all that hard work pay off.  So true!  Hope this girl doesn’t disappoint me and fall trap to the drama in the house!

DianaDiana, 31, Salon Owner, Salt Lake City, UT

Her very first interview question loses points with me.  When asked who she would want to be for a day, she answers Taylor Swift!  Because she wants to know what it’s like to be extremely talented.  Oy!! She said she prefers solo sports to team sports.  I’m going to label her as the “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to fall in love” girl of the season.  I’m dubbing her the Blakeley/Courtney of this season.  Just the vibe I get.  Plus can’t see her name without getting the Michael Jackson song, “Dirty Diana”, stuck in my head.

JackieJackie, 25, Cosmetics Consultant, Ormond Beach, FL

Look at those eyes – Gorgeous!  She says her mom is the person she admires most in this world because she’s been through a lot but she’s dedicated a lot of time to volunteering and helping people.  Jackie admits she is clumsy and falls a lot.  I find that to be a very cute admission.   Can’t tell too much if she will be one of the more dramatic girls in the house, but she has an interesting look to her and I’m excited to see how things will unfold.

KatieKatie, 27, Yoga Instructor, Woodstock, IL

Before I even saw she was a yoga instructor, I had this hippie feeling about her.  I would like to predict right now that she will be gone the first night.  I think Sean is too conservative to go for this type of girl, as sweet as she might be.  She also looks older than what she is which could hurt her too.  Interesting fact though, she spent 3 months in Spain and lived in Madrid.

KellyKelly, 28, Cruise Ship Entertainer, Nashville, TN

I have to laugh at the occupation.  I am sure it’s great and she gets to see a lot of cool places and meet lots of people, but I can just hear Simon Cowell saying, “you belong on a cruise ship…” and that’s not a good thing.  It also doesn’t seem much like marriage material.  Being blonde and attractive I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes it a few episodes, but again, not a finalist in my book.

KeriannKeriann, 29, Entrepreneur, Agoura Hills, CA

She’s smart, driven, and has a good outlook on what marriage should be.  She says her biggest accomplishment was completing college in 4 years while working several jobs and maintaining an honors scholarship.  When asked what does marriage mean to you, she answered: It’s a commitment, a friendship, a devotion of honesty, truth and true love. It’s also a willingness to be less selfish and accept someone as your other half.  Sounds like she’s ready to settle down and be married and hopefully there for the right reasons and not to just be on a reality tv show.  I’m predicting top 4!

KristyKristy, 25, Model, Darien, WI

First of all, she has terrible taste in movies.  Her three favorite movies of ALL TIME are 1. Something’s Gotta Give, 2. Dirty Dancing, and 3. Father of the Bride.  Secondly, she’s definitely just on the show to be on a reality tv show and not interested in Sean.  When asked to describe her ideal date she responds: My ideas are endless, I imagine exotic places, where love literally fills the air. I picture me and my date, exploring a tropical city, doing crazy adventurous things – all about the romantic paradise setting.  As if that doesn’t just SCREAM the last couple weeks’ episodes of the Bachelor.  HmmMmm.  But she could be like Courtney from Ben’s season and fool him long enough to make it that far.

LaceyLacey, 24, Graduate Student, Valencia, CA

I really can’t seem to make a judgement of Lacey.  She seems a bit young and if she’s a graduate student and maybe hasn’t had much career experience yet, that could be a downfall.  I think she is going to be one of the more quieter girls in the bunch.  She says she likes to stay in to and cook a nice dinner on a date rather than go out somewhere.  She’ll probably be a sleeper that slips by a few rounds.

LaurenLauren, 27, Journalist, Cranston, RI

She is going to be a strong, smart woman that I can picture calling the other woman out on their drama.  She’s not afraid and she won’t back down to them.  She could be another one of those that the woman hate but she could be a good match for Sean.  Her favorite book is “The Best Advice I Ever Got” by Katie Couric.  If Sean’s looking for a housewife to sit at home and raise the kids, Lauren is not it.  She is very career minded.

LesleyLesley, 25, Political Consultant, Fort Smith, AR

She says her childhood was perfect, which might make her a good match for Sean who also comes from a stable family life.   However, she says that she likes to “leave notes for my last boyfriend to find…in his dress drawers, on his pillow, in his car, in his suitcase when leaving for a trip…” which screams stalker/possessive/insecure to me, but maybe I’m just a cynic.  I think she will be eliminated early for not having more of a personality… again, purely speculation though.

LeslieLeslie…. the ABC site is messed up on her bio.  She’s either 29 or 26, either a poker dealer or an advertising conusltant, and either from FL or CO.

My guess is that she’s eliminated the first night because 1.) they don’t have her bio correct and 2.) they didn’t specify a last name initial even though there’s already another Lesley.  So I’m just going to skip on past her.  Good luck, Leslie.

LindsayLindsay, 24, Substitute Teacher, Fort Bragg, NC

Awww she’s a substitute teacher and doesn’t she just look adorable?  Sean would love to take her home to mom!  Oh wait, she describes herself as the party starter.  Hmm… she may not be getting many teaching gigs after this airs!  Nah, she says she just likes to see everyone have fun.  That’s nice.  I bet she’s a good party host.  I’m calling top 6 on this girl.

PaigePaige, 24, Jumbo Tron Operator, New York, NY

Oh!  It’s PAIGE!  From the Bachelor Pad Season 3!  She was one of the fans that got to come on the show, and I believe she was eliminated first.  Sweet girl.  She’s going to get eaten alive by these other women!

RobynRobyn, 24, Oilfield Account Manager, Houston, TX

Check out her arms! Very nice definition there.  She could be a handful.  She admits she is not shy and if she sees a man she has never seen before and wants to speak with him, she will just walk right up to him and say hello.  Yet she says she loves chivalry and wants to be courted.  Make up your mind, woman!  I don’t see her lasting more than the first couple episodes either.

SarahSarah, 26, Advertising Executive, Evergreen, CO

She has a french bulldog, Leo, that she refers to as her son.  Leo goes everywhere with her – even to work!  Will there be room in her life for Sean?  When asked what she loves most that her date does she responds: Compliments me!!! – Guys are forgetting how important it is to tell a girl how she looks! She spent a long time getting ready for you. Tell her you notice!!! Calls me rather than texts, plans the whole date without asking me anything. Gets creative, teaches me something new, shows me who he really is. talks and initiates great conversation.  Just a little demanding!

SelmaSelma, 29, Real Estate Developer, San Diego, CA

Selma doesn’t consider herself a romantic person.  Seems strange to go on the Bachelor then, but hey, what do I know?  She likes a variety of music including Jamey Johnson, Miranda Lambert, and Rihanna.  She looks more like a waitress at a Hooters to me rather than a Real Estate Developer, but I am interested to see how she will play out.  Selma appears to have spunk which I’m sure the producers would love to see her hang around for awhile.  I’m giving her top 6 as well – not for being a good fit for Sean but for being entertaining.

TarynTaryn, 30, Health Club Manager, Portland, OR

She looks like a twin of Alison Sweeney!  I like her for this answer alone… when asked about her ideal mate’s personality she says: Optimistic on life, fun and open to new things, motivated, organized in his finances but not too uptight about them, can joke around when the time is right.  She seems to have a good head on her shoulders.  I hope Sean’s able to see that too!

TierraTierra, 24, Leasing Consultant, Las Vegas, NV

Tierra looks extremely familiar to me.  I swear I’ve seen her on a reality show or something before.  She says she’s been dancing she was 3 years old and she loves it.  She’s looking for her future soul-mate and just can’t wait to meet him.  I think she looks fun and sweet at the same time.  Probably outgoing, but hopefully not one of the pot stirrers.

Can’t wait to see how my predictions pan out.  I could be completely off about a couple of these girls, but either way it’s fun to make snap judgements about them now.  This is going to be a great season!  It’s been a long time since I’ve liked a bachelor as much as I like Sean!  I hope he finds himself a really nice girl to settle down with and it actually works out.

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