Sean LoweI don’t usually go for blondes, but Sean is so favorite Bachelor to date.  He comes from a great family background, he seems so genuine and kind, and he is definitely the most attractive Bachelor in history.  I am glad that Emily did not pick him so that we can enjoy him for another long season.  On my previous blog posting I introduced the women of this season so I won’t be getting into too much detail on their backgrounds on this recap.  However, I am anxious to see if my predictions and judgements from the bios match up with how they act on the show.

Show starts off how EVERY season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette starts off.  Sean talks about his life before The Bachelorette, his life on the Bachelorette, and clips from that show.   How he fell head over heals for the previous Bachelorette (Emily) and how she didn’t reciprocate the love that he had for her.  He was devastated.  He went back to Dallas, TX to be around family… his parents that have a great marriage and his sister who has a great marriage with two kids.  Their healthy marriages give him hope of what is out there.  He is ready to fall in love, ready to be someone’s rock.

Arie_Luyendyk_JrArie Luyendyk Jr comes to visit Sean before he meets the ladies.  So great to see Arie on here again!  Another adorable Bachelorette contestant, but not quite as lovable as Sean.  Arie gives him some dating advice which is absolutely hilarious.  They practice saying “will you accept this rose?”  And discuss how he’s going to break up with the girls.  This whole conversation seems very contrived, but regardless, it’s hilarious and it’s nice to see the show switch it up a bit.  Love to see the two of them smile!

First we meet Desiree who is a bridal stylist and just as my first impression of her from, I’d say she’s a front runner.  Very sweet and cute and someone who seems to have good intentions.

Next up we see Tierra in her hometown and her FREAK OUT over finding out that Sean is the Bachelor.  She says “he’s family oriented and that’s what I loved him about him!”  I seriously thought she was going to cry.  It was pretty cute, honestly.

Robyn from Houston, TX seems like an immature girl trapped in a mature body.  Like, she’s admittedly quirky, but seems a bit stiff/uptight as well.   She just doesn’t seem like the match.

Hair salon owner, Diana, has two children which I wasn’t expecting.  She is divorced from the daughters’ dad.  Diana is more soft spoken than I was expecting and seems pretty sweet.

Sarah who is in advertising, only has one arm.  She lost her arm while in her mother’s womb.  She also seems sweet, but has a bit of an edge to her.

Michigan native, Ashley P, already annoys me.  She’s obsessed with Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey.  She’s says that’s her man in her life.  Oy!  Why are the ones from Michigan always headcases? Such a disappointment from my home state!

Lesley, political consultant, calls herself a modern southern belle.  She is so sure she’s going to marry Sean.

Kristy, Ford model, is one tough chick who definitely doesn’t lack confidence.  She will be trouble!

The professional organizer, AshLee F, is not an organizer, she has OCD.  It seems extreme.  She was adopted at age 6 into a pastor’s home after going through several foster homes.  She seems very mature and very serious and intense.  It will be interesting to see how she fairs with the other ladies in the house.

Now it’s time for the women to come out of the limos.  This is when each of them will meet Sean for the first time and do some sort of cheesy line or antic to try to make an impression.  Never a dull moment, always the most awkward moment though! It looked like Sean said a little prayer to himself before the first woman got out of the car.  Pretty cute that he’s just as nervous as they are.

AshLee F is the first one to meet Sean.  Then Jacki who decides to put her “mark” on him which is a kiss on the cheek in her bright red lipstick. She totally branded him!!  Poor guy now has a kiss mark on his cheek!  Selma then comes out and takes a tissue out from inside her dress to wipe off the kiss mark.   Another equally awkward moment, but at least the lips are now off his cheek!  Leslie H tells Sean he’s a honk.  Who says honk in 2013?  lol  Daniella comes out looking stoned and does this really long, weird handshake with him.  Kelly is a bundle of energy who decides to break out in song to Sean.  Katie, the yoga instructor, does a yoga move with him.  Ugh, these women!  Ashley P comes out asking him if he’s read any good books lately and tells him she’s been reading Fifty Shades of Grey and then pulls out a men’s tie from her cleavage and says “maybe you can teach me how to use this later.”  Where do they find these girls?? Oh yeah, Michigan!  Taryn, Health Club owner, says she hasn’t watched the last few season so she doesn’t know about him and completely forgets to tell Sean her name.  Catherine has a very nervous laugh and tells him to find her inside for a dance.  OMG!!!  Robyn comes out trying to do backflips for Sean and completely falls on her face!  Totally made a fool of herself, but I’m sure won’t forget her.  Lacey, graduate student, gives Sean a heart of Lace and tells him to tuck it away in his pocket so he doesn’t forget her.  Paige, the fan on Bachelor Pad, is just as awkward as she was on the Bachelor Pad.

Tierra comes out and she’s shorter than I realized.  She shows Sean her tattoo on her ring finger that she explains is “open” and she’s hoping he will be the one to complete it.  They have this awkward silence for a moment and he says, “You know what?  Wait right here…” So we just KNOW he’s going to give her the first impression rose which is a pretty big deal since he hasn’t even met all the women yet.  She looks nervous as she’s just standing in the courtyard alone waiting for him to come back.  [commercial break] Sean tells Chris Harrison he wants to give Tierra a first impression rose.  He just clicked with her and she seems so warm, friendly, and positive energy.  She is just boiling over with excitement.  It is so cute to see both of them giddy right from the start.  Of course once she gets in the room all the girls get catty immediately.  They are not happy for her, obviously.

Amanda continues the trail of women coming from the limos.  She says they should have that awkward moment now where they don’t know what to say to each other and so they just pause and stare at each other.  Of course in true Bachelor fashion, they have the sound effects of crickets in the background.  It truly was awkward even though Sean says it wasn’t.   She has a crazy big smile!  Keriann says she drove x-amount a miles just to be with him.  She’s pretty attractive.  Desiree looks just radiant coming from the limo and she has pennies that they’re going to throw in the fountain to make a wish with.  It was super cute, she’s definitely one of my favorites.  Sarah comes from the limo and Sean seems extra sweet to her.  Probably to not seem like he’s surprised by her only having one arm.  Brooke comes out very forward and I swore she was going to start making out with him.  Diana asks if they can just call it a night and go just she and him.  He has to ask her for her name.  Lesley M has a football and she’s the quarterback and he’s the center and she makes him bend down and yells “Blue 32” about 4 times before she tells him she’s just joking.  She just wanted to get the view of him bending over.  Kristy, the Ford model,  comes out and asks him if he invited the other girls because she sure didn’t.  Ashley H says “Hi Ken, I’m Barbie.”  nice line! (sarcasm) Lauren says she comes from a close knit Italian family and they own a restaurant and a message from her dad that says, “If you break my heart, he’s going to break your legs.”  O-M-G no!!! LINDSAY, comes out of the limo wearing a WEDDING dress!  She says, “You may now kiss the bride” and she kisses him on the lips!  That is nuts… not necessarily the kissing, but the coming out in a wedding dress.  Even though he’s there to meet his wife, that’s still coming off a little strong.

Kacie BA SURPRISE bachelorette!!!!  Who is it???  Someone Sean knows, and I am assuming we know too, just got out of the limo.  UGH commercial break!!!  Okay, we’re back…. KACIE B from Ben’s season!!!!  I loved her!!!  He says he’s so happy to see her!  He really did light up – they must have met before and he seems genuinely excited.  And now the claws REALLY come out and the girls don’t think it’s fair that she’s there.  I couldn’t be happier that she’s the one that came back though.

Sean has his first one on one time with Kacie and apparently they have hung out before and she said she had a blast and wants to see what would happen.  Sean says that now that he knows she has feelings for him, he’s definitely open to exploring that some more.

Sean gives another first impression rose to Desiree!  So far I feel that Sean has very good judgement.  He’s picking brunettes who seem grounded and kind.  That makes me happy!

Girls are all upset because he gave out ANOTHER rose.  “But this isn’t how it’s done!”  And now Tierra’s all like, “but MINE is the best because I just said a SENTENCE to him and I got it.”  Girls, you’re letting me down!  Have some class, will ya?  Now another one is passed out and another and another.  The women are getting nervous and the tension is rising.  How awkward for him though when he talks to a girl and decides not to give her a rose just yet and then he has to just walk away from her with the rose still sitting there.  So now girl in the wedding dress is completely drunk and flat out says, “I wish I was more sober right now.”  Sean is not going to marry someone who is sloppy drunk upon their first meeting.  Ashley, Fifty Shades of Grey from Michigan chick, is completely drunk and dancing like a fool all over the place.  These women are not only embarrassing themselves but all of woman-kind.  “I’m so scared for him right now” one of the girls say as Ashley approaches Sean.  Too funny!  Sean says “Fifty Shades of Grey became Fifty Shades of Drunk tonight!” Best line ever!

Sarah and Taryn are already insecure and crying.  Sarah says she’s still single because she only has one arm.  Sarah clears the air about her arm and Sean says he has enjoyed talking to her and gives her a rose.  She comes across very sweet and smart.  I still think there are claws underneath, but so far she’s sweet.

Rose ceremony time… not too many girls left that don’t have a rose.  Final roses go to… Amanda, Lesley M, Kacie, Kristy, Daniella, Taryn, Lindsay (wedding dress girl – for real??) .  Paige, Kelly, Lacey, Lauren, Keriann, Ashley H, Ashley P. were all eliminated.  No surprises there.

The rest of the season looks so good!  Very dramatic and in the end he finds love and that’s what’s important.  Monday nights are back to being my favorite night of television!

What are your thoughts?

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