So I missed last week’s of blogging because my best friend was having a baby.  However, I did watch the episode several days later and just quickly I want to say that I think Kacie B was a plant.  I think producers sent her in to spice things up a bit but both Kacie and Sean didn’t really want her there.   She didn’t look too heartbroken when she left, plus, she stirred the pot a little bit before she left… hence giving Sean a reasonable excuse to get rid of her before leaving.  I think it was all an act the entire time.  I was however a bit surprised he got rid of Ford Model, Kristy.  I thought they seemed to hit it off a bit at the photo shoot the week before and she’s gorgeous – with the exception of how she looked at the rose ceremony – yikes!

Okay, so those are my lingering thoughts about last week’s episode.  Overall, it was a fairly tame and boring episode and I am hoping this weeks is a bit better.

Chris Harrison greets the final 13 girls and drops off the first date card.  Pan to Sean walking around his digs in just his boxers.  He was saying something about finding a wife or something… all I heard was blah blah blah I’m walking around half naked.  Back to the date card: “Selma: Let’s turn up the heat”.  I love Selma!  I’m excited to see her on the one on one date.  Meanwhile Leslie H gets emotional because she wasn’t picked yet and really wants a date.   Sean comes to pick her up and he is beaming from the moment he gets there.  They get in the limo which takes them to their private jet.  Sean won’t tell her where she’s going.  The private jet drops them off in the middle of the dessert.  Selma immediately inwardly starts freaking out.  She said she does not like the heat… at…. all.  They hop in a jeep and Sean takes her further into the desert into the heat.  He finally tells her they’re rock climbing.  So up they go, she’s being somewhat of a trooper about it with minimal complaining. Suddenly she just takes off and goes for it.  This would not have been something she would have ever agreed to do on her own and she did it and conquered it.  She was amazing.  I’m impressed.  For the evening part of the date, Sean took her to this glam camping ground (had to totally all been set up by the producers) with a couple RV’s with different themes.   They have a nice time to talk and she explains to him that she cannot kiss him on national TV because of her Arabic background – she was born in Baghdad, Iraq.  She said they pretty much don’t even date in public much less kiss on national TV.  She thinks her mom would have a heart attack.  Wow… considering he’s already kissed half the girls on the show, this might be a tough one to get over.  But I know Sean is a true gentleman and it won’t be much of an issue.

Back at the house the ladies get the second date card: Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Catherine, Amanda, Ashley, Sarah, and Tierra “I’m looking for a woman who can roll with the punches.”

Selma explains to Sean why she can’t kiss him, and obviously he respects that.  You can see the two of them just really falling for each other and this is the whole reason I watch this show.  Not for the juicy drama, but for these moments where you can just see the love and gushiness between two people.  They’re both so smiley and giddy.  Love it!

Sean and SarahGroup date and Tierra is on it… you know there will be drama!  The woman and Sean arrive at a warehouse.  They soon find out they’re going to be doing roller derby.  The claws immediately come out… some of the girls biting their nails, others getting ready to use them…. Tierra in particular, of course.  Amanda says she’s done roller derby before to psych out the other team.  These girls are falling all over the place.  Most of them don’t even know how to rollerblade.  Amanda’s showing off and impressing Sean.  Sarah’s realizing this is a very difficult physical hurdle and she just really wants to be normal.  Poor girl doesn’t have the balance and doesn’t both arms to hold her up.  AshLee gives her a great pep talk and doesn’t want her to have any regrets.  Amanda was showing off, getting cocky, and suddenly she bit it on her face.  Did a face plant, more like a chin plant right into the ground.  She could have a broken jaw, and they send her to the hospital.  Sean decided to call off the competition and just go for a free skate disco party.  Although I think that was a good call, it was kind of a weird transition to “okay now we’re at dinner.”  All that build up for nothing.  Waaa waaa waaaaa.

Now at the part of the group date where Sean takes them all aside privately.  Sean first takes Sarah aside and reassures her that she has no reason to be embarrassed and that she did a good job.  Tierra’s jealousy is mounting.  Amanda comes back from the hospital and is fine and acting all bubbly around Sean.  She says in her interview that she’s going to milk the sympathy card as much as she can.

Back at the house… last date card: Leslie H “Could this be forever?” and it comes with diamond earrings.  Leslie is so excited she finally gets a date!

Back to the group date, and Tierra is really acting out and showing her immaturity.  Tierra is saying she can’t handle this, she doesn’t trust anyone there, she tells producers she just wants to leave and she starts trying to track down Sean.  Meanwhile it keeps cutting to her bawling her eyes out to the producers.  Sean and Lindsay have a little makeout session and then go to get their bathing suits on to get into the hot tub when Tierra interrupts to tell her how she’s being tortured.  Sean convinces her to stay and says he can tell she likes him and he wants her to stay.  So Sean gets up and grabs the rose and shocks all of the ladies that were sitting around.  Sean says he really likes Tierra and he doesn’t want to wonder what could have been.  He says he wants to see where it goes and he’s crazy about her and gives her the rose.  Oh Sean…. she is one hot mess.  She’s so manipulative and sneaky!  I hope Sean finds this out for himself soon.

Leslie H’s date is the glamorous “kiss of death” date.  I swear if you added up all of the one on one dates that the woman gets the jewelry, the girl (or guy on the Bachelorette) always goes home.  Leslie should not be excited, she should be scared.    Sean takes Leslie to Rodeo Drive to go shopping… Pretty Woman style.  The stop at Badgley Mischka where they have the store to themselves and she tries on a number of fancy dresses for Sean.  He completes the look by letting her pick out shoes, purse, and then he takes her to get a fancy diamond necklace.  120 ct of diamonds.  So they’re both all dolled up, but I’m just not seeing any chemistry there.  I don’t see a spark.  Sean says this is the most romantic date he could have set up so if he doesn’t feel it tonight, he’s probably not going to feel it.  The conversation at dinner seems very awkward.  Sean admits the connection just isn’t there even though she’s a wonderful girl.  So here it comes… that awkward moment when he has to tell her after all of that that there just isn’t anything there.  I feel for her.  This is the worst way to go home.  She graciously tells him that some of the girls aren’t there for the right reasons and she wants him to find his wife and to be careful.  Kiss of death date lives on.

Cocktail party and Tierra is already flaunting her rose around.  Sean takes AshLee aside and reassures her that he’s been thinking about her even when he’s not with her.  He loves that she’s confident about what they have together and doesn’t let the other girls get to her.  Robyn realizes she needs to step it up because she hasn’t had too much time with him yet.  She does this awkward, cheesy move with a piece of chocolate and asks which chocolate he would like a taste of.  They then awkwardly kiss.   Robyn’s just kind of dorky and strange.  Tierra tells Amanda she’s tired of the heat being on her and she doesn’t know why everyone talks about her behind her back and she doesn’t do anything to them.  Tierra pulls Jackie and Robyn aside to confront them about why have they been “attacking” her and give a half hearted apology. “I came here to win this”, Tierra keeps saying.  Sounds like she’s on the Bachelor Pad, not Bachelor.  Catherine tells Sean she’s really attracted to him, and he tells her he feels really good around her.  She gets giggly, and he laughs.  They seem to have good chemistry together, but they haven’t shown seriously any of these previous conversations that they keep referencing.  So he says that he wants to kiss her but there are other women watching them.  She said that’s not appropriate for others to see.  They went for a walk and Sean sweetly kisses her.   They had a nice moment together.

Rose ceremony… Catherine, Desiree, Lindsay, Lesley, Robyn (surprised by this one), AshLee, Sarah, Jackie, and Daniella (again, surprised by the one).  Amanda is going home!!!!  Woot woot! So happy her plotting and scheming and almost shattered jaw didn’t keep her around longer.

The Bachelor is on TWO days next week!  Monday and Tuesday nights!

What are your thoughts?

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