Holy cow, FOUR hours of The Bachelor this week…. not sure I can handle it.  I like the show, but dang, that’s a lot for one week!  Check your DVR for tomorrow… I had to not record The Taste or Millionaire Matchmaker in order to make time for The Bachelor and Smash premiere to record… you might have other conflicts even if you don’t watch those shows.

Fast forward through “Tonight on the Bachelor…”  I don’t like the spoilers!  I’m sitting down to watch it, I’ll see it soon enough. Okay, at the women’s mansion and of course Chris Harrison walks in to start off the show. Three dates coming up this episode… Group date, one on one date, and the dreaded 2 on 1 date where one person stays, one person goes (that’s how it’s supposed to go, but sometimes they break the rules on the one).  He tells them to go pack their bags!  They’re going to be traveling around the world, but first stop is Montana!  What?!  Montana?  Not where I was expecting, but okay.  The HDTV does make it look gorgeous!  They pull up to a lodge that looks beautiful. Maybe I would actually like to vacation in Montana sometime!

The girls get the 1 on 1 date card and it’s for Lindsay “Let Love Soar – Sean”.  This is the one that Sean was heavily making out with last week that were going to move their action to the hot tub when crazy Tierra interrupted.  This should be a very steamy date!  Sean picks her up and it’s…. guess what…  A HELICOPTER!  How surprising for The Bachelor to change it up a bit!  lol… they really don’t change things up much, do they?  They take off to Glacier National Park.  They have a little picnic and are already kissing.  They definitely have a strong physical connection.  Cut to commercial, come back, they’ve changed clothes and they’re inside a lodge type area now having dinner.  They’re both talking about the incredible date they just had and how much fun it was.  Apparently it was boring for the cameras because they didn’t show ANY of their date up until this point.  So silly.  Lindsay briefly talks about how she was an army brat growing up and she didn’t like it and Sean says all the pieces of the puzzle have now fit together.  He understands why she wants to settle down and have kids and start a stable life with someone.

Group date card: “You make my heart race…”  Selma, AshLee, Desiree, Catherine, Sarah, Lesley, Robyn, Daniella.  Which leaves Tierra and Jacki for the two on one.

Sean and Lindsay’s date ends with a concert with Sarah Darling (?)… some country singer I am not aware of.  The whole town is out there and they’re in the center of it.  Really wish the producers would change it up a bit…. how many times have they done this exact date just at a different location with a different singer?  The singer is beautiful, however…. just no clue who she is.

Group date time: Outside in Montana and it looks like a competition is about to go down as Chris Harrison appears out of nowhere.  He explains it’s going to be a relay race and they will be split up in teams of four.  Starts with a canoe race, buck hay, saw through a log, then milk a goat and drink the milk.  Red team: Selma, Desiree, Sarah and Robyn… Blue team: Lesley, AshLee, Daniella, and Catherine.  Winning team will go on to the second part of the date, losing team goes back to the lodge.  This ladies look terrible in the canoe.  They don’t know what they’re doing.  Finally the blue team gets their act a little bit together.  Blue team’s hay starts falling apart and now the red team is catching up.  Red team gets through the cutting of the log first and are on to milking the cow.  Then Desiree just chugs the milk and the red team wins!  I really like Desiree and Selma so I’m happy!

Meanwhile, we still have an hour and a half left of the show and they keep advertising what happens on tomorrow’s episode.  Driving me crazy!

So Chris shows up at the Lodge and delivers a date card for the Blue team “sending you home didn’t feel good.  Please join me at the party tonight. I can’t wait to see you.”  Sean feels like he’s trying to find his wife here and it defeats the whole point to send some of them back home and not have time to spend with them.  So then he breaks the news to the red team… they’re not too happy.  Tierra decides she’s going to go find Sean.  At the same time the four losers are about to rejoin the four winners and the tension is building.  Red team is NOT happy at all.  Sean is giving his interview with the producers when up walks Tierra behind him.  She sneaks up and puts her hands over his eyes and says “Sean??” He says “Yes???”  and cut to commercial! Okay, back, Sean turns around and says, “What are you doing here?”  STALKER!  She confronts him about getting the 2 on 1 date.  She says she’s not happy about it.  Sean says he doesn’t know what to make of it, her coming out.  Sean goes back in and has his one on one time with each of the girls and the tension rises after AshLee butts in on his time with Desiree.  AshLee lays it on thick and says she adores him and he tells her he’s crazy about her.

“Love is a wild ride” is what the 2 on 1 date says for Tierra and Jackie.  Also a note from Chris that says “Two women, one rose, one stays, one goes.”  Dun dun dun!  Please Lord let Jackie stay!!

Okay, back to the tension filled group date… Sean spends time with Catherine and they’re both just so damn giddy.  They haven’t shown much of them together so it’s hard to know what they’re basing their “relationship” on.  But they do seem very comfortable and affectionate towards each other.  Daniella decides she’s going to break them up so she can have some time with him and finds Catherine sitting on Sean’s lap.  She just turns around and basically has a breakdown because of it.  Daniella definitely knows she’s on the way out.  So he grabs her and she’s crying.  Sean tries reassuring her and they end up kissing.  Sean decides to give the date rose to Daniella.  I’m kind of surprised at that.  I thought she would be going home this episode.  So the winning team is mad now that someone from the losing team got the date rose.

TierraNow the dreaded 2 on 1 date!  This should be good.  Tierra definitely has a plan formed on how she’s going to get that rose.  She is laughing and being cocky in her interview.  She is quite the girl!  I pity the man who ends up with her (let’s hope it’s not Sean!).   Sean arrives on a white horse and tells them they will be going horseback riding.  Jackie looks so beautiful in this scenery with her red hair and gorgeous eyes.  Tierra says she’s going to act like Jackie’s not even there.  Tierra says she’s on her date with her husband.  Jackie tells Sean in a very nice way that she’s real and genuine and Tierra is not.  That Tierra was flirting with a cute guy at the airport.  Sean definitely seems to be effected by this news.  Hopefully it doesn’t work negatively towards Jackie.  I think Jackie put it in a very sweet, non-catty way.  Dinner time and I think Jackie looks even more beautiful than earlier.  I hope Sean sees that as well!  Most awkward dinner EVER though.  He takes Tierra aside to talk to her one on one.  Sean kind of drills her a bit on her feelings.  Tierra explains she was with a guy for 5 years and he was in and out of rehab and ended up passing away.  She tried to show she was sweet and vulnerable.  They go back inside and Sean grabs the rose and after a long speech and me holding my breath the entire time he gives the rose to Tierra.  He says he just doesn’t have strong romantic feelings for Jackie.  So Tierra gets even more cocky and smug and it so seems it’s not even about her feelings for Sean it’s just the competition of it all.  Ugh!  Poor Jackie… I really liked her! Jackie





Cocktail party time:  Tierra says she wants to punch every single one of the girls and she would beat “the shit out of these bitches.”  She separates herself from the group and Robyn decides she’s going to confront her about her attitude.  Robyn calls her out on her B.S. how she’s cold to everyone unless the cameras or Sean are in the room.  Tierra says that people handle anxiety differently and that doesn’t make her a bad person.  Tierra says “If I wanted to get engaged, I could get engaged.  There are plenty of guys in this world.”  Sean walks in the room just as Tierra is going off on Robyn.  He says that really caught him off guard.  She plays the victim and says they’re all attacking her “for everything.”  Sean wants specifics and she’s still pretty vague.  Sean takes Lesley aside and flat out asks her what is it about Tierra that everyone doesn’t like.  He needs specifics.  Lesley still doesn’t really put it all out there, but tells him that Tierra is very cold, she’s not engaging, she’s not interested in building friendships with any of the girls.  Sean is visibly shaken when he tells the ladies he has to go make a decision.  At this point I can see him sending Robyn home, but other than that I don’t have a guess aside from maybe taking Tierra’s rose away, which I don’t think he’ll do.  I still don’t think he sees what the girls see.  Maybe Lesley?  Hard to say.

Interview with Chris Harrison… Sean says it hasn’t been a good week.  He’s frustrated that he can’t figure out Tierra and frustrated that people don’t like Tierra but aren’t giving him specifics so he doesn’t understand why they’re even talking about her.

Rose ceremony: Selma, Catherine, Lesley, AshLee, Sarah, Des.  Robyn is going home.  Tomorrow’s episode is going to be good.  I honestly like all of the girls that are left except for Tierra.  I find Lesley to be a bit boring, so I’d be okay if she goes home, but the rest of the girls I really do like and think they are a good fit for Sean.  This is going to get really interesting!  Thanks for reading! 🙂

What are your thoughts?

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