Well we don’t have to wait another week to see more drama unfold on The Bachelor.  Here’s to a second night in a row of Tierrable drama!

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada is the setting of tonight’s episode.  It looks amazingly beautiful.  I want to go to there.  Chris Harrison informs the ladies there will be a group date and two one on one dates.  Roses are up for grabs on each date.

seancatherine-270319419968672890First date card arrives and it is for Catherine! “Lets find our fairy tell ending”.  I’m looking forward to actually seeing them on a date instead of just sneaking off and making out in an alley like they have known each other forever.  She’s pretty, but something about her nose ring bothers me.  Sean arrives for the date in the middle of nowhere in the freezing cold in a giant school bus.  I have never seen a school bus look like this!  It’s pretty amazing.  So they’re going to go play on an glacier at Jasper National Park.  The wind is blowing, the ice and snow is pelting their faces, but they’re having a great time playing in the snow.  They’re miserable and yet seem so happy.  Dinner time and they’re at this beautiful resort for dinner.  He escorts her out onto a horse-drawn carriage that takes her to an ICE CASTLE that Sean says was built just for them with a cozy fire inside.  It’s very cool!  (No pun intended)



Group date card arrives back at the lady’s house:  Tierra, Sarah, Lindsay, Selma, Lesley, and Daniella.  “Let’s bare our souls.”  So Daniella is bummed she hasn’t had a one on one date which leaves Dez (Desiree) to have another one on one with Sean.  Daniella and Tierra both haven’t had one on one dates, although Tierra did receive the two on one in last night’s episode.

Catherine opens up to Sean and says at age 12 and she and her best friend went to summer camp.  They went walking through the woods and a tree fell and fell on top of the girl in front of her and killed her right in front of her eyes.  So she says at age 12 she realized how fast things can change and how easily life can be taken from you.  It was nice to see more depth from Catherine and a little bit more of why Sean likes her so much.  They seem really good together and have a lot of fun.

plungeGroup date, and from the MILLIONS of teasers, we know there’s major drama with Tierra.  So let’s see how long this drags out before we actually get to what happens.  So the girls have to split up into three canoes.  Two canoes have 3 girls in them and the last girl gets to go with just Sean.  Lesley volunteers to go with Sean immediately.   The water in Lake Louise is so clear and perfect.  They get to their destination and there’s like these tents set up.  Sean tells them they’re doing the Lake Louise Polar Bear Plunge.  They have to jump in the ice cold water and get fully submerged.  Sean does say that they don’t have to do it if they don’t want to, but YOLO, you only live once.  Lindsay says she’s excited because this kind of thing is right up her ally.  She loves the outdoors.  I would be dreading this, but would still participate and act like I loved it.  The lifeguard and EMT give them all the risks involved and tell them that they need to get immediately dressed and warmed up.  Selma says she just doesn’t think it’s necessary and she doesn’t plan on doing it.  I can’t say I blame her and I think it takes a strong woman to come to that decision.  Tierra says in her interview it’s not good, she might die doing this.  Basically foreshadowing and saying, “be ready because I’m about to pull another stunt.”   *commercial break*

AshLee’s nervous and says she doesn’t want to do it but she doesn’t want to be chicken.  Selma tells Sean she’s not doing it.  She from Baghdad she explains, they are warm weather people.  Tierra is making a big scene and freaking out and then suddenly she strips down and says she’s going to do it.  The girls are standing all around in their robes and AshLee’s really having a hard time with it.  Then they all take off their robes and make a run for the water.  They all plunge in together and start screaming.  Sean congratulates all of them and tells them what good job they did.  All of the girls are so excited and feeling a big rush from doing it.  Then the drama begins with Tierra.  She’s grabbing at the lifeguard, freaking out, causing a huge scene, and they carry her off to the vehicle to take her to the hotel  Sean is worried she might have hypothermia.   Meanwhile Desiree and Catherine can see from their hotel that someone is being carried to the vehicle but can’t tell who it is, so they begin to freak out.  The medics got her vitals and told the producers that she’s doing better, her body temp is going up, and she’s going to be okay.  But Tierra keeps carrying on this whole act about not being able to feel her feet, she’s shivering uncontrollably, and just trying to look miserable.  She has mascara all over her face.  She’s definitely a mess, but I think it’s clear she’s over exaggerating it.

Meanwhile, Des and Catherine are wondering what kind of shape the other girls are in since Tierra looks horrible.  The other girls come in yelling and laughing and having a good time.  Which makes Tierra’s story look even more fake / exaggerated.  Then Sean goes to visit Tierra and says, “oh, I don’t want you to see me this way.”  She put the oxygen tube back in her nose just as he’s walking in the door.  Sean tells her she should stay in the hotel room instead of going down for dinner with the other girls.  They don’t even have to show the teaser on that one… we know she will sneak in there anyway.  She won’t be able to stay away.

He first pulls Lesley aside to have some one on one time with her.  Sean tells her that he really appreciates her so much.  They laugh about the jump into the water.  Then he’s with Sarah.  She shares pictures of her growing up and pictures of her family.  I think that was really sweet of her to do knowing that Sean is a good family man.  But he seems a little bit more cautious of her.  His body language isn’t quite as warm with her.

Date card back at the hotel “Desiree… don’t be scared… to fall in love.”  Then it shows Tierra getting ready for her date.  She’s acting like it’s hard to put on her heeled boots and she says “beauty is painful.”  So here comes the second drama of the evening… PLEASE let Sean see through this bull…

The girls are kind of mocking her and discussing her, and in walks Tierra into the room and the room goes silent.  Lesley says she is a professional at getting attention.  “How to fake an injury 101” Lesley says.  He pulls Tierra aside after getting there and asks her if they fall in love and she makes it to the end, does she want a proposal?  She says “IF we fall in love….” and then gives some sort of strange answer and doesn’t really say yes or no she just says that if they make each other happy, that’s all she cares about.  I think ANY other girl would have said, “I am already starting to fall in love…” I hope he picks up on this.  Then he grabs Lindsay and takes her outside and tells her that if they spend their whole time kissing it would be fine by him.  So, at least from the editing, that’s what they do and it is hot!  They definitely have undeniable physical chemistry.  Not sure if there’s more than that there, but I still think it’s early enough that it doesn’t matter.  There are other girls he has less of a connection with.

To Tierra’s SHOCK Sean gives the date rose to Lesley.  Tierra doesn’t feel it’s fair because of everything she’s been through that day.  Well girl, you can’t get all the date roses even if he liked you the best!

Sean goes back to his hotel room and says in his interview that a girl (Sarah) told him how much she’d like him to meet her family and he just doesn’t see a forever with her.  I called it!  So he’s going to go let her go right now because he just doesn’t think it’s right to keep her around any longer.   He goes to the hotel room and steals Sarah away.  So the other girls are speculating why he’s doing this.  Sean tells Sarah he’s been feeling like he’s almost trying to feel a connection, and he’s wanted it to work, but it just hasn’t been there.  Sarah says she’s hurt and caught off guard.  Sean says he doesn’t want her to sit through the rose ceremony if he knows it’s just not going to work.  She’s really blindsided and embarrassed.  She said she’s always getting the same response from guys…. she’s a great girl, she deserves the best, but the connection just isn’t there.    Poor girl.  😦

Man, this episode has felt long!  So much has already happened!  Desiree’s one on one date now.  They go to Banff National Park.  They get to the top off of the mountain and he tells her that their picnic is waiting for them at the bottom… they’re going to repel down the mountain.  Des is not too happy.  She’s very nervous.  It’s 400 feet down a very steep mountain.  But of course they did it and made it and now they’ve got that high going.  They have their cute picnic and then they spontaneously climb a tree.  It was honestly seriously cute.  I really like Desiree.  Then they get to the evening portion of their date and it’s in a giant Teepee.  How cool is that?  However, Sean’s sweater… not cool.  What is up with that?  Des reveals that she’s lived in a tent, a fifth wheel, a small apartment, and trailer park.  She said looking back she didn’t feel any stress from her dad trying to provide or anything.  They were just happy and her family just made it work.  Sean seems blown away by all of this, as am I.  She is just such a positive person.  I would love for Sean to end up with her.

Cocktail party…. and the girls are already getting catty talking about Tierra.  Selma says. “I mean, you’re going to ‘wife that’?” to the other girls.  They laugh.  Sean is in a happy, yet serious mood.  He says he’s got some tough questions for the girls tonight and if he doesn’t see marrying and having kids with a woman then that’s how he’ll know she needs to go.  First he’s with Selma and she says in her interview that even though she didn’t do the Plunge the other day, she still wants to show him that she’s serious about him and wants to show him her feelings.  She says to Sean, “There’s something I would like to do, but you need to hold still.”  Then she slowly leans in and kisses him ever so softly.  She says to kiss someone on national TV is a big shame to her family, so please forgive her, mom!

Lindsay tells Sean that to make the most of their time together tonight, she’s not going to kiss them.  What?  They’re going to talk?  That hasn’t seemed to happen before.  They’re trying not to kiss each other and make conversation but the conversation doesn’t go very deep.  He tells her to tell him something he doesn’t already know about her.  She tell him she sleeps naked.  Way to dig deep in your soul for that one, Lindsay! But they both giggle about it.  Turns out they don’t have anything in common aside from kissing so they resort to kissing again.  However, it must be working because Sean says Lindsay’s the total package.

AshLee tells Sean she has a hard time letting go of control.  So she gives him a scarf and tells him to blindfold her and lead her wherever she’d like to go.  He does… and I can’t help but think this is like a therapy session.  She ends up crying and everything.  I like AshLee, but wow this feels really heavy… complete opposite of his time with Lindsay.

They didn’t show any time with Tierra… they must figure she’s had enough camera time as it is.  He’s gone back to make his decision now of who is going to go home.  My guess is it’s Daniella.  I’d like it to be Tierra, but I think it’s going to be Daniella.

Rose ceremony: Oh, two women are going home.  PLEASE let it be both Tierra and Daniella.  They didn’t show any one on one time with them.  The three roses go to: Lindsay, AshLee, Tierra.  UGH!!!  Can’t believe he’s sending Selma home!!!  Selma and Daniella are going home.  I would have put Selma in the top four.  WHAT is he thinking??

Down to 6 girls and their next stop is the U.S. Virgin Islands, St Croix and more drama and tears from Tierra.



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