Anyone else catch Amanda Peet on Craig Ferguson tonight (Thursday night)?  Had to be THE worst late night interview I have ever seen.  I actually had the TV on mute, I was just about to go to bed, when I looked up and saw Amanda Peet was coming out.  I decided to unmute the television and stay up a little bit longer to watch her interview.  The conversation consisted of discussing the color of the mugs for the show, the price of eggs in Tokyo, and  who does Craig love more – Amanda or her husband, writer Daniel Benioff.  What a waste of an appearance.  To Amanda’s credit, she did recognize the fact that she was bombing and putting everyone to sleep.  Would have liked to see more from her.  Thank goodness songwriter, Paul Williams was the next guest and saved the show.  He’s amazingly entertaining, funny, and genuine.

Amanda Peet

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