After last week’s four hours of intense (okay I may be slightly exaggerating) drama, I am looking forward to seeing tonight if Sean FINALLY sees Tierra for who she really is.  Last week Tierra won best award for dramatic performance after 15 seconds in ice cold water.  Let’s see what she has up her sleeve tonight, shall we?

Sean and the final six woman fly to St Croix on a sea plane and get settled in at the Buccaneer Resort.  This place is so beautiful and serene.  Tierra immediately says she cannot share a room with anybody so she gets out a mattress cot and sets up in the living room.  She is just strange.  First date card arrives and it is for AshLee.  “Let’s Get Carried Away…” the card says.  Tierra says “The Cougar’s back in town” all snotty. She’s judging AshLee for being 32 years old and not having found anyone yet to settle down with.

There are no roses on any of these dates.  There are six woman left and two will go home this week.  The remaining four will bring Sean back to their hometowns for him to meet the family.  I just cannot believe we are already this far into the season that  next episode he meets their families!

Sean takes AshLee on a catamaran to private island.  One of the first scenes they show on this private island is Sean asking AshLee about the drama in the house.  AshLee tells him that Tierra isolates herself, she’s not polite, she’s not easy to be around.  Sean says in his interview that when AshLee says something about Tierra, he believes it.  He thinks AshLee is as honest as they come, and he knows he can trust what she says.  AshLee was very honest with him and I think she did it in a way that doesn’t make herself look bad.

Back at the resort… second date card arrives… Tierra “Let’s explore our love on the streets of St Croix…”  Tierra already starts complaining about how the date isn’t on a boat or at the beach.  She said she’s hot, she’s getting eaten by mugs, her makeups smearing…. ugh!  This is her first one on one date with Sean and she’s already complaining the moment the card arrives.  She’s a piece of work!

AshLee and Sean go to their ocean-side romantic dinner.  Sean asks AshLee, “if everything continues to go well, I am going to meet your family next, is there anything we haven’t covered that we should cover?” AshLee says yes, actually.  There’s one thing she needs to tell him and she feels this is going to be a make or break.  She explains 15 years ago, she was going through a hard time in life, and she got married when she was 17.  She’s not proud of it, she was married her junior year in high school and broke up by the senior year in high school.  Sean says he still likes her and she’s perfect the way she is and she’s not broken.  She ends up shouting “I love Sean!!!!”  Sean says in his interview he could see himself ending up with AshLee.

Sean’s date with Tierra… the walk around the town, going shopping…. he bought her a necklace, a bracelet, and some other things.  She keeps telling Sean “Best Date Ever!” and “I’m just so happy!!!”  It’s so fake.  Sean sits down with her and asks her some tough questions about the other girls and such.  He asks her if she could do it over again would she do anything differently with the other girls.  She says “no.  Those girls aren’t going to be around for much longer.”  At dinner, she tells Sean she feels there’s distance between them and she’s wondering why.  Sean tells her that maybe he let the drama in the house influence him more than he should have.

Next date card arrives for… Catherine, Dez, and Lindsay “Love is on the horizon…”  Which leaves Lesley for the last one on one date.

Back on Tierra’s date she tells him that she cares for him a lot and she hopes their journey continues and that she’s really falling for him.  Sean says he’s come to the realization that she probably isn’t that nice to the other woman but that she is there for him.

Sean sneaks into the woman’s resort in the middle of the night to wake them up to snap pictures of them without any makeup on their faces.  He’s coming to get the girls for their group date… at 4:45am.  Sean says they look great, he was pleasantly surprised.  Sean takes them to the other side of the island to see the sunrise.  That’s the farthest east you can go in the united states and be the first four people in the united states to see the sunrise.  From there they went to the Sugar Mill, then the Cafe for lunch, then a really awesome looking Treehouse!

Back at the resort…. last date card “Lesley, I hope our love stands the test of time…”

The group date then heads to Sandy Point and Catherine and Lindsay are having a hard time dealing with how much time Dez has gotten with Sean.  They feel like it’s Dez’s and Sean’s date and they’re just on it.  During his one on one time with Catherine, she tells him that when she was 14 her dad attempted suicide and since then he was taken away to China and she still has a relationship with him but he won’t be there for the hometown visit.  He admires her even more for being so strong even though she’s gone through these tough things.

Back again at the resort… AshLee and Lesley are discussing Tierra within earshot of Tierra.  AshLee says she doesn’t think Tierra has the guts to confront her.  Tierra says enough is enough…

Flash back to Sean’s date… Dez breaks down crying telling Sean about how much her family means to her and how she just wants what they have.  Sean then gives the date rose to Lindsay.  I’m pretty surprised by this! I thought for sure it would be one of the other two.  I still feel what he has with Lindsay is purely physical.  He really did seem happy with all three women though.

For his date with Lesley, he decided to just have a very low key date.  He says he doesn’t feel as strongly about Lesley as he does for the other girls so he’s got to sort that out.  So Sean asks Lesley if there’s anything he needs to know before he meets her family.  So she starts to tell him that she’s falling for him, but then kind of stops herself.  She said it just doesn’t feel right quite yet.  She can’t seem to make much eye contact with him.  They finally kiss… but you can tell she’s still guarded.

Sean’s sister Shay comes to visit him and give him some advice.  She warns him that she doesn’t want him to pick “that one” … the one everyone is screaming “no!! don’t pick her!!”

Back at the resort… Tierra finally confronts AshLee.  AshLee tells her that she is rude.  “Men love me” Tierra says to AshLee.  Tierra keeps telling AshLee she “sabotaged” her connection with Sean.  “That’s my face! I can’t help it! ”  She says her parents said to her: “Tierra, you have a sparkle…. do not let those girls take your sparkle” She says about her facial expressions:  “I can’t control my eyebrow!”  Seriously, you can’t write this stuff!  Meanwhile Sean tells his sister that he’s going to go grab Tierra and they can all talk.  Sean’s walking to where the girls are staying and AshLee and Tierra are still yelling at each other.  Sean walks in and finds Tierra sobbing.  “I’m just so sensitive and I just have such a big heart” she tells Sean.  Meanwhile no tears are actually falling out of her eyes.  She admits she confronted AshLee for sabotaging their connection.  “I get emotional because I care.”  Sean walks outside and Tierra is doing her best to work up some actual tears while the cameras are still on her.

Sean says he’s made a decision, he knows what he needs to do.  He walks back in with Tierra… he tells her that his sister’s in town and that he wanted her to meet his sister.  He says he’s crazy about her and has been from the very beginning, but he feels it would be best if she leaves now.  He explains it wasn’t his intention by coming there just then, but he says he can’t keep her here knowing how hard it’s been on her.  FINALLY!!!!!!  He asks her if she’s going to be okay, she says no.  Sean says in his interview that it just finally just clicked for him that she is not the one for him.  Tierra in the limo:  “I can’t believe he did this to me!!!!”  “Nobody will take my sparkle away” she says as the car drives away.

Cocktail party… the girls still don’t know that he let Tierra go.  So they’re speculating what may have happened.  Sean walks in and explains that he let Tierra go.  He knew she wasn’t going to be his wife and he needed to let her go.  Then he tells them that he’s made his decision tonight and there won’t be a cocktail party and he’ll see them at the Rose Ceremony.  My prediction at this point is the Lesley is going home.

Rose ceremony… Dez, Catherine, and AshLee receive roses.  Lesley is the one going home.  Poor girl, but I have wanted this to happen for a few weeks now.  She’s a sweet girl, but not one of my favorites.  Catherine freaks out after he lets Lesley go.  She feels he had more in common with Lesley than he does with her. So she doesn’t get what he’s basing his decisions on.

Next week looks crazy good!  Dez’s brother wants to actually fight him.  He doesn’t like him at all.  That’s not how I pictured Dez’s family at all!  Stay tuned….

What are your thoughts?

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