From the teasers and previews of tonight’s episode, it looks like Sean is being the most brutally honest we have seen him yet this season.  I truly hope this is the case.  I like “honest” Sean much better than “sugar coat everything” Sean.  I find it interesting that they are doing this “Sean Tells All” episode.  Does it mean that they’re not doing a “Women Tell All” episode this season?  I am not sure.  But what I do know is that I am really looking forward to hearing what his reaction was to Tierra after watching it play out on TV.  Sean tells Chris Harrison, “How did I NOT see this?”  We’re all wondering the same thing!!

Des brotherSo Chris is sitting down with Sean and they discuss how next week they’ll be going to Thailand for the overnight dates with the final three women.  Then Sean discusses at the last rose ceremony why he gave the last rose to Catherine and not Des.  He said that when he thought about “could I spend the rest of my life with these women?” with Catherine it was a resounding yes, but with Des it was a “I think so.”  Chris says, “Tell me about your hometown visit” and how Des’ brother, Nathan, questioned everything Sean stands for.  Sean says he really did want to hit him, he really did.  I can’t picture Sean actually doing it, but seeing a temper on Sean would be pretty exciting.  He says it took everything in him to control his emotions.  The strange thing is they show a never before seen conversation between Sean and Nathan where they’re having a good conversation, Nathan’s laughing, and actually says, “you seem like a good guy and everything my sister was looking for.” Nathan was the first person in the family that Sean spoke to.  And then Sean say he has no idea what brought on the 180 but the second conversation, which we all saw last night, then transpired where he starts grilling Sean and doubting his character.  Sean says he just chalks it up to Nathan being a jackass.  Chris asks “if the brother hadn’t ruined the evening, would it have changed the results of the rose ceremony.”  Sean says that he would be lying if he said it didn’t influence him, because it did.  But he says there were other areas that were lacking in his relationship with Des.

SarahAfter commercial break, they discuss Sarah, the one with one arm.  He was really blown away with her during their first meeting on the first night and that’s why he chose her for the first one-on-one date.  They recap the roller derby date where Sarah just kept falling and how she wanted to participate that night but just didn’t have the balance. He encouraged her to go out there and try and she was grateful he did.  Then in Canada, he sent her home after the group date.  He said the kiss kind of sealed the fate.  He just didn’t feel passion for her.  He wanted to be able to give her the proper respect and explain himself, so he didn’t want to just let her go at a rose ceremony.  Sean is confident that Sarah will find a great guy, she just hasn’t found him yet.

SelmaSelma… oh how I liked her!!  Sean says he didn’t even know he couldn’t kiss her on the lips until half the way through their one-on-one date.  They got creative with different kind of kisses…. Eskimo kisses, eyelash kisses, kisses on the forehead.  The night that she actually went through with the kiss, he said he already came to the conclusion that she wasn’t going to be his wife.



LesleyNow Lesley M… their first date was breaking the longest on screen kiss record.  Sean says he enjoyed all three minutes of that.  They showed this really goofy scene of the two of them trying to sexily eat a brownie.  They seemed completely drunk.  Sean said it started to get even more awkward with Lesley the further they got into it and she wasn’t being as open about her feelings and he thought they should have progressed past that by now.  He said he thinks he would have kept her if she would have just told him she loved him.



Tierra and ashlee fightTime to talk about TIERRA!  He says in St Croix he really wanted his sister to sit down with Tierra and give some insight into what she sees in Tierra.  But instead, he says, he walked into a hornet’s nest with Tierra and AshLee fighting.  He said now that he’s had a chance to watch it all back, he really feels like he was duped.  He says she should have never come on the show, she’s not suited for the show, she doesn’t know how to handle herself in this environment.  “She’s a woman that just simply can’t get along with her peers.” Sean hopes Tierra has learned something from this.  He says he wishes he would have kept Jackie back on the two on one date.  The cocktail party in Montana with Tierra and Robyn fighting, Chris said it went on for hours and really included every woman.  Wish they would have shown Sean bashing Tierra just a little bit more.  He was still fairly polite.  Good ol’ Sean.


Now recapping some of the highlights of the season… Ashley P (50 shades of grey girl unfortunately from my homestate, Michigan).  Sean says “she probably came on a little too strong.”  You think?  Apparently, she goes on and tells the same story over and over about how much her mother loves him.  Catherine had a habit of sending him nerdy love notes.  He says she’s a little odd, but that’s what he digs about her.  In Canada, Catherine decides to fit herself inside the wheel well of the giant bus they were in.

Chris and Sean discuss the upcoming episode of the overnight dates.  Chris said that the expectation of the overnight date is that something physical will happen between he and the girls.  What do you say to that? Chris asks.  Sean gives his typical gentlemanly reply, “I say it’s none of your business.”  True class.

Okay, so nothing too shocking was revealed tonight, but a fun episode none the less.  Next week Sean will be in Thailand… they show a preview of the upcoming two episodes.  Then it’s concluded by a very hot shower scene with just Sean.  Yeah, completely unncessary and yet completely appreciated.  Thank you ABC!


What are your thoughts?

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