So I just found out today, and still haven’t found the reason, that Sean Lowe is a “born-again” virgin.  Meaning, he lost his virginity before (reportedly sometime in college) but now is pledging not to have sex again until marriage.  I’m a little surprised given how quickly he began kissing all of the girls on the show and how physical he seems with the finalists, especially Lindsay.  Plus that just makes that shower scene at the end of the Sean Tells All episode all that more of a tease.  Sheesh!  How much more can we take?  With the overnight dates coming up, the subject of S-E-X is on everyone’s mind.  The teasers make it look like Catherine turns him down for the overnight portion of the date.  Maybe he hasn’t told her he’s a born again virgin?  Will it be revealed to her that night that he’s not in it for sex, but just wants time away from the cameras?  We shall find out soon!  Sad but true I will not be live blogging Monday’s episode as I will be on vacation and probably not able to catch it live.  Stay tuned for my reactions afterwards though (even if it’s a week later!  ha!)  Have a great week everyone!  Thanks for reading!


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