Catherine-Giudici-wedding1This week I didn’t do a full recap of The Bachelor as usual because I was on vacation and didn’t have a chance to watch it until tonight.  As I’ve watched the episode I’ve thought about what I like and don’t like about each of the girls for Sean and who I think he would be best with.  In the end, I am left thinking only positive thoughts for Catherine.  Not only is she the most likable, probably easiest to get along with girl, but she’s also the only girl I could see myself hanging out with in real life (at least in the final three.  I really liked Des too!) .  So what is it about Catherine that makes America like her so much?  She’s normal, but not boring.  She’s smart and dorky, but not socially inept.  She has a nervous laugh that makes her human.  She’s beautiful but without even trying.  She called Sean “hunky” and “beefy” and that she never thought she could be with a man like that…. she’s modest and humble.   Catherine’s a bit insecure and yet confident enough to be herself.  She’s funny and also serious.  If I were Sean, or any man, these are the qualities I would want in a girlfriend.  Catherine’s awesome and I am so happy she is in the final two!


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