Robin post makeover

Robin post makeover

About once a season with various shows, I find some “favorites” that stick with me long after the show has ended.  Cast members that, for whatever reason, I feel compelled to stalk research online in order to learn a little more about them.  Last night I was finally able to watch this week’s episode of Millionaire Matchmaker which featured the return of “Miss Hello Kitty” girl, Robin Kassner.  This time around, Patti gave Robin a makeover and some pointers (stick to the 2 drink maximum rule!!) and gave her a really great selection of guys to choose from.  For her mini date she selected Dev and Joe.  Dev (aka Clark Kent) was attractive but obviously couldn’t have been that into her because after she selected him for her master date, he stood her up.  What a gentleman!  Sheesh!  So in steps Joe as runner up to take her on her master date and Robin is less than thrilled.  First of all, I get it, who wouldn’t feel a little bummed and hurt by being stood up?  That really stinks, but suck it up and enjoy the date you have sitting in front of you.  It’s better than being alone at home with your dogs!   Joe was the PERFECT gentleman though.  He was very complimentary to Robin, showed up with two bouquets of flowers (okay, maybe two was a bit overkill, but A for effort!), he told her he had a great time, she’s a great person, and where he would like to take her on a second date.  However, at the end of the date she still didn’t feel a connection.

480857_10200255910973801_177753293_nMy initial thoughts were “awww but he’s such a great guy, why doesn’t she see that?!” But as time went on I began to wonder… why would I want to see this nice man, Joe, to end up with this shallow, alcoholic, brain-dead woman, Robin?  It’s ridiculous that I was initially left feeling like Joe was the underdog in this situation.  No, let’s us not be mistaken here, he is the one who wins in the end.  He came on the show, completely poised, respectful, intelligent, adorable and with his dignity still in tact.  Whereas Robin, just makes another fool out of herself (even if she was slightly better than her previous episode), still appears to be just as shallow and superficial as ever, and leaves a lasting impression of that of a cartoon character rather than a human being.  No, I will not feel sorry for Joe any longer.  I am sure he is feeling much more love right now from friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc than she is.  So Joe, you go on with your bad self and you go find a woman much more worthy of your love than Robin!

So back to my “research”… I discovered Joe’s not only a wrestler but also a singer and aspiring actor.  He’s appeared on Tosh.O, Operation Repo, and the Grind.  Currently lives in L.A. but lived previously in Florida and considers Detroit, MI his hometown (My home state!! I knew I liked the guy!).   His story seems to check out that he’s as genuine and sincere as he appeared to be on the show.  Want to know more and would you also like to stalk research Joe?  His full name is Joseph Carl White II.  You can find him on Twitter @josephcarlwhite or Facebook .

Don’t know who this Robin character is I speak of?  Chelsea Handler says it best after Robin’s first appearance on the Millionaire Matchmaker:


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  1. lauren smith says:

    His full name?

  2. london says:

    Dev is very very handsome!!! I really like him!!! 🙂

  3. slurp slurp says:

    The real question is… is who is this dirt bag Dev who stood up this girl? The girl might have been a lush, but she didn’t deserve to be stood up. Who is Clark Dirtbag????

    • Rumor has it he had a panic attack and couldn’t come. He did seem very nervous during the mixer. Let me do some research and see if I can figure out who he is. If that’s really what happened I don’t consider him a dirt bag. Stuff like that can happen.

    • london says:

      😦 … but he is so cute! I forgive him

  4. Christine s says:

    I agree that Joe is a great catch and I hope someone whe sees him connects and he lives happily ever after. I can’t stand Robin and she did not deserve him! I’m glad I was. Not the only one who saw how great he is. Patti needs to have him on again!

  5. Thank you for your comments! Joe has such great friends! He has touched the lives of many from what it seems.

  6. Brianna Terry says:

    Hi 🙂
    I had the pleasure of knowing Joe personally as a friend 🙂 He’s a great guy and he’s so much fun to work with on stage! He’s really the reason i decided ( at age 15) to do many more productions at the local college we both performed with. Thanks to Joe I had enough of a connection to get my first lead role (at the college) as Essie Charmichael from “You can’t take it with you”.
    We miss Joe down here in Florida!! Hope to see him again some time!!

  7. I’ve known Joe for years when he was wrestling in Florida, he’s a class act, and a tough opponent. In this particular “contest”, the only real way to win was to “lose”. So with that, I congratulate Joe for not getting stuck with that one

  8. So there is such a thing as a good stalker after all LOL

    Thank you for what you wrote and I hope this comment finds you in good health and spirits.

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