Well if your DVR was acting wonky like mine, then it didn’t record The Bachelor tonight.  Ugh!!  So upsetting!  Luckily I turned on the TV in time to catch the last 45 minutes of it, so that is all I am able to recap.  I apologize!

AshLee FThankfully I caught it just in time to catch the beginning of Chris Harrison interviewing AshLee.  Last week, Sean let AshLee go and she didn’t say a word.  She was clearly upset, pissed, heartbroken, and shocked.  However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone react the way she did to being rejected on The Bachelor.  As a friend pointed out, “there was a level of psycho to it.”  Like she was going to go slash his tires now or something.  Granted, I don’t know how I would react in that situation and I am sure it would be hard to do it with class and grace when you feel like such a fool and heartbroken.  My theory as to why he didn’t pick her is that she is a bit too serious for him.  He’s got a goofy side of him that I don’t think she brings out.  She sweet, romantic, intelligent, but just a bit too serious and not playful enough…. just a theory.  After the clip of their relationship together, AshLee explains that she was blindsided because Sean was saying things to her like, “my sister and you are going to be best friends.  My family is going to love you!”  Chris asks her if she’s still in love with him.  She said “no.”  She said watching it back she now has seen a whole different side of him that she didn’t know existed, and not in a good way.  She said with her, he acted like a southern gentleman the entire time, but watching him with the other girls he acted like a frat boy.  She said after she realized her feelings were reciprocated, it was time to move on.

Now it’s Sean’s turn in the hot seat… AshLee asks him “what happened??  I don’t get it.”  Sean, with a big giddy smile on his face, he said that from day one she was the front runner.  But as time went on he was looking for someone that was going to be his best friend and fill the house with laughter and sometimes he couldn’t find that laughter with her.  (Did I call it or what?!) She said that what really hurt her was that he never came to check on her.  That he was supposed to be a southern gentleman, she thought “oh he’s going to come check on me” **camera pans to Des rolling her eyes**  Sean explains that had Emily come to check on him it would have made things worse and that’s why he didn’t do it with her.  She said, “But Sean, you’re a gentleman you’re supposed to be the man here.  There’s a difference between a woman going back for a man and a man going back for a girl.”  Wow, sexist much? AshLee continues to grill Sean and asks, “Then why did you say you had absolute NO feelings for the other girls?” Sean looks dumbfounded and says “I…. I never said that.  I never said I didn’t have feelings for the other women.”  AshLee: “Twice you didn’t say that?” Sean responds, “Promise I didn’t say that.  I wouldn’t say that.” AshLee: “Sean, Come on…. you think I would just make something up like that?” Sean: “I know I didn’t say that.” AshLee: “Okay, here is what you said… you said there’s absolutely nothing between those two.”  Sean: I didn’t say that either. I wouldn’t say that.  AshLee: “I wouldn’t make that up either.” Awkward silence AshLee: “I wish nothing but the best for you, you did say that, but I hope the best for you.”  Sean, now looking pissed kind of chuckles and says, “well on the record, I still did not say that.”  Chris cuts to commercial, Sean’s mic is still on and he says to AshLee, “I seriously don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Back from commercial break but they’re showing what went on during the break: AshLee won’t let it go.  Sean is still denying it.  “You just don’t remember, Sean.  You did!”  Sean says “I hate that you think that of me.” AshLee tries to get him to say that he just doesn’t remember that but he refuses.  They go back and forth some more and then the commercial break comes to an end and everyone has to go back to their seats.  Show starts up and Chris says, “You didn’t see that coming, did you?” Sean says “Noooo.”  Chris says that he’ll give Sean the last word and Sean says that it’s tough for him because he wanted to end things on good terms with AshLee.  He says he did not say that, but obviously must have done something to give AshLee that impression that he felt that way, and he apologizes for that.

Chris directs it now towards Desiree.  He says to Sean “what would you like to say to her.”  Sean explains that he just thinks about her and smiles because she’s such a good person and filled with joy.  He says he got beat up so much in the social media world for letting her go.  He felt at times she was hiding something behind her smile.  A little later he says, “It seemed to work out well for both of us, and I wish nothing but the best for you.”  she says, “It has, same to you,” with a big smile.  To me, this is a HUGE clue that Des will be the next Bachelorette.  It seems so incredibly obvious that this is already in the works and she is obviously excited about it.

BLOOPER REEL!  Always fun!



Then they show preview of next week’s episode as Catherine and Lindsay as the final two.  I’m on Team Catherine!  How about you?


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  1. Oh and what did Tierra say? I didn’t even see her sitting with the rest of the women!

  2. Did anyone catch the beginning? Any good nuggets of information in there? Did Sarah still seem hurt by everything? Did Kacie B have anything good to say? So mad I missed it!!

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