Justin Timberlake joined the “Five Timers” club on SNL last night by hosting his 5th episode of the show.  As always, JT did not disappoint with skits sure to be classics such as Veganville and the Dick in a Box guys paired with the Wild and Crazy Guys.  But one of the best moments came in the second half during a movie preview that looked all too real.  The preview could have been for nearly any romantic comedy movie out there.  Guy gets girl, girl has a secret, guy loses girl, guy proves the secret doesn’t affect his love for her and gets girl back.  The only difference, the girl’s secret is that she has a penis.  She’s Got a Dick stars Justin Timberlake, an adorable Brunette, Eugene Levy, and A Confused Black Friend.  Twitter went crazy with posts on this including A Confused Black Friend getting is his own Twitter account.  To see the full movie preview: click here .


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  1. Katie H says:

    Thanks Amanda:) Most people tell me I’m being too sensitive, but to me its just like when ‘black-face’ comedy was perceived as acceptable. In this case it’s ‘trans-face’ – the negative portrayal of transgender characters by non-transgender actors. I sent SNL a letter to this effect two weeks ago concerning their sketches ‘Regine’ with Daniel Craig , ‘Adam and Janet’ with Adam Levine and ‘My Daugher’ with Joseph Gorden Levitt – those are three good examples of transface sketches where the portrayal of femininity by a XY chromisomed cast member informs the audience to view the characters as ‘inauthentic women’ and to illicit ridicule. In all three sketches, the ultimate rejection of these women is presented as an act of justice. (the ‘adam and janet’ sketch actually has the nerve to open with the music from SVU to indicate the ‘predatory’ status of the transgender woman.) Obviously they don’t read their letters or don’t care (or both). Anyway, I’m keeping an eye on the new “Bates Motel” show to see if it suggests that transgender status is an indicator of psychopathy (as the original Hitchcock film did.) Kudos to CSI though for actually portraying transgender characters in a positive light – how refreshing! If you want to see the original letter I sent to SNL, you can email me:)

    • Thanks again for your enlightening comments. I can totally understand the parallel you pointed out with “black face.” It is sad that we haven’t evolved beyond this yet, but I do feel we are moving by leaps and bounds every year in the right direction. People like you who are brave enough to point out “hey, that’s not right, it’s not funny, and it’s perpetuating a stereotype” will make all the difference. I feel I am very accepting and an ally of the LGBT community and I still hadn’t thought of it the way you pointed out. You are so right though and I think the entertainment business needs to be more cognizant of their portrayal of transgender characters.

  2. Kate H says:

    NBC feigns tolerance with their “the more you know” campaign then on 3-10-13 SNL airs a transgender-hating mock movie entitled “She’s got a D!@k”. This is as derogatory as if it were a movie called ‘She’s a f@g”. In real life tg women face a 1 in 12 chance of being murdered (penis or not) – SNL is re-enforcing assumptions used in hate crimes (that transgender women are ‘deceptive’ and deserving of ridicule) In reality, tg women are murdered by knowing partners who are pressured into ‘revenge’ when their friends find out they are dating a tg woman (friends that watched SNL the night before?) This trash is the result of SNL’s male dominated writing staff who manage to offend all women in this sketch by implying that the sole purpose of womanhood is to to maintain xx chromisomed vaginas for heterosexual males – this idea is so engrained that the existence of a woman who seems to violate the ‘purpose’ of having an xx chromisomed vagina is used to prompt the audience to ridicule the character. Since SNL is viewed by millions of kids and young adults, isn’t it time that NBC stops participating in hate speech that results in bullying, suicides and murders of LGBT youth? The more you know!

    • I can see your point. I hadn’t thought of it that way before. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I am a big supporter of the LGBT community and just never thought of it as derogatory, You comment has definitely opened my mind to a different perspective that didn’t even occur to me before. Thank you.

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