So Sean and his new fiancee rode off into the sunset on an elephant together and we are now back with  Chris Harrison for the LIVE After the Final Rose show.

Chris then calls out Sean to sit down with him.  Sean says he’s on top of the world right now and it’s showing.  He is absolutely glowing.  I don’t see guys glow very often, but he really lights up.  After they discuss how great Catherine is, they shift the focus to Lindsay.  Sean says after what went down on “Women Tell All” episode (i.e. with he and Lesley) he’s a bit nervous to see Lindsay.  Lindsay comes out… her hair’s a bit darker, wearing a cream colored dress, looking beautiful.  She asks Sean “what happened?”  And Sean said he doesn’t have any answers for her other that he just fell in love with someone else.  He says he just knows that Catherine’s the one.  Lindsay keeps drilling him looking for answers… what was it, what happened on that last date, why did you choose her?  Lindsay says her faith had a lot to do with getting through the heartbreak.

Now Catherine comes out wearing a sexy black dress and just beaming!  She shows her ring to Chris and they are happy to now be able to be public.  She said her feelings first developed on their date in Canada.  Sean tells her that she’s his best friend and he never wants to say goodbye to her and feels blessed to be spending the rest of his life with her.  Catherine said walking towards Sean just before the proposal,  either way she knew it was going to change her life.  So she was excited and nervous for it.  Chris rolls the tape of the proposal and they get to watch it together for the first time ever.  I’m getting choked up watching it all over again and watching their reaction to it.  This is a couple that is going to stick.  I have complete faith these two will be married forever.  Sean said he had to tell her to look at the ring… she never even looked at the ring!

Sean announces that their wedding will be aired on TV and ABC will cover the wedding.  That’s smart!  Much cheaper that way for them.  Catherine says even though they don’t have a date yet she doesn’t see a reason to have a waiting period.  Chris said they have never had a couple so serious and so ready right out of the gate to be married.  Sean says he just knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

And now for the announcement for the next Bachelorette!  As I posted yesterday, it is Desiree!!!!  So excited for that!  She receives a standing ovation from the room.  She has her bangs combed back with her hair.  I think I liked her better with bangs.  She’s gorgeous either way, but her forehead is a bit big and the bangs helped cover it.  Desiree is getting very emotional talking about the opportunity she has as being the new Bachelorette.  Going to be a great season!!


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