This is a recap of the finale, stay tuned for a post after this recapping “After the Final Rose” episode.


THREE HOUR finale… not loving this trend of the shows getting longer and longer.  No show should be as long as the movie Titanic, you know?  But regardless, I love finales and I love The Bachelor, so here we go!

Chris Harrison greets a live audience and says that they have a “Bachelor First” and “Late Breaking News” that could provide one of the most romantic moments in Bachelor history.  Hmmm….  Here is my GUESS… maybe he doesn’t actually propose to the “winner” during the taping of the finale but now that it’s been a couple months since taping has ended and they’ve seen what their relationship is like outside of the show, he is now ready to propose for ratings in front of the live audience.  Totally just speculating here.

The ending (who he chooses) got spoiled for me after the second episode, so the part I am looking forward to finding out the most is… who is the letter from and what does it say???  (if you’ve seen the teasers for this episode then you know what I’m talking about) Can’t wait for that!

Sean and crew are still in Thailand in the most gorgeous setting ever.  His family arrives: mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, and niece and nephew.  They are there to meet each girl and possibly provide some clarity.  First up the family will be meeting Catherine. His mom says “if there’s going to be a proposal then you need to already have your mind made up in your head.”  He says “you would think that, logically you would think that but he has strong feelings for both of them at the same time.”

Catherine arrives, she’s obviously nervous about meeting the family.  She’s all smalls with a nervous laugh, but it’s pretty adorable.  The family seems very loving and accepting towards her though.  Sean’s mom, Sherry, pulls Catherine aside and asks her some tough questions, but Catherine handled it really well and very seriously.  Her mom is very skeptical about Sean proposing after not spending all that much time together.  Catherine tells Sean’s dad that she’s “consumed by him.” Sean’s dad tells her “If you’re the one that Sean ends up marrying, you will never have a bigger fan than me.”  Catherine looks completely touched by this and I am all teared up myself.  Wow… I mean, Catherine needs this.  She needs a father figure in her court and support like this.  His dad is very choked up while he’s explaining that she would be his daughter.  What a great man!  Sean’s dad is my hero.

Next day, it’s Lindsay’s turn.  She looks cute, but her navy, lacy dress was a bit short for meeting the family.  The family teases her about walking out of the limo in a wedding dress.  Lindsay is very nervous and laughing a ton… a bit immaturely.  His dad pulls her aside first and asks similar questions he asked Catherine.  He follows it by saying that they have prayed for his wife.  They have prayed that a woman would come into his life that would have all of these qualities and he says that if she’s the wife that has been sent for him then he couldn’t be more happy.  The two of them got very teary-eyed.  Lindsay also hit it off well with Sean’s mother.  The two woman are great, but Lindsay definitely seemed to win over the family more.

Sean is talking it over with his family and his mom keeps harping on him about not proposing.  He tells his mom he just wants her support. His mom begins to cry and he takes her for a walk to talk about it… I think an attempt to get her away from the cameras a bit.  She said she’s just worried about it and if he can’t decide then maybe he shouldn’t pick either one of them.  I have to say he is so sweet to his mama!  I hope my son is this sweet, caring, and respectful to me when he’s a grown man.  Such a solid family.

Sean’s last date with Lindsay… They take a raft down the river.  Lindsay looks like she’s on cloud nine happy and Sean’s face says it all… the man is stressed.  He does not looked relaxed, he does not look happy.  Lindsay tells him she loves him and that she’s never meant it so much.  Could be just because he can’t say it back to her, but he seems very uncomfortable when she says it.  Then the date continues later in the evening back at her suite.  Sean seems way more relaxed.  Lindsay said she’s really nervous.  She doesn’t know what she’s going to do if she lost him.  He tells her “don’t be nervous.”  Then they kiss a bunch.  Lindsay says she’s got something special for him.  They write wishes on lanterns and send them off and they say in Thailand that then the wishes come true.  The three wishes are Happiness, Family, and Love.  Sean says at this moment he really feels she is the one for him.

Final date with Catherine… Sean surprises her with an elephant and that is their mode of transportation.  Sean i seriously just lit up surprising her with this.  Catherine is soooo excited and you can tell it makes Sean so happy to make her happy.  Catherine feels like she just fits and that they just work and she sees them growing old together.  They resume the date back at her suite in the evening and Catherine knows she needs to get everything out and tell him how she feels.  She tells him that she’s been having a hard time expressing herself because he can’t fully tell her how he feels.  She says that she’s thankful for his family and that family means so much to the two of them.  Sean reassures her that she’s been on his mind and she’s an incredible woman and he sees them spending a lot more time together.  They have a really long hug and kiss goodbye and she whispers “Sean…  I love you.”  and he says “thank you for today.”  They don’t seem to want to let go of each other.  He leaves and she just has a bad feeling come over her.  She said she was looking for something in his eyes to tell her that he felt the same way and she didn’t see it.  He walks away, and she soon after goes after him.  He hugs and kisses her… she says that she wants more than that.  She feels like shit.  She’s getting very insecure, but she feels that way because she has completely let her guard down which she’s not used to doing and he’s not able to give her enough reassurance.  This was really hard to watch.  Very heavy.

Ahhh yes… more scenes of Sean in just a towel.  That’s awesome.  Never gets old.  Sean talks about what he likes in both of the woman.  He says he woke up this morning with a woman he couldn’t stand to live without.  He suddenly has clarity.  In walks the ring guy and Sean gets to pick out the ring for proposing to his lady.  Now more shots without his shirt on as he prepares to propose.   Sean gets emotional talking about how he can’t wait to start his life with this woman.

Lindsay looks hot in a long, silver dress.  She also is getting emotional talking about how Sean is everything she ever wanted.  Catherine is in a beautiful gold dress.  But she is feeling emotional in a whole different way.  She’s scared of the unknown.

Sean takes his place on the platform…. in his interview he’s saying he’s dreading saying goodbye to a girl he doesn’t have a reason to say goodbye to.  He’s dreading seeing the hurt and the look on her face.  Out of the first car is…… LINDSAY… which almost always means she is the one to be let go.  She takes the very long out… over the bridge, through the woods… to get to Sean’s platform.  She finally arrives out to him and he tells her she looks beautiful.  The usual speech about all the wonderful things about her.  Then he says “this is the toughest things I’ve ever had to do.  I want to give you my heart so bad but my heart’s beating somewhere else.  As of yesterday I didn’t know which way I was going to choose…”   he continues “I have to say goodbye to you and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.  And… I love you.  That’s the hardest part… I love you.”  She just nods the whole way through and says “it’s okay, it’s okay.  Just don’t.  It’s okay.”  She then just crumbles and cries.  She said, “Okay, well I’m going to go.  Because this is just really painful.  I’m happy for you, I’m happy you found love, but I just can’t picture my life without you.  And that’s something I’m going to have to figure out.”  She then takes off her heels to make the long journey back.  Sean is walking a few feet behind her on the way out.  Not sure who is crying more at this point… Sean or Lindsay.  I find myself crying right now and I think I’m honestly crying because I feel more bad for him that he had to break her heart than I do for her having her heart broken.  I honestly think it’s hurting him just as much as she is hurting.  This is the suckiest part of The Bachelor shows!!

The Chris Harrison delivers the infamous letter and it’s from CATHERINE!!!  Oh no!!  UGH COMMERCIAL BREAK!!!  They’re killing me!!! Okay, we’re back.  It’s a love letter!!!!  Talking about how perfect they are together and how great their lives will be together.  Awwwwww!!!!   Now Catherine’s walking towards him and I can’t help but realize the irony in their dresses.  Catherine’s wearing gold symbolizing first place, Lindsay in silver for second place.  AshLee should have a bronze dress!

She gets to the platform.  Sean tells her that every time they say goodbye he misses her.  He doesn’t want to every say goodbye anymore.  Catherine I want to spend the rest of my life telling you I love you and make you feel like the most special, beautiful woman in the world.  **Gets down on one knee** Catherine, will you marry me?”  She says Yes!  “Oh my gosh!  Is this for real??”  They are so adorable!!!  Now I’m crying out of happiness!  I love these two!!  They are seriously the best people in the world!!  SEAN AND CATHERINE together forever!!  Then they get on a freakin’ elephant!!!!!! How cool is that?!!

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