Well this is a nice surprise having Celebrity Apprentice down to an hour instead of two-hours.  I’ve said it a billion (okay, maybe 10) times that I don’t see why reality shows feel the need to be two hours long.  You can see an Oscar award-winning movie with that amount of time.  I don’t like that the boardroom scenes go on for a half hour, sometimes more.  I find the actual tasks more interesting than the bickering or kissing up that goes on in the boardroom.

So the last two episodes we have seen women go home that were too afraid to bring Omarosa into the boardroom.  I would be afraid of the woman too, but it makes the project manager look even worse when she doesn’t go toe to toe with Omarosa.  But Piers is back again this week, so this should make the boardroom a little more interesting and just because of that I would bring her back in the boardroom as one of the possible firings even if she wasn’t to blame on the task.  Piers has got an axe to grind with her and although I find it a bit immature, it’s at least good TV.

This week’s task is to create a gallery event, open to the public, to sell 3D art that they have made.  Team that raises the most amount of money wins.  Immediately Trump moves Trace over to team Power (Brandi, Omarosa, Lil’ Jon, and Dennis Rodman) since they’re down a person.  Trace does not like this move at all.  Lil’ Jon and Lisa are the project managers for their teams.

On Plan B (Lisa Rinna – Project Manager, Penn Jillette, Stephen Baldwin, Gary Busey and Marilu Henner) they start strategizing how they’re going to raise the money.  Penn says that the art itself does not matter, just get donors down there that are willing to pay big bucks for anything, just because it goes to charity, essentially.  Stephen interjects and says that the art does matter to him and that he knows an art dealer that can get his clients down there to buy ART.  He immediately gets on the phone and starts talking to someone and saying stuff like, “well just get the prince down here….” and Marilu says in her interview that it’s the biggest bullshit she’s ever heard, she doesn’t know what play he thinks he’s in or who he thinks he’s talking to, but it’s all bullshit.  And it really is.  Stephen thinks he’s so above everyone and the biggest celebrity there, it’s ridiculous.  Lisa tells Penn she doesn’t feel Stephen will bring in any money.

On Power, Dennis Rodman is actually contributing for once and making some great art pieces with basketballs and such.  Lil’ Jon compliments him on how well he’s doing.  Meanwhile on Plan B, Gary Busey is basically going insane.  Saying weird stuff and singing and pounding on things.  Oy, again, the man should not be on this show!

Piers pays a visit to Team Power.  Lil’ Jon tells Piers that the person who brings in the least amount of money is the one going home and Brandi is going to be the accountant.  Omarosa also agrees and tells Piers she will not be the top money maker and the person at the bottom deserves to go home.  Piers’ advice to the team is to watch themselves carefully because one slip up and she’ll take advantage of that.

Gallery opens and the Power’s doing really well bringing in $20,000, $30,000, $50,000.  In Plan B’s gallery, in walks Blue Man Group with money stuffed in jello molds and each bill was shaped in a triangle.  So Omarosa finds out that she and Dennis are tied for the same amount.  She goes off then comes back and slips her friend another $2k so that he donates $7,000 instead of the original $5,000 that he said he was going to.  Cheater!  Geez, this woman will stop at nothing.  Apparently her dignity means nothing.  Hairstylist Chaz Dean, comes in and donates $80,000 but one of the four pieces he bought was one of Stephen’s and he’s saying that that puts him at a disadvantage because she gets credit for the sale.  Waaah Waah Waaaaah.  I bet that was probably the only piece of his that even sold!

Boardroom time… Lisa says that Penn was her star and brought in $85,000… Stephen brought in $5,000.  So he immediately begins to blame Lisa for selling one of his pieces.  Gary Busey didn’t bring in any money even though one of Marilu’s people bought his piece for $25,000.

Trace says that he liked his other team better than Power’s.  He feels he has a better chance at winning on it.  Lil Jon says that Omarosa and Dennis brought in the least.  Dennis brought in $10,000 and Omarosa brought in $12,000 – only because $2,000 came from her own pocket.  Power brought in a total of $179,000 and Plan B brought in $225,000… Lisa’s Plan B team won and takes home the total from both teams!  Lisa’s charity is St Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

So Omarosa then goes guns blazing against Lil Jon and says he deserves to go home because he waited until this task to get his big donors, even though earlier she agreed that the person with the least amount of money raised should go home.  Piers makes the good point that Dennis Rodman had some good stuff on display… signed basketball and Derek Jeter signed bat.  Piers and Omarosa are really going at it.  I feel that Piers is holding his ground really well.  Brande states she would fire Omarosa.  Lil Jon sends Brande and Trace back to the suite and the other three of them wait in the hall for Trump’s decision.  I really hope it comes out that Omarosa cheated or that she goes home regardless.

The three of them, Omarosa, Lil Jon, and Dennis Rodman all defend themselves on why the should stay and someone else should go home.  The guys both say Omarosa should go.  At this point, I think Trump even believes that Omarosa should go home too but it’s like he wants to watch them duke it out and eat each other alive first.  Omarosa then attacks the guys for never stepping up to project manager before now (for Lil Jon) and Dennis has yet to.  This unleashes Dennis and he starts really attacking Omarosa.  Dennis starts attacking her for the time she won a few weeks ago because she sat there and cried and there were no tears.  That she faked it the whole time.

Trump points out that Dennis has a great story of redemption.  That he’s come back after struggling with drugs and alcohol and he’s really putting in a great effort and showing enthusiasm.  So FINALLY!!!   Trump fires Omarosa!  He said she helped make him a star and make his show #1.  Gag!

Side note, why was Eric Trump even on this episode???  He didn’t say a word the entire time.  Just nodded.  That was all.  I understand it was hard to get a word in, but geez.  Why even have him there?


What are your thoughts?

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