At the end of last season we saw Vicki’s relationship with her daughter Breana strained because of Vicki’s new boyfriend, Brooks, which no one trusts.  Vicki seemed to be choosing Brooks over family and friends and everyone thought of Brooks as a moocher/opportunist.  Breana, who married her boyfriend on a whim in Las Vegas without Vicki knowing, revealed at the reunion that she was pregnant. Tamra and Eddie got engaged.  Heather changed her last name to her husband’s (finally!) and further friction developed between Alexis and Heather during Heather’s name changing party at the season finale.  Tamra and Heather feel Alexis is not authentic.  Meanwhile Gretchen and Tamra developed an unlikely friendship while Tamra and Vicki’s relationship is now strained.  Vicki and Alexis seemed to be closer, partly because I believe they were the outsiders this past season.

vicki-gunvalson-240So you got all that?  First scene of the season premiere is Vicki with her new nose and face.  Breana and Ryan have moved in with her so she can help with the baby while Ryan is deployed.  She is honest about the work she’s had done on her face.  She looks better, I’ll give her that.  She hasn’t told the other women that she had it done.  Brooks and Vicki broke up after everyone said so many awful things.  She says she doesn’t want to be influenced by everyone else right after she basically said she had the reconstructive plastic surgery on her face and dumped Brooks because of what people said.  Completely contradicting herself.

Heather is inviting all of the women over, excluding Alexis, for a clambake over the weekend.  So in preparation she cooked her family lobster.  I love the dynamic between Terry and Heather.  They have a honest, open, communicative relationship.

Eddie and Tamra and her kids have moved into his house together since their engagement.  She said it’s been a bit of an adjustment.  Eddie is a bit anal retentive about the lights being left on, dirt on the carpet, etc.

Vicki’s with Briana and Ryan at the hospital as Briana has gone into labor. Vicki is excited to be a grandmother!  Heather called Tamra who was out with Gretchen to tell the ladies that Briana was in labor.  Tamra tells Gretchen that she got a nasty email from Vicki basically blaming her for the fact that they’re not friends anymore.  Vicki told Tamra that Eddie’s going to leave her one day… just really mean, hurtful things.  Tamra says Vicki is just as much to blame.  The two of them then discuss Alexis and Tamra tells Gretchen that the last she heard Alexis and Jim were going to sue her for calling her “Jesus Jugs” at the reunion.  They said Alexis keeps saying that she was bullied by them and Gretchen feels that she’s attaching herself to this “bully” thing because it’s the hot topic in the country right now and this way she can play the victim and have people feel sorry for her.  Gretchen is spot on!  Meanwhile after 18 hours in labor, Briana is now being taken in for a c-section.  Troy was born just about a half hour later.  Very touching moment seeing Briana hold her baby and Vicki talk about how close she has always been with Briana.

Slade has a new job as a radio host.  Gretchen has to call him to ask how to make coffee with the Keurig.  Gretchen is very excited Slade now has a job.  Gretchen’s having to manage her business by herself, although she did hire Cindy to help her out.

Alexis says that they have bought a new house, 6,000 sq feet, 5 bedroom, 6 bathrooms, and they own it, they are no longer renting.  She has a new haircut that is super cute and I am still getting used to her new face with the nose job she had done last season.  Alexis says that Jim and her relationship was only strained when she was spreading herself too thin and she needs to get back to having family as number one.  Alexis says she was definitely bullied last year by Heather, Gretchen, and Tamra.   She says Tamra stole her best friend (Gretchen).

Heather is setting up for the clambake dinner with the ladies and completely micromanaging every aspect of how it is set up.  It looks gorgeous, but she’s still have things moved and tweaked.  She realizes this is an issue and tries to scale herself back a bit.  She has the seating all figured out with who’s going to sit where.

Eddie and Tamra are on their way over to Heather’s and Tamra says she’s really worried about seeing Vicki.  Vicki’s nervous because her face is still swollen.  Tamra and Eddie go to pick up Gretchen and the ladies are wearing virtually the same outfit.  Tamra shows Gretchen a picture she found online of Vicki’s new face.  They are shocked and trying to figure out just what she got done.  Vicki’s also worried about going by herself to this couple event and she doesn’t have a man with her for once.  Gretchen and Tamra arrive to Heather’s first and Gretchen is freaking out that she has to sit next to Vicki.  Heather tells the ladies that Vicki and Brooks have broken up and neither Gretchen nor Tamra believe it.  They think Vicki’s just saying they’re broken up so people will stop giving them a hard time about being together. Vicki arrives, Tamra’s trying to decide how to approach her and what to do and then the episode ends!  Ugh!

But we did get a glimpse of what’s coming up this season on Real Housewives of Orange County and the new housewife, Lydia, who is friends with Alexis and I just want to tell her to eat a sandwich.  She is pretty, but waaaay thin!  Looks like she may be a pot stirrer as well as old housewife, Laurie, is back!  Good stuff to come!


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