Spoiler!  Don’t read if you still haven’t watched last night’s episode of Survivor but still planning on it.

Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs Favorites 2 sole survivor (winner) was Cochran.  The Harvard Law student/Survivor obsessed returning favorite.  I love me some Cochran!  I think it’s the self deprecating humor that had me at hello.  I could be happier that he won.  He was in the final three along with Dawn and Sherri.  Poor Sherri never stood a chance.  Most of the jury ignored her completely.  I find this to be the flaw with the Survivor final three.  There’s always one person there that no one votes for and that just carried to the end.  It’s rather annoying, really.  Then there’s Dawn, who I’m not a huge fan of but I didn’t dislike her either, and the jury seemed almost downright cruel to her.  Some of it warranted, but I couldn’t help but feel a bit bad for the beating she got.  The best moment though came when Brenda demanded she take out her teeth and show everyone.  Early in the season, Brenda had rescued Dawn’s teeth that had fallen into the water.  Dawn was hysterically flipping out and so grateful to Brenda for saving them.  They vowed to keep it between them and Brenda said because of that moment she would never turn her back on Dawn.  Dawn however, ended up using that friendship and ultimately voted out Brenda after Brenda had all but given her immunity that day.  Brenda was understandably hurt.  So she asked in the jury if she would have taken herself out of the game had she not found her teeth.  Dawn said no.  Brenda wanted her to prove it.  She said prove it by taking out your teeth!  It was an awesome moment and I was happy to see Brenda, the lovable, adorable, Brenda, actually fight back and stand up for herself.  In the reunion Brenda revealed she was very pregnant and due any day now.  Also in the reunion, the person who won fan favorite was Malcolm.  He got 35% of the vote and Brenda received 34%.  I like Malcolm, but given the circumstances, I wish Brenda would have won it.

survivor-2013-s27-blood-water-logo-wmDuring the finale they showed a teaser of the upcoming season titled: Survivor: Blood vs Water.  What wasn’t revealed, but I found from Reality Blurred is that it will consist of returning players on one tribe going against their family members on the opposite tribe.  I just HAVE to assume the Hantz family will be somehow involved in this.  They just have to be.  That season will air starting in September.

Now it’s coming up on the summer season and that can only mean one thing…. Big Brother returns!!  Survivor and Big Brother are my two favorite reality shows!

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  1. Brenda deserved fan favourite. I think she got a really bad edit by production but still managed to come off so sweet and nice. I’m not really a fan of Malcolm. I feel bad for Sherri, I think she played a much better game than people give her credit for. I just blogged about it if you’re interested. I think Blood vs Water is going to be amazing or terrible. We’ll just have to wait and see!

    • I agree she deserved fan favorite. I liked Malcolm last season, but not as much this season. I didn’t like him pairing up with the macho men. I think Blood vs Water will make for very good TV… however, I think it could be horribly damaging to family relations (depending on how it’s played) and I would never want to personally go on a season like that. Thanks for your comment! I’ll check out your blog too.

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