There is no way Mariah Carey was NOT lip syncing on American Idol.  Aside from her doing a terrible job at it.  Another indicator was that she didn’t have any of the idol finalists singing along with her, which is what is ALWAYS done on the finale.  Can’t wait until she tries to say in the press otherwise.  And that is all I have to say about that.

UPDATE:  Okay, just watched Keith’s performance and he didn’t have any of the American Idol finalists join him either.  But still, that was a horrible lip sync!

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  1. christopher brisson says:

    Mariah was CLEARLY lip-synching, and not doing a very good job of it at that. The fact that her vocals are indeed complicated, made it all the harder (and more obvious) that she couldn’t replicate the right physicality in her attempt at lip-synching. What a major embarrassment for the show and a sign of disrespect to the contestants.

    Let’s face it, Mariah has written exceptional songs and has an impressive voice–one of the most celebrated in the business–and yet somehow she lacks the confidence to sing live on Idol? Week after week the contestants (many of whom are amateurs) are required to learn new songs to sing and have to render them live. And they do it–often to amazing effect. Whereas “legendary” Mariah only had to sing her OWN songs, some of which she’s sung literally hundreds of times, and yet couldn’t be bothered to do it live. Are you kidding me? And it’s not like she was busting her rump dancing for 5+ minutes like J-Lo. Mariah stood stock still in her mermaid gown while “singing.” There is simply no excuse for what she did.

    The fact that Ms. Carey got paid SIXTEEN MILLION DOLLARS to be a truly feeble judge is criminal enough; that she couldn’t earn a few of those pennies by singing live on the finale…DEPLORABLE! Good riddance to her when they finally announce in a week or two that she won’t be back for next season.

    • You are absolutely correct on all counts. My husband and I discussed those same points last night. He said, “isn’t it pretty common practice to lip sync?” (he did not see the performance) And I pointed out the same things you mentioned to him. She was standing completely still!!! And she’s not just some performer on Idol, she’s a judge! You are absolutely right that this is an embarrassment. About as bad and awkward as having to use Aretha Franklin via satellite.

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