This is the second episode of the season and so the second episode in which Destin and Rachel are no longer on the show.

Click here to read why Destin and Rachel left the show.

Have the new assistants / staff grown on you at all?

The episode starts out with Patti and her boyfriend, David, having lunch with Patti’s friend (and Kim Kardashian’s BFF) Jonathan Cheban.  Jonathan definitely gives off a gay vibe.  He looks like a hairdresser or a Hollywood makeup artist, but apparently he’s straight and his ideal woman would be Jennifer Lopez or Naomi Campbell type.  Someone feisty with flavor.  The show looks like they just sprung it on him that Patti’s going to set him up.  He seems reluctant, but goes with it.  We all know this was planned well before the cameras were rolling, but that’s okay… I can go with it.

Courtesy of Facebook

Courtesy of Facebook

The new assistants pitch this client, Eric Berman, to Patti.  Patti’s just lukewarm and asks the assistants questions about the guy.  They can’t answer the questions (or so it seems).  And Patti then spews all of this matchmaker wisdom to her green assistants making them look super dumb and her super knowledgeable.  And a speech about how matchmaking is not a job it is a calling and she’s going to have karma on her ass if she doesn’t do right by people.  OH PLEASE!!!  Okay, don’t get me wrong, I have loved this show from day one – but this new staff business is just under my skin.  The new office, the new assistants… it’s just too much change for me to be able to handle and it’s making me cranky!

Back to the show… the show the video interview of Eric Berman, an investor in multiple clubs and bars in San Diego. He comes across like an arrogant ass.  It’s all about him, he dates women half his age with big boobs, and he has a laundry list of what he wants in the perfect woman for him.  Patti meets with him in person and dubs him “Bigger, Better, Berman.”  Basically no matter who she gives him, even Jennifer Aniston, he’s going to think he wants bigger and better.  He cringes at the idea of monogamy, but is interested in breaking the habit of serial dating.

Courtesy of Bravo

Courtesy of Bravo

Patti now sits down with Jonathan.  He says he’s the worlds most famous BFF because he’s been on Kim Kardashian’s show for the last 5 years.  I do not watch or follow the Kardashians, so I have never seen him before in my life.  Patti dubs him “Mr Know-it-All” and he says he’s just always right, but she corrects him again and says “know-it-all.”  She also accuses him of being in love with Kim Kardashian, to which he doesn’t exactly deny that.

The selection process is about to begin and Patti is once again whipping these new assistants into shape on what to look for, what kind of women to set these men up with.  To me, this would be interesting information if it were Season 1, but it’s not, this is Season 7 and we get it.  Hell, most of us avid fans of the show could probably set up a mixer based on what we’ve watched over the years.  These “training” sessions do not need to be done on camera.  The audience knows this stuff already.  Just sayin’.

The women have been selected for the mixer, and Patti had evening gowns delivered for the women to wear since this is her first black tie mixer she’s done.  Jonathan shows up in a suit with a t-shirt underneath…. Patti, of course, instructs him to change immediately.  Each guy during the mixer will meet with each woman individually and then will select who they want for their master date.

Jonathan starts bombing his one-0n-one time with the ladies by being snobby and know-it-all.  Eric is still looking over at the other women while talking to a girl one on one.

The men finally get their acts together and pick a lady for their master dates.  Jonathan picked Jen, a beautiful blonde who is a forensic psychologist.  Eric chose Ashley, the hairdresser from San Diego, where he also lives.  Ashley is drop dead gorgeous!

Eric decides to take Ashley to the Del Mar race track.  That would be something fun to do on a date.  Eric then introduces Ashley to a race horse, Impeccably,  he just became an investor in.  She’s smiling and giggling a lot… it seems to be going well.

Jonathan took Jen to a hot, new restaurant in Hollywood.  Jonathan starts talking about a new company, Billionaire Burger he’s starting, and how he’s running so many companies that he gets constant emails.  Ugh… save me the self importance junk.  Shows such insecurity that he needs to lead with that.  Jonathan asks if she’s ever watched The Kardashians… Jenn says she’s watched it some, but mostly watched it for Scott (Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy).  Awkward! He finally switches it on her and has her talk about herself.  Date seems to be going okay.

Eric takes Ashely to a fancy, crowded restaurant, but he had a big private dining room reserved for them.  They have great conversation and Eric says he’s focused just on her now.  She says privately to the camera that she wishes the connection were a bit stronger, but she had a good time.  When Eric puts his guard down he seems more real, human.

Jonathan took Jenn to this crazy bar, Beachers Madhouse, and he says this is the true test.  She’s either going to love it or she’s going freak out.  First thing they show is this little person dressed as an oompaloompa going through the air by way of a pulley system to deliver the drinks.  I think I see a stripped pole in the background, red velvet everywhere… yeah… this is not where you take someone on a first date.  It basically just turns into a big freak show.  She doesn’t seem to mind though… but is this monogamy material?

Patti calls Jenn and Jenn tells her it was hard to talk to Jonathan in the club, but they had decent conversation with him over dinner.  If he were to ask her out again, Jenn said she would be interested in seeing where it goes.

Patti then calls Ashley.  She said she had a good time, but didn’t feel that big of a connection, and Patti blames it on him not giving her a kiss… it put him in the friendzone.

Update at the end states that Jonathan and Jenn have been in contact with each other but haven’t gone out yet because he’s on the opposite coast right now.  Hoping to go out when he gets back to L.A.   Eric has called Ashley but she has not returned any of this calls.

Overall a good, entertaining episode, I still can’t see Jonathan actually wanting to settle down.  To me, it seems like he was in it just to be on yet another reality show and another way to promote his companies.  Eric, on the other hand, looked like he actually learned something from this experience and the fact that he was a little smitten but didn’t get the girl in the end and didn’t have the guts to kiss her, probably knocked him down a peg where now (maybe) he won’t always be looking for the Bigger Better Deal because he knows he can’t necessarily get everything he wants.

UPDATE 12-13-13: Patti tweets about her new staff saying they are not sheep!  Then has a quick comeback for me, but I found it hysterical.  Any publicity is good publicity, right?  People are annoyed at the new assistants, but at least it gets people talking.  That’s how Miley Cyrus makes a living nowadays, am I wrong?

Patti tweet


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  1. Sis says:

    Honestly if you are that rich and have to pay for love, you must be missing something. I would never pay someone to berate me in private or public just to get her ratings up. If you can’t think for yourself, than you shouldn’t be a millionaire. If you can’t look in the mirror and reflect on your own life to figure out why you can’t find the right one, than you deserve Patti. I liked the other 2 co-host because they didn’t let her push them around. These new ones haven’t a clue. If you are working for someone that doesn’t respect you as a person, you need to see a therapist. Makes me sad that people will do anything for money………….just saying….

  2. Matt says:

    Ashley was super hot, probably a little out of his league. She would look better with me 🙂 But anyway, I agree with the new staff, their intro is annoying and takes away from what we actually tune in for: Millionaire sociopaths, gold diggers and Patti being mean. What ever happened to the old staff? Never liked them but just wondering. I also think Ashley was hoping for a richer guy. A girl that hot is only going to date a much richer man if he’s not a 6’4″ chiseled beast…like me. But I digress. Anyone notice Eric’s shirt during dinner? It was so loose and sloppy, coupled with his bad posture you could see his hairy pasty shoulder the whole time, it was distracting. Dime piece like Ashley isnt going to go for that. Cheban, Cheben, however you spell of pronounce it (Patti doesn’t know either because she said it differently every time..but they’re close friends) is obviously gay, so no point in critiquing his date other than agreeing with the insecure egotistical nonsense about how he gets so many emails he doesn’t even know what compamy their from. What a clown that guy is, just come out of the closet already. Of course that girl wants to see him again, she wants to hit up VIP again and knows he wont try to bang her. Patti’s bf looks like a reptile. Looking forward to next week, Amanda! Hopefully we can actually get a Millionaire with more than $1.5 million who likes girls.

    • Wow you put a lot of thought into this and more attention to detail than I even noticed! You sure you’re not gay? 😉 I did notice Eric’s frumpy look about him though… shirt too big, bad posture, etc. I totally stalked him on FB and Twitter after the show, and I’m actually surprised he’s even worth $1.5 million, honestly. He seems very average to me. I think Cheban is in love with Kim K and blows off everyone else that comes his way. No one will be able to measure up in his mind to how great he thinks Kim is. I’ve never seen him before in my life, so maybe this is either way obvious already from the Kardashian show or I’m way wrong on this.. however, he totally didn’t deny it when Patti brought it up. One thing is absolutely clear, he was on the show to further his 15 mins of fame and promote his companies and he wasn’t interested in finding a real relationship.
      What happened to Destin and Rachel can be found on this blog post of mine. Thanks for reading, Matt! I enjoy your commentary. Feel free to follow the blog.

  3. Jer says:

    Seems odd to me that the one date that seemed to be going well is the one that was least successful in the end. Ashley seemed like a great catch, but to not answer Eric’s calls even once is very off-putting – at least tell him how you feel Ashley, so he doesn’t have to keep calling and wondering! I wonder if common courtesy even exists in the dating world much anymore.

    • I agree… granted, we don’t know the whole story or maybe the date was a lot more dull than what they showed on TV. Maybe the editing wanted to make it look like a better date just so it doesn’t seem like all of Patti’s dates don’t work out. Patti did say during the mixer that he would put her to sleep if they were on a date. Also, I noticed they barely even showed any of the date or the conversation at dinner. However, I agree she should have the decency to call him back or pick up the phone when he calls. She definitely loses points for that. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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