*** UPDATE ***  Please check out the comments section for more details on Destin and Rachel’s departure from the show from a relative of a Bravo exec.

Busy week, so I am just sitting now to watch the seventh season premiere of Millionaire Matchmaker.  I saw a commercial for the season and noticed the new faces, but I guess it didn’t hit me until one minute in that Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff are truly gone GONE from the show.  In the first SECOND of the premiere, Patti says her old “assistants” left and now she has new staff.  I literally paused the DVR 1 SECOND into the show to write this and formally say I don’t like these changes.  Then I Googled the reasons Destin and Rachel left the show.

Something that needed no Googling was the fact that Patti referring to them as “assistants” was a slap in the face.  I am a huge fan of Destin and Rachel and I can tell you that Destin basically ran the place and was co-owner and Rachel was VP of Marketing.  Those aren’t exactly “assistant” roles.  Apparently though, Destin and Rachel chose to leave the show and company to pursue their own endeavors. I am sure that there is a whole lot more to it than this because neither party seems particularly happy about it, but it’s clear that Destin and Rachel were not fired.  They possibly wanted more money from Bravo or larger roles in the company/show, and apparently did not get what they were looking for.

Destin took to his Twitter account to say this:

“For the record, @RachelFederoff & I were not ‘assistants’ – I ran a multi-million dollar company and was a fantastic matchmaker and Rachel was VP of Matchmaking. There’s nothing wrong with being an assistant, but we worked very hard to get to where we were with Patti and the show – and the frustrating public perception that we didn’t do so many many things with her, the company, the clients and the show is now amplified by a false statement that we were ‘assistants’ in tonight’s episode. Ugh. Whatever. Ok moving on- here’s to new film and tv endeavors and @DNRBrands ! We wish Patti and the show much success! We love you friends, family and FANS! Please show your support via twitter and Facebook and any social networking – we love hearing from you ! And yes, we left by choice to pursue new endeavors.”

What I liked about Destin and Rachel were their edginess.  I’ve never lived in L.A. but I liked that they seemed very un-L.A.  They had their own style and they weren’t your typical Barbie and Ken dolls that I think of when I think of L.A. people (They named their child Sin Halo for Pete’s sake!).  The new staff however is exactly this and it just makes my skin crawl.  It looks like they hired the friends of the guys on Millionaire Dollar Listing.  Again, I’m literally one second into the show as I’m writing.  Maybe I’m allergic to change, but I want Destin and Rachel back on Bravo in some capacity.  They’re crazy interesting people that are highly intelligent and just people I would want to hang with in real life.  They will be missed FOR SURE!

Destin and Rachel

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  1. mikerana says:

    It’s a lot for me to understand … I wish I knew more about it

  2. mikerana says:

    It’s a lot r me to understand … I wish I knew more about it

  3. Lynn Stanley says:

    Oh my gosh I miss you guys so much. The new episode is surly not the same! That’s definitely not saying it’s a better episode because it’s just not as good without you guys.

  4. […] Destin and Rachel no longer on Millionaire Matchmaker … – I recently saw the new million matchmaker..and like others , I kept looking and looking to see DESTIN and RACHEL ….They did not appear..so I waited for PATTI to say … […]

  5. Are you kidding??? Destin & Rachel don’t resemble LA people? They are the epitome of LA style…they’re Hispanic for heavens sake! Patty on the other hand says she’s from LA….one look at her and you can tell she’s typical east coast. Nothing about her says LA.

  6. I don’t know why Patti /Bravo decided to downgrade the rolls of Destin and Rachel. Destin WAS a matchmaker!! And a damn good one at that. He knew everything that was going on, and the show is not the same without him and Rachel. I loved how they went through the candidates with each other, and critiqued them TOGETHER. Patti is just annoying by herself, without the two of them to cover her up.. So to speak. Why Patti would consider them just “Assistants” is baffling. The episode I just watched, ended with Destin at the door, and when he walked in.. Patti couldn’t look more pissed off, and annoyed if she tried. I thought what I read was that they left amicably?! The people Patti has working for her now? are just boring, and ONLY seem like Assistants. Maybe Patti can’t handle sharing the spotlight with anyone and that’s the reason for the change.
    I can tell you this.. I liked the show a whole lot better the way it was run BEFORE the parting of ways. Rachel made that show work. I guess that is all I will comment. Just very disappointed in the shows return, and what it has become. There’s no “fire” in it anymore. Miss the mixers, and the connection they all had with each other. 😞😝

    • Sophia says:

      Patti is a total narcissist to treat them as merely assistants; they gave much character to the show and managed everything. You have to take care of good employees who helped you grow a company, unless you’re a greedy narcissist, in which case, Karma will be a bitch.

  7. Bye Felicia says:

    I don’t know what Patti/Bravo thinking, they F’dup the show taking these two gorgeous ppl off….Destin and Rachel is who made Patti/Bravo the millionaire match making a hit, No more Patti it’s to painful for me to watch anymore, they need to search for another candidate, someone that’s beautiful insideout, younger, intelligent 6.0, humbled with professionalism, you know your ratings will quadruple (sky rocket), think🤔more money Destin and Rachel, throw Patti a going away patticake party🎂🎉🎻

  8. Michele says:

    Destin and Rachel were the only things thatadequate listening to Patty Stanger tolerable.

  9. Johamna Dunn says:

    Its to bad they left, they were so intetesting! I also loved how non-LA they were.

  10. Lin says:

    I won’t watch at all because quite frankly I think Patti is a pig. Her swearing and comments are so low class it’s painful to listen to her.
    The people are fake and she doesn’t make matches so why does she have a show?

  11. louise_1 says:

    Patti’s new assistants were such brown nosers. The guy almost went into seizures.whenever a goodlooking man was on. The woman was a yes yes to Patti. They didn’t fit.

  12. Elizabeth French says:

    Destin and Rachel was the best people on millionaire matchmaker. Who was ever at fault for there decision to leave, should agree to do anything to get them back. Or give them the opportunity to start there own matchmaker show. They would be the best!

  13. ALLISON says:

    I recently saw the new million matchmaker..and like others , I kept looking and looking to see DESTIN and RACHEL ….They did not appear..so I waited for PATTI to say about them..she didnt..so I was thinking all sorts , but I just hoped it wasn’t anything bad that had happened..Tonight I was none the wiser , so I decided to Google DESTIN , and RACHEL..And whether it’s true or not , there was some kinda answer , come back.
    I am gutted..If anyone has a brain they would have known that they were NEVER , so called “assistants”..They were just as important as Patti , if not more than her..They could do the show on their heads , and do it well too..And a lot of times Patti would treat them , or talk to them , crappy. Like , put ya own chair back under ya desk Patti…They weren’t ur servants..They were both her equals..I do not even remember her thanking them before she cleared off..its just not right..And she is lacking big time in manners..Patti is always preaching to their clients about how to be and not to be.. It is all so VERY wrong..
    I could go on and on , but it will just be what everyone is thinking , even if they had half a brain….I know whatever DESTIN AND RACHEL do next , will be awesome , and they will go from strength to strength , and not look back..
    They could even do the same job just under a different programme title..They would excel as they are so liked by the public..
    Going by the people who are on the latest new series , they are all not even worth watching..Patti used to say ” YAWN !!!!! ” , and how things have changed , as we can easily say that about her and the other useless people in it , in her office space… That sure is karma , isn’t it !!!! Ha…
    A lot of people will stop watching her show now..I have no doubt whatsoever.. I , being one of them…I shall look forward to seeing and watching whatever DESTIN and RACHEL , do next..I have NO doubt they will make all their plans and dreams , realities. .They will become household names even more..As for that woman who’s name begins with a … With a…. er. .erm
    ” P ” ……oh I forgot …….
    X X X

    • Thank you for your comment! I have stopped watching. I keep thinking I’ll watch an episode here or there but the truth is I’m just never in the mood. I hate the new format, the new assistants, everything. It’s lost it’s edge. The majority of the people in the show aren’t even millionaires anymore. I just grew tired of it. I used to love the whole matchmaking aspect of it but it seems so far from that now. It’s just annoying now. Thank you again for taking the time to comment. I give you a huge AMEN!!

  14. Kristy says:

    I watch the show occasionally and find it amusing, but she sure doesn’t seem to have much of a success rate! Most of the people don’t continue dating, and I can see why, all she goes on is looks, no magic there. I remember seeing Marissa as a contestant or whatever they are called, in another show, but can’t remember if she got picked?

  15. Susan Messina says:

    Not watching anymore…..BORING!

    • Kristy says:

      I agree! The couple I have watched were dull, and I watched an older one the night as a rerun with TIger Wood’s mistress! She was SO fake looking, and apparently was only a millionaire because she got paid ten mil from Tiger’s people, and then screwed another married actor, and tried to extort him..married and divorced and a kid and Patty’s trying to get her fixed up?? Think I am done with this show, too, esp after actually signing up for an account to post two comments! Oh, and to whomever wrote this article, in the first paragraph, I think you meant to write that you are FORMALLY stating that you don’t like the new staff, not FORMERLY. Plus your grammar is horrendous! Adios!

      • Ha! Thanks! I many times write too quickly or too late at night and don’t pay close enough attention. Thank you for the constructive criticism!

  16. frin says:

    Hey I have an idea, why do t you get a life, then maybe you won’t hate people you see on tv (who are probably way more successful than you) and that you’ll never meet

  17. […] Millionaire Matchmaker adored couple Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff are returning to TV in their win show according to lalate and Rachel’s Facebook page.. Details have not been released yet and waiting for clarification if it will be on Bravo or another network. Fans have been wondering what happened to Destin and Rachel since their disappearance from the show in 2013. Check this previous post for details: Destin and Rachel no longer on Millionaire Matchmaker. […]

  18. Amaranthe says:

    I hate, Hate, HATE Patti’s new assistants! They are dull as dishwater and seemingly serve no purpose whatsoever other than to be attractive people for Patti to bitch to about her clients. Neither of them seem to have any personality at all. Granted, none of her other co-workers ever seemed to be allowed to buck her with their own opinions either (if they even HAD opinions), but at least we were used to them. But, she’s had so many different ones at this point that I don’t think any of the viewers want to get invested in anyone new now since we know they wont be around long either. Besides all that, it appears that they’ve only been hired to be the “tokens”, (as in the token homosexual, and the token black person.)

    I agree with the comments on the new format. I hate it too. As someone else mentioned, the celeb clients aren’t nearly as interesting to watch as the non celebs. Also, Patti isn’t nearly as interesting to watch on those shows, since she kisses their butts instead of treating them the way she does everyone else. She also always gives them a good selection, instead of throwing in some dog- faced ones like she does with the others (unintentionally.) Seeing some dogs in her “high classed” joint is part of the entertainment for me, so missing those also makes those episodes worse. I just skip those completely. (Honestly, I don’t even know who most of those “celebs” are!

    Lastly, did I mention I HATE the new ppl?

    • sarah says:

      i agree! , i just watch one tonight to see what happened to destin and racheal as i liked them a lot . they seemed to be on the ball. as i found out that they no longer there, i don’t blame them they will do better when and if they start them selves, i hope so . i also notice that Patti assistants! they have dull personality ,i guess they can not be who they are as they have to be patties beck and call . what a shame people have to be like that. they get like that and loss there identity . i will also say i think patti is so full of her self and she thinks she’s a lady. they don’t shout or get cocky and she should dress down ,and with her hair if she would insist she has to keep her hair long when your that age, you 1 put your hair up ,or 2 cut your hair shorter . and also she should go and have a course on anger management .and there-is a way to speak and deal with people, you just don’t go on like that because when they go out the door you make them feel worse for when they came in . patti s get a life do you enjoy putting people down. if so you have a problem your self .

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