*** UPDATE ***  Please check out the comments section for more details on Destin and Rachel’s departure from the show from a relative of a Bravo exec.

Busy week, so I am just sitting now to watch the seventh season premiere of Millionaire Matchmaker.  I saw a commercial for the season and noticed the new faces, but I guess it didn’t hit me until one minute in that Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff are truly gone GONE from the show.  In the first SECOND of the premiere, Patti says her old “assistants” left and now she has new staff.  I literally paused the DVR 1 SECOND into the show to write this and formally say I don’t like these changes.  Then I Googled the reasons Destin and Rachel left the show.

Something that needed no Googling was the fact that Patti referring to them as “assistants” was a slap in the face.  I am a huge fan of Destin and Rachel and I can tell you that Destin basically ran the place and was co-owner and Rachel was VP of Marketing.  Those aren’t exactly “assistant” roles.  Apparently though, Destin and Rachel chose to leave the show and company to pursue their own endeavors. I am sure that there is a whole lot more to it than this because neither party seems particularly happy about it, but it’s clear that Destin and Rachel were not fired.  They possibly wanted more money from Bravo or larger roles in the company/show, and apparently did not get what they were looking for.

Destin took to his Twitter account to say this:

“For the record, @RachelFederoff & I were not ‘assistants’ – I ran a multi-million dollar company and was a fantastic matchmaker and Rachel was VP of Matchmaking. There’s nothing wrong with being an assistant, but we worked very hard to get to where we were with Patti and the show – and the frustrating public perception that we didn’t do so many many things with her, the company, the clients and the show is now amplified by a false statement that we were ‘assistants’ in tonight’s episode. Ugh. Whatever. Ok moving on- here’s to new film and tv endeavors and @DNRBrands ! We wish Patti and the show much success! We love you friends, family and FANS! Please show your support via twitter and Facebook and any social networking – we love hearing from you ! And yes, we left by choice to pursue new endeavors.”

What I liked about Destin and Rachel were their edginess.  I’ve never lived in L.A. but I liked that they seemed very un-L.A.  They had their own style and they weren’t your typical Barbie and Ken dolls that I think of when I think of L.A. people (They named their child Sin Halo for Pete’s sake!).  The new staff however is exactly this and it just makes my skin crawl.  It looks like they hired the friends of the guys on Millionaire Dollar Listing.  Again, I’m literally one second into the show as I’m writing.  Maybe I’m allergic to change, but I want Destin and Rachel back on Bravo in some capacity.  They’re crazy interesting people that are highly intelligent and just people I would want to hang with in real life.  They will be missed FOR SURE!

Destin and Rachel

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  1. Watched a rerun of the show tonight (Larry Birkhead) and really don’t like the new format of having only celebrity clients. Case in point, Zsa Zsa Gabor’s creepy husband . Frederic (a policeman’ son who paid some old German woman to adopt him when he was 36 and give him a title – Prince Frederic Von Anhalt) apparently has a son who calls himself Prince Ferdinand Von Anhalt. Patti promoted him on the show as European royalty – he wore sashes and ceremonial garb – looked like a twit. The Anhalt dynasty doesn’t recognize him as royalty and neither does anyone else. It was so fake and hard to watch. In addition, the “celebrities” all have public personas to keep up and aren’t nearly as interesting as the “regular folks” – for example, Robin “Hello Kitty” Kassner, a “real woman”. Where are you going to find a celebrity who’s willing to show themselves as such a train wreck? She was not only deluded on the first show, thinking she could buy love with dollar bills and under-the-table groin rubbing, but came back again and showed she was still a grade-A nut job. You can’t make people like that up. Patti’s new “assistants” have grown on me, and I actually think they fit the tone of the show better than Destin and Rachel did. I really liked them, but they were too edgy for her, and Destin became a little cocky. I still enjoy the show but much prefer the regular Jills and Joes than the celebrities and relatives of people on Bravo shows.

  2. El says:

    Destin and Rachel were truly strange and Destin’s cockiness(both of theirs) was so unwarranted. Gave me the creeps. As much of a “B” Patti is, they were the strangest part of everything by far. Very inappropriate for a dating show in just creep factor. Seemed more like lowbrow small town local radio personalitites. Yuck!

    • Pippin Bismarck says:

      The show’s ratings improved from minus 212 to minus 208 with those two freaks gone and the dominatrix having had some work done. Andy Cohen is the reincarnation of Al Goldstein. Fascinating.

  3. A Jole says:

    No way they posted that on their twitter account. Way too many characters for it to be on twitter.

    • Sorry he had it on his Twitter that linked to anorher site that had the full statement. Its been too long gor me to remember which site that was and i forgot to directly link to it. However, I assure you, that was a direct quote.

    • Actually I did link it back if you click on “his twitter account”. He posted it in Twitter with a link that hoes to his whosays account.

  4. Donna v says:

    not really interested in watching patti without destin and rachael just not the same nothing personal to the replaced cast it just doesnt have the same impact and really doesnt give patti a good image that both are gone she makes it look like they left cause she doesnt play nice in the sandbox iprobably wont watch anymore JUST Saying

  5. nicole kidd says:

    I disagree. I’m thrilled they are gone. Rachel is cool, and Destin seems like a descent guy..BUT he was getting waaaayy to cocky for my liking. This next comment will sound shallow, but I don’t care- Someone that looks like Destin (and I imagine that he was always the “geeky” guy) is NOT allowed to call out the physical faults of women …it just doesn’t work. It just comes out making him look like a total douche-bag. I noticed in the latest seasons, his ego was starting to get out of proportion to the reality of who he is and what his physical appearance, actually, looks like. Adios Destin and Rachel! I can watch my show now without getting annoyed now! YAY!!

  6. […] 8 of Millionaire Matchmaker premiered tonight.  After Destin and Rachel left the show (<— click to get the scoop on that!) I lost interest when the new staff came on board and […]

  7. SCgal1225 says:

    I have just one question…..Has the “Matchmaker” ever made a match that ended in marriage? Just curious.

  8. Rebecca says:

    GREAT AMANDA!!!! I hope she answers your questions. Dying to read what she say’s to you! If she does. I hope 🙂

  9. cheryl says:

    i happen to love the show and love the new staff, it was getting stale with destin and rachel, i liked them but def. think it was time for change, give the newbies a chance, life is all about change and moving on, all parties seem fine with the change, so those of you who are upset about them leaving are the same people who probably never wanted gillian and the crew to get off the island…….

  10. Embo says:

    Anyone notice that one of the new ‘assistants’ was one of the girls from a mixer/master date from a previous season? Weird…

    • Yeah on season 2, i think? She was the one chosen for a master date. I found the date on YouTube…she was just as fake then.

      • Rebecca says:

        could say so much to this commentary but would have to post a link to another web site and Amanda’s site rules! No promotion to others….

      • You are so sweet! Thank you!! Everyone be sure to follow my blog so you get the latest scoop! Click the “follow” button in the left column and also “like” me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/AmandaTalksTV

      • Rebecca says:

        You gave the scoop girl. I got your back as you know, but I don’t do facebook. Did it for 3 days and it ruined a friendship of many years. She was lying to me the whole time and posting pics of herself having a great time yet begging for money and legal help. Sometimes privacy is best left alone. Why I always stood away from it and wish I would have. Was not worth it. I will always promote your site, but I will never promote facebook.

      • Understood!!! Facebook does bring out the drama in certain people, lordy! Just went to watch tonight’s MM episode and realized it was the same as last week’s, but then realized I never watched and blogged about last week’s!! Should I still do it? Is it worth watching? Did you catch it?

  11. jeana hatfield says:

    really patti ! I so miss destin an Rachael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Andy says:

    OK, found out the real scoop from a Bravo exec I’m related to. Destin and Rachel asked Patti to keep a verbal promise she made to them long ago to give them a part of the business when certain benchmarks, long since achieved, were met. They didn’t ask for more salary from Bravo but they did want a fair share of Patti’s company contract. That cheap Jew reneged on her earlier promises and they all agreed to part “amicably”. Destin and Rachel had to sign a non-disclosure agreement in exchange for getting a settlement. Patti the exec didn’t know the amount but said it was probably substantial as Patti demanded and got a significant multi-million dollar advance on her contract. Obviously, Patti has a lot of dirt they could have otherwise revealed. Bravo is not happy with results from the new “assistants” either but hope ratings will recover. Patti is a greedy bitch and is a constant pain in the neck to Bravo demanding all sorts of diva treatment since she so badly wants to be treated as top tier, which she ain’t. She’s second rate.

    • Wow! That is some good stuff right there. Thank you so much for sharing! While I don’t agree with you saying “cheap Jew”, I am very happy you shared this and agree with everything else you said. I knew it had to be over money in some way and that there were underlining bitter feelings on both sides. Glad they at least got a settlement! Team Destin & Rachel all the way! The new assistants HAVE to go. All three of them are fake and terrible. What I liked about it when Destin and Rachel were on was that it seemed like a real business (I mean, I know it was/is, but it always felt like the show was just secondary to the matchmaking thing). But with the new assistants, it feels like a TV Show first, and the business is secondary. It’s all just for the cameras now. It lost its authenticity. Thanks again for sharing the scoop! Feel free to contact me any time you have something good to share. I can keep your identity anonymous.

      • Andy says:

        Thanks Amanda,

        I should not have stuck the “Cheap Jew” in there. I’m half Jewish and my Jewish side of family jokes like this all the time but it isn’t meant for public consumption.

        Anyway, MM has been a show first for some time, even when Rachel and Destin were there. According to my relative, the exec at Bravo, Patti and her company haven’t done anything but media-related matchmaking for years. If it isn’t tied to TV, other media outlets, or merchandising, directly or indirectly, Patti won’t waste her time. It’s all about money. In fact, Rachel and Destin got a higher % of the regular matchmaking biz than the show, a reason they were upset – since it kept shrinking and Patti didn’t make up for it with show percentage (though to be fair, due to sheer Bravo cash volume, Destin and Rachel still made more overall – just not a fair percentage).

        Here’s another scoop. Some of the tension you can sense between Patti and David is because David has at least one close relative who has tried to get on the show but Patti won’t allow it. It has created a rift between her and his family and him since she practically forced him on the show. I understand David is a genuinely nice guy and quite shy. He hates Patti putting him in the spotlight (you can see him squirm) but she needed him to make it look like she could finally get her own love-life right. My exec relative told me if this engagement leads to marriage lasting more than 12 months he’ll cut off his schvantz. Behind the scenes, the producers joke about the coming “break-up” show. They already have an astrologer lined up to explain why the stars made it a bad match and you can bet that BS will be one of Patti’s main excuses.

        I understand there is a hilarious story about Patti, her plastic surgeon, and a show that never got competed or aired but I don’t have many details yet. I’ll let you know when I get them.

        Love your blog!

      • Thank you so much! , Wow this is all incredibly interesting! I hope you don’t get in trouble with your relative for sharing all of this juicy info! I’m personally loving it though. I need some time to reflect on this…. I’ll respond in more detail later today. Thanks again, you’re awesome!

      • Rebecca says:

        You took the words right out of my mouth Amanda, was about to say the same thing.

      • Rebecca says:

        Hi Amanda, I am sure you already know but this is Chelsea’s dating web site.


      • Rebecca says:

        I remember Chelsea! I also remember she was talking to the media and anyone who would listen about how bad and mean Patti was. I also remember she was starting her own matchmaking business and when Andy Cohen asked her (Patti) about it (her thoughts) she laughed and said “good luck” and rolled her eyes.

    • Rebecca says:

      OOOHHHHHH!!!!! I believe every single word of what you wrote Andy! Yesterday (or day before) they were showing repeats and after they selected the dater’s Destin said to Patti “Am I not the best business partner you’ve had?!” She just looked at him and didn’t say a word, and then they showed the expression on D & R’s face. Not happy and hurt in fact (gotta love repeats to refresh your memory). Okay, so everyone on Amanda’s board agrees the new assistant’s SUCK! So are they going to tell Patti to jump in the river and cancel the show? That would be GREAT!

      • Andy says:

        I forgot that episode too (I can’t even bear to watch MM anymore now that I know what a c*nt Patti is). The ironic thing is, the person who really got screwed most was Chelsea Autumn. She was VP of Matchmaking before Rachel (she was on show first few years) and it was a contact of hers (and to a lesser extent, 2 other contacts of Patti and Destin) that were largely responsible for getting Patti her show in the first place.

        Amanda should track down Chelsea. I heard she has all sorts of dirt on Patti and hates her. She probably had to sign an NDA too to get whatever settlement she could get. But so many people hate that bitch Patti, something will give. It’s karma.

      • Yes I remember Chelsea and always thought that Patti treated her poorly too. I guess she treats everyone badly, but I don’t mind it on these new assistants because they’re horribly annoying. I’ll see what I can dig up on Chelsea!

      • Rebecca says:

        You’re right! Amanda you should track down Chelsea! Wonder if she would still talk? Hmmmmm

      • Andy says:

        I forgot to answer your main question. Bravo has no plans to cancel the show I’m aware of. According to my relative they are “concerned” but the ratings haven’t dropped terribly and they want to give it a chance. MM has made a lot of money for Bravo. Whatever crap I can say about Patti, you have to give her props for being tenacious. If ratings keep falling they’ll probably retool the show again before dropping it. My hope though is that Patti’s big mouth will destroy her. Deep down, she’s insecure. If she thinks her star is falling I’d bet she’d have a meltdown. I just hope it will be on video!

      • Rebecca says:

        Incredible. Well, if they ever expect for MM to be anything close in ratings to Housewives of Atlanta they can continue holding their breathe. Lolol

      • Tweeted Chelsea… we’ll see if she responds. 🙂

      • Rebecca says:

        No Amanda I did not. I did try watching it the other night (re-run), but I just cannot stomach it especially after what Andy wrote, and what I read in that other site (it was someone talking about their personal experience on the show and how she was recruited. Messed up what they do)! I am truly disgusted with the show and it appears your follower’s are as well. The only shows I am really into on Bravo now is Vanderpump Rules and HW of ATL. Maybe. Just maybe if you keep writing about it and our supportive comments Bravo will read it and dump it. You’re our VOICE. I do not have one friend who watches it anymore. By the way, I HOPE Chelsea responds to your tweet!!!

      • Chelsea responded to my tweet, now I’m seeing if I can get some answers. Stay tuned…


  14. Char Wayne says:

    Hate the new staff!!! They are too phony looking!,
    Bring back Destin and Rachel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!

    • They are phony looking because they ARE phony! I agree 100%. They seem to be almost winking and posing at the camera every time they show them. I hope Bravo gets the message loud and clear that the majority (dare I say “all”) can’t stand the new staff!

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Char! Feel free to follow the blog to stay updated and follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/amandatalkstv

  15. […] I have lost interest in Millionaire Matchmaker since Destin and Rachel left the show. (Read blog related to Destin and Rachel leaving here) .  Quite frankly, I’m losing interest in Bravo as a whole, but hoping that turns around […]

  16. tmcgradyj says:

    It seems like one day I was watching the show and the next the show went off air. Like the original comment when I saw the change I was like what the hick (to put it nicely) happened. I think the new girl is hot but not for the role replacing Destin and Rachel. I dont like the direction they went with this and I would like to see them back. I never liked the Patti was always threatening to fire them and in my mind I thought they had enough of that comment.

    There is no I in team Patti. But then again she only has a promise ring right. They shouldve did a last episode showing them parting ways if she really wished them the best.

    Destin and Rachel you rock and I wish yall and your son the very best you will be missed.

    • Patti definitely seems to manage by intimidation. I don’t care for that at all. The show has a completely different vibe this season and I’m definitely losing interest. I’m still a couple episodes behind, but may catch up tomorrow if I feel like it. 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

    • And I agree that Destin and Rachel should’ve received a proper send off.

      • Rebecca says:

        The new girl is hot and was picked by a 100 year old client. Patti used her. I just saw that part of the episode. All I wanted to see. Patti and this reality show can go to heck. It bites now. No D & R makes it not worth watching. It literally turns my stomach and I change the channel although will admit curious about the next episode regarding one of my fav Chef’s (Stefano and bff to hot Italian chef Fabio) from Top Chef & Masters. Hope he gives her a well deserved bone as he did when he was competing.

  17. Elena Leiter says:

    I agree 100%!!!!!!!!! Bring back Destin and Rachel!!!!!!!!!!! Love the show but miss the old crew!

    • Rebecca says:

      Best thing to do is boycott the show. That would send a message! I did. Will now watch it if there is nothing else on and there is ALWAYS something on.

      • I’m actually still 2 weeks behind on my recaps because I’ve lost interest. The new assistants just really bother me. They’re all aspiring actors and show business-y people. They’re working there to be on the show, not to learn the craft of matchmaking or be a part of that business. Marisa was even on Season 2 (I believe it was) as a date of a millionaire. She bugs me.

      • Rebecca says:

        Yes she was! In fact, it was mentioned when the season started and the gay guy also was one of the daters (I think he was the one who had the horrible date). I had NO idea they were all wannabe actors. That explains ALOT. You would have to be blind not to see they have no interest in matchmaking. I thought it was my imagination! I looked up the ratings and she has had a little boost but a major decline with younger viewership. Obvious because of the guest who have been on (especially the night Courtney was on) the show otherwise would be in the major negative digits like Shahs of Sunset and Courtney. It said this is the first time since Millionaire Matchmaker aired that she has shown any improvement in viewership, but nothing to do somersaults over.

      • That’s interesting information about the viewership. I’m slowly losing interest in a lot of the Bravo shows. I used to be an avid Housewives watcher but it’s all fighting all the time now. Any half-way normal person gets booted from the show. I’m really surprised that Matchmaker has had any kind of uptick in their viewership. Maybe it’s because of the “celebrities” they’ve had on this season. Every episode just about has had a recognizable person in it. Patrick Swayze’s brother, Courtney, Kim Kardashian BFF, Rosie, etc. (not sure who was on tonight’s episode).

      • Rebecca says:

        I watched some of it after Mob Wives. Was the usual stuff. Some guy who is 47 and literally looked as if he was in his late 50’s to very early 60’s only wants a 20 year old, and the other guy was 30 something and really sweet then I fell asleep lolol How much interest I have now. The show is full of it more than ever. Have you noticed the girls are no longer the average girl? A majority of those women literally look like models and they throw in some poor dope to be embarrassed! Oh yeah, they had one of those too last night but Patti picked her. Don’t remember why. Housewives of Atlanta ratings have hit the roof.

      • Rebecca says:

        Amanda. Just received your HP response. Telling everyone about your web site from Huff Post to other boards I comment on! Lolol

      • I tried responding to you, but wasn’t working on my phone. 🙂 You rock! Thanks for directing people here!

      • Rebecca says:

        NP. You rock!

  18. […] at her new assistants (yet).  [ To read what happened to the old assistants, Destin and Rachel CLICK HERE ]  In walks Omar from a few seasons back who co-owned “College Hunks Hauling Junk.”  […]

  19. […] To read my post on why Destin and Rachel (or as Patti calls them “the assistants”) left Millionaire Matchmaker CLICK HERE […]

  20. Donna says:

    Patti is a wretched, horrible bitch. One wonders why Andy Cohen keeps her on the payroll. Can you imagine her going through menopause?!?!? Oh wait, I think she is right now.

  21. Yogawoman says:

    Please bring back Destin & Rachel!!!! The new assistants are horrible, I may stop watching the show.

    • Rebecca says:

      I’m way ahead of you. I already did. I just catch spurts of it. Maybe she’ll lose enough viewership they say bye-bye to her. At this point I would be really shocked if D & R returned to the show if asked. They never struck me to be brown nosers or push overs. What is really upsetting? Why hasn’t Mr. Cohen invited them to say there peace? He’s done it to EVERYONE else who ever left a show. He’s a jerk too.

      • You’re right that he does usually do that, but in many cases it’s taken awhile. I think he had Jill on a full season after she was fired from RHONY. Andy Cohen still might have D&R on at some point. You’re right, that I don’t see them going back to Patti ever. I think they’re moving on… just wish they’d move on with a show of their own. They’re interesting, down to earth people! Maybe if they were more batshit crazy they would get a show. 🙂

      • Rebecca says:

        Yes! They should do a spin off on them and you are correct about Jill, but do you remember the story? She kept calling them and they weren’t returning her calls and she went on to Andy how it was about time she was invited. Then she ripped into him hahahaha… Everytime it aired I watched it.

      • Oh I thought Jill was so whiny. I watched it the one time, but that’s it. I just wanted to say “you’re not interesting! Get over it. They canned you.” lol

      • Rebecca says:

        Hahahaha!!! Whiny, a bitch, self-absorbed…. That’s what got her canned. She thought she was The Show! But the people spoke (including me) and many said Get her the hell out!

    • Kathy Stefanski says:

      I totally agree!!! I used to LOVE watching the show now as Rebecca said I will only watch when there’s nothing else at all to watch! I LOVED Dustin and Rachel..they really made the show..I like Patti but she does seem to be more full of herself and it’s def not entertaining. ..

  22. Cathy says:

    I love Destin and Rachel, they made the show so much more interesting. I hated to see them leave.

    • I really hope Bravo does some sort of spin off with them. I’d even settle for a “Newlyweds” type show where they just follow them around their lives. They’re interesting people!

    • terry says:

      I am a great grandma and I miss D and R so very much that young couple made it more interesting with their own style and good spirit.God will bless you just stay real.

  23. Rebecca says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more and TY! I was going nuts searching for the reason why they left. I watched maybe 10 or 15 minutes of the new season premiere and changed the channel to Vh1. I LOVE Rachel and Destin. Will only now watch if there is nothing else on TV.

    • You’re welcome! Glad I could help. The episode turned out to be interesting because it was Patrick Swayze’s brother that was getting set up and he was such a sweetheart. The other millionaire was a complete narcissistic d-bag, but it still made it interesting. But I really cringed any time the new assistants came on. For one thing, she treats the gay one like garbage and says very homophobic things to him. The sad thing is, he doesn’t seem to mind, but I think its completely doing the gay community a disservice. I’m sure he’s thrilled to have a job and be on tv, but he needs to stand up for himself a bit…in my opinion. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

      • Rebecca says:

        I finally caught up yesterday. It was okay and loved Swayze’s brother, but I find Patti to be bitchier than ever. Two episodes and so far I am not very impressed. The show is not the same anymore. The 3 new assistants have no clue what to do. Shame on Patti for treating D & R as she did. Especially Destin who helped her build her company.

      • I agree she seems bitchier/crankier than ever. I get that it’s her schtick to tell it how it is and be overly blunt and honest, but it seems a lot meaner and unnecessary. It’s not funny. Bethenny Frankle’s sharp tongue is funny, Patti is just annoying. Plus she’s really been combative on Twitter. My theory is that she thinks she is the star of the show, not Destin and Rachel, and probably said “my show will be just fine without you guys” and it’s not. It has a whole different flavor to it. Not enjoying the scenes that Patti is in.

      • Rebecca says:

        Great insight! You have a fan and look forward to following you! In all honesty, will stick to my other 1,000 reality shows on Bravo, Vh1, and shows on MTV. I agree it is her “schtick,” but she treats her celebrity clientele with kids gloves and treats everyone else like garbage. Steven Ward and his mother are a thousand times better than her anyway. I’ll just read your posts!!! There a thousand times better than 24/7 PMS Stanger too!

      • Aww thank you! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on other shows too. Take care!

      • Norma says:

        I dont care for the show at all anymore, her new “assistants” just don’t seem to fit!

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