Season 8 of Millionaire Matchmaker premiered tonight.  After Destin and Rachel left the show (<— click to get the scoop on that!) I lost interest when the new staff came on board and I will admit I stopped watching halfway through season 7.  But it’s a new season and I’m willing to give it another shot.

The format starts out dramatically different with an up close interview with Melyssa Ford.  It is set up more like a documentary or the filming of a commercial for Patti Stanger’s services.  Then cut to Patti at her office with her “Director of Matchmaking” David Cruz who was the only half decent “assistant” from last season and Candace “Director of Recruiting” who is new this season.

Melyssa FordMelyssa Ford is from “Blood, Sweat, and Heels” reality show.  Melyssa said that she likes the whole crayola box. Her house was like “United Nations” she says… her mom was Russian and Norwegian and her dad is from Barbados. Patti advises Melyssa to tone down her sexuality so the guys can see past that and see who she really is.






Larry BirkheadLarry Birkhead, Anna Nicole Smith’s ex, is up next.  He’s back living in Kentucky raising his daughter DanielLynn that he had with the late Anna and claims he hasn’t had any girlfriends since Anna.  He has pictures of Anna around the house for Daniellyn.  Patti tells Larry that she once set up Anna.  Patti has a concern that Larry’s house has become a shrine of Anna.  Larry’s sister, her daughter, his nephew, and others all live in his house with him. Patti encourages Larry to let the walls come down and start putting himself out there to date.




Patti decides that Larry needs to just be set up on a blind date and not have a mixer because he won’t be able to make a decision.  With Melyssa, she brought in an old woman specialist to help convince her she needs to market her brain and not her body.

There is a new format for how Patti does her recruiting.  No more bringing people into the office, she has them in a mixer type setting so she can see how they interact.  She first takes the men aside to ask them questions and get a feel for them.  Then moves on to grill the women.  After talking with each one, Patti sits down with David and Candace to discuss who they’re going to pick for Larry and Melyssa.

Melyssa shows up to her mixer in a tight, two piece outift… leading with her body, not her mind, but oh well!  Patti leaves Melyssa alone with the guys and she’s very shy and nervous… and horribly awkward.

Candace then works with Larry on how he’s going to pick up a girl at a bar.  He’s having a hard time talking and making eye contact.  Melyssa finally gets a bit more comfortable around the guys and asking and answering questions.

Larry meets Michelle, the fitness coach, for his blind date.  She has a 12 year old son and a 9 year old daughter.  The conversation seems a bit awkward, but obviously they’re both nervous.  Larry has a lot less personality than I was expecting overall.  He seems rather dull… it’s not a surprise that he’s been single all these years.

Melyssa chose Jay to go on a date with, he greeted her with flowers, and told her he’s taking her bowling (she had said earlier she likes it).  They both seem very comfortable and having fun bowling.  Jay is very sweet, great smile.

Larry and Michelle talked and then shared a kiss over dinner.  They’re a good looking couple, just the conversation seems boring still.

Jay seems very into Melyssa and really interested in getting to know her.  Everything seems really easy with them.  He took her out on the restaurant balcony for cigars because she said that she likes smoking cigars – it reminds her of her late father.

Patti calls Jay and he says he wants to see Melyssa again and had a great time.  Melyssa tells Patti they had a great time and she also wants a second date with Jay.  Michelle tells Patti that she had a good time with Larry and they have a second date set up.  Larry came into the office and told Patti about the date and agrees his date went well and he learned some things.  The last update says that Larry and Michelle talk on the phone several times a week and are planning their second date.  Melyssa went back to New York and met an “Average Joe” and they are now an item.

I have to say Candace is a HUGE improvement to the assistants that were on last season and I love her directness.   Maybe I’ll finally be able to get over Destin and Rachel not being on the show anymore!

What are your thoughts?

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