2015 Happy New Year Strands Line Glow Dark Background

As we start the new year we all have the best of intentions on what we’re going to accomplish in 2015.  We have big goals,  “this is the year” type speeches to ourselves, and resolutions on how we’re going to somehow be a better person this year than we were last year.  I am no different than everyone else.  I have big goals for 2015 as well.  Whether they pan out or not… time will tell.  One thing that I do want to do more of is to keep this blog going with more posts.  So I am going to do my best to watch more TV and contribute more frequently to this blog.  🙂

Some shows I am looking forward to in the near future is Celebrity Apprentice (click here to see the cast) begins this Sunday, January 4; The Bachelor which starts this Monday, January 5; American Idol (we’ll see if I can make it through a season… haven’t gotten past the auditions in years) season 14 premieres this Wednesday, January 7th,  The Voice will return February 23rd, and Survivor will air February 25 with the new theme of “Worlds Apart: Blue Collar, White Collar, and No Collar” to divide the tribes up.

I shouldn’t have a loss for things to write about!  Hope you will keep reading and I will keep writing.  Happy New Year!!


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