** Update 11/28/14 2:50pm EST:   Autopsy results – no immediate cause of death was found.  Knight’s dad says he had been complaining of stomach pains the previous two days.  Toxicology results may be a clue, but will take several more days for the results.  No drugs were found at the friend’s house where Knight passed away, but reports say he took “some pills” the night he died along with some hard partying.  Stay tuned for more news to come.


Ryan Knight, known on MTV’s “Real World: New Orleans” and “The Challenge” as Knight, was found dead at a friend’s house Thursday morning, as reported by TMZ.

Knight was reportedly out partying Wednesday (the biggest drinking night of the year – night before Thanksgiving) and passed out at a friend’s house later in the night.  A friend found him dead in the morning.  That friend says he choked on his vomit and died.

Several witnesses are also saying he took “some pills” but specifics are unknown at this point.

Knight was quite the partyer on his season of Real World and the housemates even had an intervention at one point for him.  He had a blow up relationship with fellow housemate Jemmye.

Sad times in MTV land, this is the second “Challenge” star to die within a month.  Diem Brown passed away just a few weeks ago of cancer.



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  1. […] At the Dome… TJ announces the challenge called “Breaking Up.” Together, the teams have to pull on a wrecking ball to break a tower of cinder blocks up.  My money is on Brittany and Adam for this.  Jemmye and Knight are pretty worthless.  Sure enough, Brittany and Adam are through their first layer.  After a short break, Adam and Brittany ripped through the second layer and won.  Knight and Jemmye get eliminated.  Kind of eerie that Diem and Knight left the show back to back.  RIP Diem and RIP Knight. […]

  2. […] passed away just two months ago.  It’s still heartbreaking to me.  Knight is also there who passed away just weeks after Diem.  It’s hard seeing people on the show that are no longer with us.  They’re just too […]

  3. justlife4me says:

    How very sad to hear about his death., In fact Ryan was dating someone new that here you can see her, lovely girl

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