We have watched Diem Brown battle cancer publicly since first appearing on MTV’s “The Challenge” in 2006.  She was on the first season of The Challenge: Fresh Meat where they brought in brand new players that did not appear on Real World or Road Rules like the other contestants had.  She was immediately a fan favorite.  She was beautiful, strong, fun, positive, and battling ovarian cancer.  Throughout the seasons she appeared in we watched cancer take it’s toll but not her spirit.  She lost her hair after chemotherapy treatments, she was in remission and able to grow it back, then the cancer came back and she lost it all again.  Diem went through a tumultuous relationship with CT, the bad boy of the Challenge seasons, and saw in him what many of us couldn’t.   Diem’s love for CT and the strength that he gave her to face the camera without a wig made us then fall in love with him as well.

Diem collapsed in her last season, earlier this year, on The Challenge and she announced she was diagnosed with colon and stomach cancer.  She passed away this week in a New York hospital, surrounded by her family.  Diem was 32.

May your light forever shine on those who loved you both on screen and off.  This is truly heartbreaking.

To donate to the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life, to keep fighting for a cure, please click here: Relay For Life

RIP Diem

diem-brown-1-600 diem-brown-rivals-2 Diem-Brown-boyfriend-photos Diem-Brown-boyfriend-Chris-CT-Tamburello

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