News about shows being cancelled are starting to hit this season, so in case you missed the announcements, here is a list of everything that has been cancelled thus far:


Manhattan Love Story



The Millers – poor Will Arnett, he just can’t seem to catch a break even though he is quite talented.

The Mentalist and Two and a Half Men are ending their series, but not cancelled.


Mulaney – trimmed to 13 episodes, but not cancelled (yet)



A to Z – this one surprised me.  Looked cute, but didn’t actually watch.  All 13 episodes will still air.

Bad Judge

Parenthood and Parks and Recreation – ending after this season


Newsroom – ending after Season 3


Nurse Jackie – ending after this 7th Season


Sons of Anarchy – ending after this 7th season

TV Land:

Hot in Cleveland – ending after 6 seasons

What are your thoughts?

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