How to Be a Grown Up

If you’re a grown up and you like to laugh, you’ll love “How to Be a Grown Up” on truTV.   If not, okay you get a pass.  Show episodes such as “The Birds, the Bees, and Beyond”, “Dining, Doctors, and Decorating” and “Coffee, Cooking and Sex After Kids” cover an array of topics that we all, as grown ups, can relate to.  The show features comedians discussing these topics in a hysterical manner.  The format is very “I love the 90’s” -esque that VH1 did years back.  But it’s a format that’s consistently works.  The comics not only joke about the different trials and tribulations you experience as an adult, but also share hilarious personal anecdotes that make it even easier for the viewer to connect with.

A few of the comedians that appear on the show are: John Caparulo, Greg Fitzsimmons, Erin Foley, Al Jackson, Frank Nicotero, Kira Soltanovich, and married couple Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura.  Frank Nicotero not only provides comedic commentary but also does “man on the street” interviews in which hilarity ensues as well.

I don’t stray much from my regular networks, but this is one show I have set to record on my DVR (Thursdays, 10:30pm on truTV) to get my recommended dosage of laughing in per week.  See the clip below and judge for yourself… I dare you not to laugh!

What are your thoughts?

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