It’s been almost two weeks since the third episode of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes has aired, and I’m finally now bringing myself to watch it.  I have been putting it off because I had a feeling it would be the last time we would see Diem, based on how episode 2 left off.  The pain in my heart that I feel for this girl I only knew on screen is just incredible.  The love that CT has shown her is nothing short of incredible either.

CT and DiemIn the beginning of the episode we see Diem hunched over and looking horrible.  The producers take her to the hospital and then she comes back in the wee hours of the morning.  She’s clearly not better and this is something serious, so the next day they fly her from Panama to New York.  Her last interview they show of her is her talking about wanting a family and a husband and how she was so career focus and commitment phobic for so long, but that she doesn’t feel that way anymore.  She wants the white picket fence, she wants to be happy.  It’s unclear to me how soon she died after the filming of this episode, but I have to believe it wasn’t very long.  CT obviously had to leave the show since his partner was no longer able to compete, but I have to believe he wouldn’t have wanted to carry on anyway without her.  He wanted to be by her side to see how she was doing and take care of her.

the-zipline-contraptionNow it’s time for the actual challenge.  TJ explains to them their task: “on again off again”.  Two teams at a time hold on to this structure on a zipline as it spins them in a circle. Knight compares it to wanting to hang from a ceiling fan while it spins around.  The object is to hang on as long as possible till it gets to the red buoy.  Then they must drop, swim around the buoy and go back to the starting area.  Team with the fastest time wins power couple, slowest time goes into the duel. Simone drops first in a painful slap to the water below and very far from the red buoy so she has quite a ways to swim and she’s struggling swimming.  John does not help her, they just look pathetic.  In the next heat Brittany drops almost immediately.  Theresa is screaming “my hands! my hands! my hands!” Somehow she got her hands tied up in the rope and wrapped around her finger.  Jemmye falls early in the next heat and partner Knight says “That’s because gravity’s a bitch and with thighs like that you’re going to fall hard.”  And this is why I’m crying that Diem has passed, but can’t feel much for Knight’s passing.  He’s just so mean to Jemmye and everyone else.

Sarah and Jordan worked well together and at least beat Johnny and Averey in their heat.  TJ announces the slowest teams are LeRoy and Nia and Simone and John.  And the slowest of those two teams were…. Simone and John.  The fastest teams were only separated by 3 seconds: Wes and Theresa and Jordan and Sarah.  The winning team is… Jordan and Sarah!!   I’m excited because I love Sarah – not so much love for Jordan though.

Jordan and Sarah get to sit down with both Wes and Johnny Bananas and they make both of them feel like they’re on board with an alliance with them.  Sarah says she’d like to beat those boys at their own game.  It comes time for Sarah and Jordan to put up another couple and they choose rookies Brittany and Adam will be going against on John (JJ) and Simone.

Dome challenge…. TJ is standing at a fancy dinner table.  Will this be an eating challenge?  Oh plot twist! TJ says there will be a new couple coming in to replace CT and Diem!!  In walks…. no one!  Ack! He tricked us!  The name of this elimination challenge is called “He Said She Said” and is a betting game.  You’re going to bet on how much your partner can eat of a certain food in 3 minutes.  The other team will have a chance to bet more food and it will go back and forth until someone calls it.  First team to win 2 rounds wins.  First on the menu… Brownies.  Brittany says 4 brownies… Simone bets 3!!!  She clearly didn’t get the concept of this.  Then she goes up to 5 and Brittany goes up to 7 and Simone calls it.  Adam starts attacking the brownies and is already having a problem after just one minute of eating.  But he ends up clearing it no problem with more than a minute to go.  Now the guys are up.  Yucca sticks… John says 4, Adam 6, John says 8, Adam says 13 and John calls it.  They’re chewy and dry and hard to eat…. 5 seconds left… Brittany only got down 10.  It’s tied 1-1.  Girls betting again…. Patacones… Brittany bets 6, Simone 7, Brittany 8, Simone goes up to 11 and Brittany calls it.  John sits down to eat it and is just taking his time.  Doesn’t complete it… ate only 7 out of the 11.  Just couldn’t do it.  Brittany and Adam are back in the game, Simone and John going home.

JJ and Simone

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