It’s early morning and Chris Harrison greets the women, as usual.  He explains that there will be 3 dates… two group dates, one one-on-one date.  The twist is that Chris’ three sisters will decide who gets the one on one date this week.  First date card: Megan, Kaitlyn, Ashley I, Ashley S, Juelia, Makenzie, and Kelsey “Let’s do what feels natural.”  The girls automatically assume this means no makeup.

The ladies and Chris head out on convertibles and hit their destination at a lake in the middle of nowhere.  They all strip down to bathing suits and go swimming.  I think Chris just uses any excuse to get these girls in their bikinis.  Ashley I first decides to take her top off, then Kaitlyn takes off her bottoms.  “This is a date made for bimbos” Kelsey says as she doesn’t think it’s appropriate for the girls to take their clothes off.

Back at the mansion, the remaining ladies are meeting with Chris’s sisters.  Jillian was asleep out by the pool when one of the girls went out and grabbed her.  Of course her butt was censored out again.  Jillian’s mortified that this is their first impression of her.

Whitney sits down with the three sisters first.  She did pretty well answering their questions and seemed sincere.  Then Britt sat down with them and tells them she’s confident in her relationship with him.  Jade then sat down with the sisters and I swear it’s the first time I’ve seen her speak on camera.  I don’t remember anything about her!  She seemed sweet and genuine though.

KelseyKelsey describes the date as being in a hell hole.  She says that if you want to see a great lake, go to Michigan!!  Yeah baby!!! That’s exactly what I thought when they pulled up to that dingy lake.  That’s nothing compared to Lake Michigan!!  But then she goes a little overboard and is getting a bit whiny and says she doesn’t want to be there and her face hurts from fake smiling.  Okay, I get it, but suck it up.  Then she got stuck by a bee right on her inner thigh! Chris announces that they’re going to be camping there.  Makenzie and Ashley I have no idea what they’re doing pitching a tent.

At the mansion, Carly sits down with the sisters and she explains how guys haven’t been very nice to her.  She says that she sees the way her grandpa treats her grandma and that’s what she wants.

Next date card: JADE!  “Your presence is requested at a royal ball tomorrow evening…” The card goes on to explain that Chris won’t know who his sisters picked until she shows up.  Jade is cutely honored by the fact that she was picked.  She’s very humble.

At the campsite, Kaitlyn sat with Chris first and discussed what makes them feel loved.  Kelsey’s fakeness is coming out.  She’s very pouty and grumpy around the girls, but then giggly and smiley around Chris.  It doesn’t seem sincere at all.  C’mon, why do the Michigan girls always disappoint me?!  Then Ashley S’s drunkness and craziness starts showing and the girls just get all silly.

Ashley S sits down with Chris and starts acting all freaky and strange.  The girl HAS to be on drugs.  Why has he kept her around week after week?  She’s slurring her speech and telling him she loves him “I hope that resonates in your mind tonight” she tells him.  He looks completely weirded out.

Ashley I sits down with him, and in her interview I notice she has braces or retainer or something. But then when she talks to Chris I don’t notice it.  Ashley I and Chris start making out pretty heavily.

IMG_2043At the campfire again, Chris has the date rose and decides to give it to Kaitlyn.  Then everyone goes to sleep.  Ashley I decides to sneak into Chris’s tent while he and everyone else is sleeping.  She wants to talk to him about how she’s a virgin.  She tells him that she’s “friggin innocent” and that she’s never had a boyfriend before.  Chris tells her that from the moment he met her he pegged her as smart, well rounded.  She tells him that guys have a hard time figuring her out because she’s a “friggin’ nerd” and “I’m also inexperienced in every way possible.”  He says he gets it and he wants to find out more later.  Chris says he’s foggy (hungover/drunk) and tired, and Chris admits in his interview that he had no idea what she was talking about.  They begin to kiss and it cuts to commercial…. leaving you wondering… is she about to lose her virginity?

Next morning… the ladies tell the girls that just got back from their dates about Chris’s sisters coming to visit.  Jillian explains that Jade got the date card.  Ashley I is very jealous that she didn’t even have the chance for the one on one date.  These stylists come in calling for Jade to get her transformed and ready for her date.  It’s totally like a fairytale with dresses everywhere to choose from, shoes, etc.  Ashley I is very immature about it all and cannot stand to watch Jade get dressed in all these different dresses.  Jade picks out her gorgeous ball gown and is told she gets to keep the glass slipper shoes and the diamond earrings.

IMG_2047Jade gets picked up in this fancy white car and gets whisked away.  She looks amazing! Chris is waiting at the venue and Jade walks out of the car and is about to come down these gorgeous steps and I keep thinking “don’t trip girl!!!”  Chris looks so happy… he’s just beaming.  They sit down and talk and Jade tells him that she’s been engaged before and Chris says he has been too.









Back at the house… Ashley I gets dressed up in a ball gown, does her hair and makeup, like she’s going on this date but she’s not.  Very crazy.

And at the date, Chris gave Jade a date rose.  They seem really sweet together.  I haven’t noticed Jade before today, but she’s really nice and sweet.  They go to this ballroom next to where they had dinner and there’s a full orchestra there and the new Cinderella movie playing on a screen in the playground.  Obviously, Chris has been given lessons…. the farmer boy does not just normally know how to dance.  🙂  The clock struck midnight and Jade had to run off.  All very cute.

MuckfestNext day, date card: Nikki, Jillian, Whitney, Carly, Britt, and Becca “Let’s get dirty!”  And there’s 6 big boxes with wedding dresses in them!  Jillian is not loving the dress.  She said she doesn’t like wearing dresses.  They take a private jet to San Francisco.  They pull up to a MuckFest MS which is like Tough Mudder race that races money and awareness for M.S.  The person who clears the finish line first gets to spend the evening portion of the date with Chris.  Jillian is now feeling back in her element.  So off they go running in the beautiful wedding dresses.  Some of the girls are out early while Jillian is super ahead of everyone else.  Carly says that Jillian should be wearing a tux.  “Is she a f***ing dude?” Carly asks.  hahaha!  Jillian kisses her muscles…. ugh, she’s too brutish.  The other girls are disappointed that that was all to their date.  They were robbed!

Chris and Jillian start talking and it definitely looks like something is missing.  Jillian doesn’t have a 5 year plan on where she wants to be.  Jillian just keeps babbling on and on and Chris said he’s thinking about unicorns and dancing fairies.  I do believe Jillian will not be getting the date rose.  There seems to be no chemistry.  Pretty sure Jillian is a lesbian.  Chris picks up the rose…. tells her she’s beautiful, has great energy, and he’s looking for his wife and he just doesn’t feel like they have that chemistry and they’re not on the same page.  Jillian begins to cry and apologizes for not being more vulnerable.   I think Jillian would be happier with a woman and she just needs to realize that.  Chris did it with class though and I think they both handled it as best as they could.

Cocktail party time…. Becca takes Chris aside and immediately blindfolds him, then grabs some fruit and fondu and starts feeding it to him.  She is coming off very airhead-like and drunk though as she has trouble forming sentences and sounding even the least bit intelligent.

Ashley I decides to take Chris aside just to reiterate that she is a virgin in case he didn’t pick up on it when she tried telling him in his tent.  Dang girl!  Anyone else tired of this subject already?!  So in this very awkward moment she finally flat out says she’s a virgin.  Chris, very comically and uncomfortably, in his interview says “nope, did not see that coming.  I did not ever imagine Ashley I would be telling me she’s a virgin.” Chris looks so uncomfortable as Ashley I nervously babbles on about how she’s a virgin, but he does say he respects her more.  Ashley walks away and immediately starts freaking out because for the first time Chris didn’t kiss her.  Now she doesn’t think she’s okay and safe.

Ashley I tells all the girls that she’s a virgin.  This was news to Kaitlyn and Carly who cannot believe it because they’ve seen the way Ashley’s been kissing Chris.  Carly says “She may be a virgin, but her mouth isn’t a virgin.”  She has the best one liners!  Then Becca comes forward and says “I’m a virgin too.  I haven’t told him because it hasn’t come up.”  Kaitlyn freaks out about two virgins being in the house!  Virgingate!  This is awesome!

BrittBritt decides to sit down with Chris and have a serious conversation with him.  She confronts him about the camping date and how he gave the rose to Kaitlyn after she took her clothes off, and there was a lot of talk about sex, and how a lot of girls wanted to just go home after that.  You can see Chris’s face start to look stern or even a bit mad as Britt is talking.  She’s really questioning his integrity by saying that she felt he was rewarding the behavior (of taking her clothes off) by giving her a rose.  He gets pretty mad and ends their conversation abruptly and walks away.  He says “I am a man and I will handle this like a man.”  He addresses the women and says that he’s here to find a wife and that if any of them feel he is not here for the right intentions they are welcome to leave.  Then he says he will see them at the rose ceremony and he walked out of the room.

Rose ceremony… Roses go to: Whitney, Carly, Megan, Samantha, Mackenzie, Kelsey, Becca, Ashley I…. one rose left… Britt.  Ashley S, Juelia, and…. a dark haired girl I can’t remember the name of.  Chris walks Juelia out in a very emotional goodbye.  Juelia was very classy and says she appreciates him telling her and not keeping her around if he wasn’t feeling it.  Chris tells her she really deserves the best and she’s a beautiful person.  Very sweet, I feel bad for her.  ❤

Next week’s episode looks to be THE MOST DRAMATIC ONE EVER!  He possibly had sex with Carly, or maybe someone else?  Maybe no one?  Kelsey has some sort of medical emergency and is lying on the floor.  And Chris excuses himself during the rose ceremony… or that’s what it’s all made out to look like at least!

What are your thoughts?

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