This is from The Challenge episode that aired last week on 1/27/15:

Brittany and AdamAt the end of the previous episode, we saw Brittany and Adam win the head to head challenge in the Dome against Simone and John (J.J.).  The episode left off with Brittany and Adam celebrating and getting really close.  They start making out and the other cast members say this is a recipe for disaster.  So this episode starts off where that one left off and they’re on the dance floor dancing.  Adam says it’s just a “team building” exercise.  Meanwhile Jonna and Jay are watching Zach and Jenna hook up and they’re getting jealous.  Zach tells Jay to go for it and make out with Jonna.  Zach says he and Jay are playing an “ex-swap” game and Zach feels he has traded up in this situation.  Such a dog!  So Jay finally plants a kiss on Jonna.  Nany feels like maybe she still like Johnny Bananas but he has a girlfriend back home.  It’s just a big mess! Also looks like Jemmye and Leroy hooked up in the back of the van on the way back to the house.  Craziness!

The next morning it blows up between Brittany and Adam when Adam tries to make it look like it was all Brittany putting the moves on him when really it was vice versa.

The challenge is called “The Brush Off”… transferring as much paint as possible from the girls to the guys and then cover as many squares as possible on this hanging canvas thing.  The first heat takes off and Wes and Theresa appear to be in the lead, but then Wes just keeps falling off.  Jay and Jenna appear to be doing well, but Knight and Jemmye have got to be doing the worst by far.  Second heat… Nany and Johnny Bananas and Sarah and Jordan are doing very well.  Hard to tell for sure who did the best and the worst, but TJ announces that Jordan and Sarah and Zach and Jonna did great.  And the winner is…. Zach and Jonna.  The two teams that did the worst were Wes and Theresa and Knight and Jemmye.  The team going into the Dome is…. Knight and Jemmye.

Zach and JonnaAt the Power Couple dinner, Zach and Jonna sit down with Knight and Jemmye to see if they have a preference which rookie team they go against.  Knight says he doesn’t want Jenna to go in since Zach is hooking up with her.   Which makes Jonna feel awesome (sarcasm), but that does mean that Jay won’t be going in either.  Then Jonna has a heart to heart with Zach and he apologizes for being distant and they have a good, open conversation, and they now have a friendship.

Nany lets her emotions get the best of her and she’s feeling really alone and obviously still has feelings for Bananas even though she can’t (or shouldn’t) act on it because he has a relationship at home.

Adam has a talk with Jonna about not voting him in and voting in Jay and Jenna instead.  He convinces Jonna and she confronts Zach in the morning about it.  Zach is dead set against voting in Jay and Jenna and Jonna is upset and wants to vote them in.  Now TJ comes in and it’s time to make a decision of which couple will go in against Knight and Jemmye.  Jonna announces that they decided to vote in Brittany and Adam… which is clearly Zach’s decision.

At the Dome… TJ announces the challenge called “Breaking Up.” Together, the teams have to pull on a wrecking ball to break a tower of cinder blocks up.  My money is on Brittany and Adam for this.  Jemmye and Knight are pretty worthless.  Sure enough, Brittany and Adam are through their first layer.  After a short break, Adam and Brittany ripped through the second layer and won.  Knight and Jemmye get eliminated.  Kind of eerie that Diem and Knight left the show back to back.  RIP Diem and RIP Knight.


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